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  1. I was definitely impressed by some of the players on Arkansas St. We definitely could have scored more and I think we underestimated some of their players on defense. We have our biggest test so far next week and we need to make sure we execute in all 4 quarters and take care of business.
  2. It's gonna be a rough year for Tech lol. No, but seriously, they have A LOT to work on. This season will be a lot of growing for them and building for the future. They should be better next year. Still, being the first ACC win for The Citadel...ouch lol.
  3. Even with a big lead at half-time, you know CKS yelled at the defense about the mistakes in the first quarter.
  4. I had a feeling they were going to miss the FG the way they were rushing the snap with no timeouts left. Let's keep it going in the 2nd half! Go Dawgs!
  5. Man some of y'all were really freaking out at the beginning of this game. Yes, Nichols St. all over....lol cmon man. Seeing naked Uga is still weird lol.
  6. tough loss for Army, I was hoping they would pull off the upset.
  7. wow, Michigan survives with a strip sack and recovery lol
  8. Wow, 3 and out for Michigan. Made the FG.
  9. Wow that kick looked like it was going to go wide right on the XP lol 21-21 , now for 2OT.
  10. Yeah, I think Michigan is better off throwing the ball right now.
  11. Wow, offsides on Michigan on what would have been 3rd down for Army
  12. ouch, wide right. Going to overtime.
  13. Army & #7 Michigan tied at 14-14 with 3:16 left in the 4th quarter.
  14. After Tennessee's loss to Georgia State...LOL
  15. Wow, drinking the Kool-Aid already huh? lol They should take another hard look at their schedule.
  16. Now 42-7 Clemson. Trevor Lawrence has been replaced by the backup. 5:30 left in the 3rd Quarter.
  17. Oh I only care because I have them on fantasy lol. I may not start them against Texas A&M that week...
  18. It works for me. Try it again. I see your team there.
  19. Another classic! This may be one of my favorite ones yet!
  20. Hey when are we getting the league started up again? Can’t wait!!
  21. 63-14!?!?! How the **** did Purdue beat Ohio State??? That was a nasty game and Auburn made it look too easy.
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