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  1. So if we've had no impressive wins...would you say the saints, packers, ravens, bucs had impressive losses?
  2. NFC playoff picture: Falcons are in the drivers seat 12:00 pm November 29, 2010, by D. Orlando Ledbetter FLOWERY BRANCH For the 9-2 Falcons, the playoff picture is pretty clear: win-out and earn the No.1 seed in the NFC. The Falcons, who are about to set out on a three-game road swing, have the best record in the NFC and hold a one game lead in the NFC South over the New Orleans Saints with five games to play. A Green Bay Packers fan isn't happy with the 20-17 Falcons victory at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on Sunday, Nov. 28, 2010. Curtis Compton ccompton@ajc.com Its great to get winning se
  3. Just had something in his eye. No worries, no I.R. on him...he'll be out there hunting down Panties Sunday.
  4. Let me explain something, there are people who get paid a decent amount of money to keep track of that stuff, and we are not them. What I will say is that i believe it was a sack. No matter what you call it, the end result was stil the same, We won because of our D-line and Linebackers, Offense and special teams were clicking on all cylinders.
  5. I'm not saying I disagree with his post, but if your team gets shut-out until the end of the 4th quarter, you only have two options: Blame your team, or give the other team props. Seems like he chose to keep faith in his Phins and just give us props. But his opinion, unlike alot of ours was correct.
  6. In Elam's defense, the PAT attempt was Koenen's fault. Apparently he hasn't see the Ace Ventura movies and left the laces in. LACES OUT!!
  7. Well, Sir I did not challenge the Steelers being ranked at the top, I was actually talking about the Patriots and the Chargers being in front of us after we dominated Week 1 against an above average team and they both struggled to beat sub-par teams. However, I do feel that this year we will be a better team than the Steelers.
  8. Our kickoff unit had the kick returner pinned down inside the 15 Yard line every kick-off except on they make it to the 22. The special teams unit definately deserves it's kudo in setting the defense up with great field postion all day sunday. Matter of fact the only Special Teams player that I'm not feeling all warm and fuzzy about is Elam. Hopefully we don't have to call on Anderson to come out of retirement again like he did when Mora wanted Koenon to kick our field goals. Hopefully he just sat on the couch to much in the off-season and had to shake off the rust. He did make a 40+ er i
  9. I think Ryan's 1st Quarter rustyness will be gone. He's going to hit the open receivers downfield. I would like to see him on his feet more at the end of plays. Also would like to see the run game get a little more yards per carry. Also Special teams looked awesome last week.
  10. Look for it after the bye if all goes well through week 5. We all talk about the media givings us respect, that will come then will come the haters.
  11. Good read. I don't think many other teams in the league us a rotation quite like ours. Just another reason we are going to win alot of games with healthy D-Lineman all year long.
  12. I think they are giving two teams that didn't look good until the end of the game too much credit. I have a feeling by week three there might be a swap between rank No.2 and rank No.7...
  13. 2009 Power Rankings: Week 2 1 (1) Steelers 1-0-0 They need to get their running game going, but Big Ben seems better than ever. (Chadiha) 2 (2) Patriots 1-0-0 Tom Brady is magic in the final minutes, but the Pats' defense appears shaky. (Clayton) 3 (3) Giants 1-0-0 The Giants might not have a No. 1 receiver, but they seem like a No. 1 team. (Clayton) 4 (4) Eagles 1-0-0 By going for a meaningless fifth TD against the Panthers, Donovan McNabb fractured his ribs and the Eagles' season. 5 (6) Colts 1-0-0 Jim Caldwell showed some killer instinct at the end, but his running game didn't prov
  14. I think this team will be the talk of the league after/ if we beat the pantie and the pats....by week three this team should be settling down.
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