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  1. seems like no point.. those threads always seem to end up back here anyway. Especially when the - go back to your own board thing comes up.
  2. You honestly consider that ownage? That means you guys have won 54% of the time.. Whatever helps you sleep at night. What Shredman said is more like it. Never realized that.. no wonder my Panther fan roommate hates you guys as much as I do =)
  3. I would take Turner in the first as well depending on the situation and draft order.. However.. and most Saints fans have pointed this out in some way or another.. The Saints offense does not highlight any one player aside from Brees. This is why Saints players, aside from him, are difficult to predict from a fantasy standpoint. Colston may be our top WR but the way the Saints distribute the ball greatly affects his stats - making his fantasy stock drop. Same with Pierre/Bush/Shock/you name it. It's not their ability that hurts their fantasy stock.. it's the Saints scheme. As frustrating as i
  4. Have you listened to any thoughts around the league on the vicodin case? Most of the analysts say it's not a huge deal and many teams, if not most, tend to use more pain killers and what not. Now, I hate skip bayless.. and he constantly refuses to give the Saints any credit.. but even he said that he knows for fact the cowboys have done the same thing as well as other teams. He mentioned that it's a very common occurrence in the NFL.. you just never usually hear about it. I know it's skip.. so take that with a grain of salt.. but I seriously think it's been blown out of proportion. Bottom lin
  5. The only time I see Saints fans brining up winning the SB.. is when fans of other teams (mainly the falcons) try to make the Saints look bad in the first place. And you guys deserve it anyway =) We've always had to hear how you guys have been in a SB.. have won an NFC championship.. have a better overall record.. we now have the best thing the NFL has to offer and you don't. Of course you guys are going to hear of it.. in most Saints fan's opinion.. you're our biggest rival. You're sayin we're a disgrace for those things? Other than the star caps.. something that other teams are a part of.. we
  6. Guess you didn't see this Saints team win a SB? Guess you missed that this was the first time the falcons have lost when Turner had over 100 yards rushing (151 and a td). He played the whole game and got hurt weeks later. He had one of/if not his best game of the season and you STILL couldn't win. 7.6 ypc and still couldn't get it done. Oh and Pierre had a decent game as well.. averaging 6.5 ypc. What might have been an issue is your "All-Pro and future HoF QB" Matilda Ice had an All-some QB rating of 46.6 - What were we sayin about one hit wonders? I know it we couldn't have been talkin abou
  7. Nice.. and his response.. Because there is no argument left. Even fellow Falcon fans know that what you said was a little off the deep end. And as far as injuries go.. I believe (could be wrong) the Falcons were the least injured team in the south last year? The Saints were the most injured team (17 on IR and numerous lesser injuries?) in the south and STILL managed to win the only game that mattered. If you're going to sit here and say, "wait till we're healthy blah blah blah".. imagine when the SB champs are fully healthy. Also, (as it's been mentioned) when comparing players and teams.. h
  8. Actually.. if you want last year's team.. ADD Charles Grant (drafted)to his list and take away Alex Brown (FA). In a previous post.. I added up the Atl's starters that were drafted.. they had 13. So what does that mean? Bingo Nah actually.. there is some deccent discussion in there.. somewhere.
  9. Didnt read the first post and voted simply on the name. I voted 3-4.. but I was talkin about Patrick Robinson =) As for Dunta.. I think 5-6 With Sharp back.. 0-2 for Patrick..
  10. funny thing.. no bag.. only this shiny Lombardi. Ah well.. at least you guys got close to it once.. too bad close only matters in horseshoes and hand grenades.
  11. Min@NO - Saints take Vikes although Minny fans will swear off their first borns the refs gave this game to the Saints and the NFL is rigged. NFL films begins the taping of the their intriguing mini series - "The Missing Rings, Minnesota". What are they on now.. season 6? Cle@TB - First toilet bowl of the season - who cares? Atl@Pit - Big Ben has flashbacks of the scene of the crime and has his way with more ladies from the south - the visiting falcons. Tonya Gonzalez, Michelle Turner, and Matilda Ryan stand no chance when Big Ben gets his hands on them.. literally. Pitt wins - birds undergo em
  12. a Saints fan that "honestly likes the falcons".. think I just threw up a little in my mouth.. but who am I to judge? Welcome to rival central Ufs. A few days here may just change your opinion of the falcons. (probably not.. but spend some time in TATF and it definitely will)
  13. Over at one of the Panthers forums.. people aren't too happy. In fact, they seemed pissed at losing him and getting a LB that was 3rd on Chicago's DC. I'm glad he's out of the division as well.
  14. for what it's worth.. Brown couldn't be traded because he hasn't signed his tender yet. A trade is still possible.
  15. Hate was a strong word.. definitely don't "hate" them. But I love to dislike them! I normally don't post (see post count) but have been lurking for years.. since before they changed boards. I normally ignore all the comments.. just felt like I'd chime in on our drafting success both in the past and this year.
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