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    Tampa, Fl By way of New Orleans.. Before the storm...
  1. City of Georgia? And i was cheering with the cheese heads.. That was the best dismantling of a team in post-season ever.
  2. Ok lets educate you.. Aaron Brooks sucked but he took our team to the playoffs in 2000. Those bag heads your talking about were in the stands, (SEASON TICKET BUYERS) they supported the team, they didn't walk out in any quarter of that game, they bought tickets and made themselves known they didn't like being a 2-14 and 5-11 team.. Obviously that bag trick worked, maybe ya'll should try it? lol. People who don't support their team is people who walk out early in the game, people who don't show up at all.. people who wear a jersey of another player (vick) when he's playing for the opponents (eagles) team.. - Knock out 2.. Next.
  3. Actually if you remember Aaron Brooks he won in the playoffs back in 2000.. I guess you just started watch football yesterday? Sorry you ran into the wrong person bud.. I've been on the Saints through Brown Bag era all the way up to Lombardi era, nothing you can say can affect me and i got a come back for ANYTHING you have to say. Whats sad is a City (gAyTL) which has a population of over 6 Mil can't fully seat a Stadium of only 68,000 Yet a small city (NO) has a waiting list of over 50,000.. and has never had a blackout. iF saints never supported this team there would be no team in New Orleans.. Only reason the owners wanted to ever move was because of Stadium issues.(more money).. Same problem Big ole ATL having with Arthur Blank and i wont shed a tear if he move the team.
  4. I want to know how it feels to get in and get out with the Number 1 seed and home field advantage.. Saints fans don't know what that feels like, we're use to winning when we get those type of opportunities.. please share.
  5. Really? is that what makes you wake up in the morning to cheapen a Superbowl Victory for a Sour puss one and Done season? LMAO!!!! At the end of the day, Seahawks beat SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS! they deserved that win.. At the end of the Day for Green Bay they Kicked, stomped, spit on and embarrassed a team nobody really cares about anyway, a team that has nothing, a team that has been a failure ball club in all of it's history, a team that has nothing to show for their existence in this league other than some cheap NFCS T-shirts that just went on clearance.. YOU GTFOH.. You have no business talking to or breathing the Same air as a Saints fan we are to be respected you are in our shadow as long as you cheer for the lowest denominator team.. You are in the club with: Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars... You talk to your own kinds! Know your place.
  6. It's what Atlanta Sports teams fans do.. abandon their team, no real surprise.
  7. Only group out of Dat that can say they are "DAT" are probably the Buc's Since they have a Lombardi in their Trophy case.. Sorry you lose again.. come play again.
  8. I wish this board kept those threads.. THEY WERE OBNOXIOUS.. And they went from board to board.. You bashed them and they bashed back.. Thats exactly what ya'll did to the Saints, if y'all had kept ya **** mouth shut you wouldn't hear all of this.. Saints fans are pretty cool as long as you leave us the **** alone, Ya'll went on the attack during our superbowl run, after our superbowl win, and then this season, you never stopped with the Katrina jokes that have now been turned back on to you all with that 2009 flood and this 2010-11 Snow storm which both paralyzed your city.
  9. Buc fan's were the first one's over here in 2003 bashing ya'll over the head with their Lombardi, ((Thats before this place bame "FAILCONLIFE")), i've been a member here before that change, they've since then become humble after fitting in with the Superbowl Hangover years after.
  10. LMAO! you cannot beat us in jab battles.. i got em for days!! Yes Atlanta floods.
  11. Why on earth would any team fan-base would want validation from THE WORSE!! Fan-base in the NFL?!! C'mon! Who looks up to a fan-base that walks out on their Division winning champions? halfway into the 3rd quarter!!! Who lets an opposing team left cheering their team chant's during and at the end of the games?!! NEVER HAPPENED IN THE SUPERDOME! Saints fans have the last call in the Superdome, whether we're bad or good, When were were bad we let the club know they were bad, NOT THE OTHER Opposing team fan-base!! When we're good We let our boy's know it!! We showed up at the airport after the Seattle game in full force.. Failcon Fans Walked out on their team in the 3rd quarter.. YOU NEED TO TAKE NOTES FROM SAINTS FANS ON HOW TO BE A REAL FAN! LMAO!.. We own you!
  12. It's what the Failcons do best.. And the Lombardi Cabinet continues to draw cob webs.. Failcons will suck for another 15 years.. Continue to Stay in New Orleans Saints Shadows lol!!
  13. LMAO!!!!! Saints never wasted Home Field advantage all the way to the Superbowl lmao! This is the second time the Failcons did though ! LMAO!!!
  14. Failure never looked so good.. The Trophy Case looks like this:
  15. Man Bandwagoners they're are for every franchise especially Falcons.. I have family members in Georgia and i lived in Atlanta for 3 years *after the Superbowl fail* my cousins told me before the Falcons was on Superbowl bound in the late 90s it Falcons was a hard sell for the city, people jumped on the wagon in 96-98, jumped right off in 2000 and jumped right back on in 2001 with Vick, then jumped off after Vick's Dog incident and took time to warm up to Ryan.. So like any franchise that go to a Superbowl or is successful you have the bandwagon jumpers, this guy video has stuff in Falcons late 90's success era (with the exception of Deion Sanders ( and even i have a Sanders jersey for Falcons and Dallas); and into the Vick and Ryan era so that kinda proves that point lol. Look in the Mirror before judging others. However i have several family members with Saints memorabilia from the 70's Manning, Tom Dempsey era.. i've been to people's homes in the Garden district that would put any Saints museum to shame with all of the old stuff they have just laying around, South west and North Louisiana have been Dallas cowboy fans, Old New Orleanians and people in South, south east Louisiana, Mississippi, Panhandle Florida, and Alabama have always been Saints fans are the Strongest Die hard Football fans alive, of course we picked up some bandwagoners, Falcons did in 97-98 why can't the Saints?
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