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  1. I think I will pass on Bergeron. Jenkins did drop the ball in this game, but he has made his share of clutch plays for us.
  2. I hope they get an interview with Elam, would love to hear what he has to say.
  3. http://www.cbsatlanta.com/news/21693563/detail.html Hope someone good shows up.
  4. Falcons to tryout new kickers tomorrow! Stay in New York Jason, you are on vacation!(Hopefully)
  5. Why don't we cut this dead wait and let Koenen take over all the kicking duties? Koenen has already proven that he has a monster of a leg.
  6. I am sick and tired of hearing talk about the Patriots/Colts. Am I the only one? Every time they open their mouths about it, I have this sudden urge to throw my remote. Da.mn, they are acting like it was the Super Bowl. Even though tonights Balt/Cle game isn't that exciting, it is the GAME tonight, nonetheless. And they have hardly talked about it. But, they keep beatin g down what happened last night. Get over it people! Belichick is a dumb@ss.
  7. If Michael Turner has to miss some time, I think we should seriously consider giving Larry Johnson a shot. I think if and when another team takes a chance on him, he will be on his best behavior, so he can basically audition for the rest of the league for his next multi-year contract from whatever team wants him. I think it would be a great move.
  8. He does not deserve to finish out the season. He doesn't deserve to see monday, better yet he shouldn't be allowed on the bus ride home. His pink slip should have been waiting for him at the locker room after the final whistle today.
  9. Hopefully we leave Jason Elam in Charlotte
  10. We should just go with Koenen as our P/K/PK. He has a much better leg, and we should drop John Parker Wilson and add another RB. I wouldn't even mind adding Larry Johnson for cheap. And why in the **** would we add Troy Bergeron??? Come on!
  11. Hey Man, got your PM, will try to make it out to the Bar for a UGA get together... Thanks

  12. I think that we can trust in Mr. Dimitroff. I feel very confident in our franchise finally puting together 2 back to back winning seasons. But I wanted to put a feeler out there about Jason Taylor. He is now a free agent, can we get him at a bargain price to play opposite Abraham? Interested in what my fellow falcons fans think.
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