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  1. Yes he went to Calhoun High School.He has more talent than most but I believe in the ole cliche , " Hard work beats talent when talents fails to work hard." I wont speak bad of him other than I wish him the best and hope he is not a Falcon. And Yes Calhoun is probably 98% white people, but we dont look at that. Ahhhhhh probably 90% white. 8% Mexicans. But we dont look at that either. Lol.We just dont play soccer.
  2. U know I dont post a lot but let me offer my prespective. I seen this kid play at Calhoun High School when he was growing up many times and he was amazing to say the least. But , and I mean BUT. No. not only No , but **** NO! He is a cancer from the word go. I know too many stories on this kid and I hope he will out grow them, but as far as him being a Falcon....It will never happen. I hope he does well somewhere else, but knowing his track record, might last 2 years at most.
  3. I think we should get someone to make matt say get the f&*# off our boards ! All the nay sayers ! All the ehhh but.. All the haters. If they cant see Red and Black and they dont bleed Red and Black then F#$* em! All Year baby! All Year!
  4. I love me some defense and I love me some coach Nolan. Keep it up guys. ALL YEAR ! ALL YEAR! ALL #@!$#*& YEAR!
  5. Duff please don't be positive about the team, are you a fan or something? Jesus, what's wrong w/ people?
  6. I think he's better than Trent Dilhole and Brad " King of the Dump Pass " Johnson , and both of them have rings.
  7. I kind of feel that way , but I think the same thing every year, championship! I've got the Charlie Brown syndrome. They build me up and I be **** if they don't move tthe **** football right before glory comes. Don't worry though we're gonna kick the s&@t out of it this year, I can feel it.
  8. I could be wrong but I believe Eli was left off of last years Top 100 , and things turned out pretty good for him.
  9. I Thought it was more Faulk hating than Sapp? I can't stand Faulk when he does that little s$&t eating smile and says something negative us. He puts me in mind of the Joker. I hope he has to eat crow one day.
  10. Thank you Mr. Blank for your insight and actually giving a D*&n about the team.I appreciate that we have coaches and an organization that we can be proud of. In the future though, when TD leaves for bigger waters,and Smitty is gone also, do you think you could interview theses genius GM minds on here for the job? That would be wonderful, I'm sure they could get us to the next level,where yall are aparently failing miserably at. Would "Madden" be alright to put on the resume in the experience field? Just curious. In the words of Billy Bob Thorton, " It's like babysitting your brothers' kids."
  11. Y'all know where y'all at. Haters hating. Mouth runners is all y'all are and all y'all will ever be. TD is a man of action, once again we are trying to win a championship. So you can get on, or get the f$&k off!
  12. With this move TD just made, I will be highly pissed if the world ends this year. F&*K the Mayans! And long live TD !
  13. I almost lost my lunch when I seen we resigned DeCoud.
  14. I gotta feeling spoon will end up being a pro bowler this year with at least 10 - 15 sacks. Could be gas though.
  15. I can't wait when we play the aints and Matt exposes his coverage skills. It will be a glorious day indeed.
  16. I'm with you jheezy, if they don't bleed red and black, then f^€£ em!
  17. I watched the interview Roddy gave about him and he was saying all the right things, but I sensed something much different .( Maybe it was my arm pits) Though, I hope for the best, I truly do.I want a Lombardi! That's what I hope they focus on.championship!
  18. He was and still is a joke.I bet he works for free.
  19. I've been reading and reading all this posts, and I believe that some of you people must be on crack to think that we will walk away w/ Green or Jones on draft day . I mean really? Are ya'll serious?
  20. There's definately something about the kid I really enjoy watching. He does have a spark, and the D has not been the same w/o him. Can't wait to have him back and "spoon" someone's arse up.
  21. I'm sorry , what did u say? I couldn't get past Maltese Falcon's avatar.
  22. Just make sure my Momma doesn't get it. She knows how to use one.
  23. " Life is tough. Life is tougher if your stupid." John Wayne
  24. I was wondering when someone was going to say something. I thought it was just me, I even made mention of it during preseason but wrote if off thinking it was just that ( preseason ), and he would turn the motor on our first game. Don't tell anyone, but I hardly notice him anymore. I hope he's alright, maybe it's just a hemroid or something.
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