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  1. 63-14!?!?! How the **** did Purdue beat Ohio State??? That was a nasty game and Auburn made it look too easy.
  2. I'm sure there were lots of Minnesota fans there. They basically scheduled Tech for that game since Tech fans never travel anyways. Pretty crappy performance to send off CPJ. ...And that is how the triple option died at
  3. Yessssssirrrr!!! Go Dawgs!!!
  4. Solid attitude! Love it!
  5. made my picks!
  6. If CMR was still at UGA, we would have lost to Florida and probably Mizzou. Under CMR we always lost to teams we had no business losing to at least once or twice a season. Then, Florida would have gone to the SEC Championship.
  7. ok, neither would Alabama. But that was based off of computers, polls and all sorts of politics back then. After being #6 and beating the #2 team in the nation, avenging our worst and only loss with a blowout win, who knows. What else?
  8. Unfortunately this is true and I believe our patchwork O-line did an amazing job with their D-line, but we couldn't handle their blitz packages in the 2nd half. Hopefully next year our O-line will be much healthier.
  9. Richt never got to the National Championship. Granted we probably should have in the early 2000's, but arguing the past doesn't accomplish much. But of course you like to troll Georgia only when we lose because you're team isn't good enough.
  10. By all means feel free to be a Tech fan or an Auburn fan, or any other team, if you're so blind to see that this team has nothing to do with last year's team. It's so easy to criticize after a loss. I don't blame us for going for it on the fake punt, Coach Smart said in his post-game press conference that it was going to be a pass and it took too long to snap the ball, allowing the defense to recognize what was happening and the receivers were covered which blew up the play. I agree it was over-aggressive and we probably should have punted the ball and hoped our defense could make a stop or a turnover. If it would have worked, it could have changed the outcome of the game, but we'll never know. That's the risk. There were so many things that could have gone different, Alabama had a lot of luck in every fumble they had, it fell right to them. Last year's team would have won tonight. But again, this is not the same team. We have the youngest team in the SEC and yet we went toe-to-toe with #1 Alabama and almost won. We have 63 underclassmen on this team out of 85. That should encourage you. We played Alabama better than any team did this year. Saban even said that he didn't want to play us in the playoffs again, but that we deserve to be there. We had Alabama on the ropes again with a younger team and Bama fought back and pulled off the win. You could even say that this team is the most beatable team that we will have going forward. Every year we will continue to get better and grow stronger. Last year was a year early of our success with all the Senior leadership we had that led the team to the national championship. This year was only the beginning and they learned a lot from this game.
  11. A little humor from the coach's luncheon before the big game tomorrow...