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  1. 😂🤣😂🤣 Y'all, this made my day! LMAO!!
  2. Congrats on the repeat! Yeah this year was definitely crazy with all the #2020 on top of fantrax taking their sweet time to fix their scoring. Hopefully next year will be closer to normal. It was so annoying having most/if not all of my bench with people on bye or postponed games.
  3. How is Fantrax still not able to fix their scoring? Good grief, this has been down all day!
  4. Awesome! Can't wait also! If you have an opening in the NFL fantasy, I'd be up for that!
  5. for those in need of a good laugh today... https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/mullen-i-expect-us-to-go-undefeated-this-year/
  6. I believe the excitement comes as a knee jerk reaction after Fromm announced his departure. Yes it's early and we can only speculate at this point how Newman will do. He is getting everything upgraded for him as far as O-line and weapons around him and miles better of a defense than he had at Wake. With his skill set, and more QB depth behind him than Fromm had, I believe Kirby will turn him loose.
  7. Sorry about the health issues @fibonaccisquared! Glad you’re feeling better! I was hoping to be able to pull a rabbit out of my hat and answer the bell, but the points were not there unfortunately. Congrats to Team Kirb Stomp! @Team UGA You steamrolled your way to the championship and your name certainly didn’t disappoint haha. Looking forward to next year!
  8. I hope defense can continue to be dominant, but our offense needs to step up big time in this game!
  9. He definitely does it on purpose. Most likely to spite the Georgia fans that comment about it every week lol.
  10. "Now I can go to bed disappointed instead of spending the whole day pissed" "Nationally televised execution.....awesome!!" "This is just sickening what ESPN is doing to Tennessee. No reason for this to be the top game, ESPN want TN to be humiliated on national TV. There is blood in the water and ESPN is trying to televise the kill." "I feel like if we can keep this within 9 TDs that’s something to build on"
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