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  1. So, a friend of mine told me this week I could have two tickets to Sunday's game, and I accepted. I asked a girl (a very good-looking one) to the game -- and, miraculously, she said yes. However... my friend apparently has a bad memory and forgot he gave the seats away a few months ago.... Anyone willing to help a poor guy trying to see Tony's last game and get with a girl he's been into for over a year?
  2. This is by far the best compliment I've ever received for something I've written. Thank you, sir.
  3. Hey guys, not sure if any of you remember me...used to post here frequently back in the day (2003-2006ish). Anyways, I write over at The Falcoholic now and have started a new summer project: an oral history of the 2008 Falcons season. My prologue went up live today if anyone is interested: http://www.thefalcoh...istory-prologue I thought it might be cool to record other people's experiences and thoughts throughout this project. If you have any standout memories from that year -- whether they be funny, sad or anywhere in between -- feel free to send me a PM and we can talk about getting a quote or two into the story.
  4. Why limit to just Quizz when we have Julio Jones? And HD? Seriously - the screen needs to be used more. The Falcons have three legitimate options for that play, and it's extremely effective. There is a good chance that Koetter is waiting to truly utilize the screen until the playoffs to catch teams off guard. I hope this is the case.
  5. "No quarterback in the league had attempted more than eight screen passes in a game before Ryan did it Sunday." I love this. With guys like Julio and Quizz as quick, shifty options in the passing game, our offense can take the next step just by implementing the screen alone.
  6. With Mike Nolan running our defense I have full confidence that he can mix and match our other guys into the right schemes to make up for Spoons loss. Now, if BVG was still around, I'd be a lot more worried.
  7. Matt is not the type of person to request a contract that would prohibit his team from winning football games. He's going to get paid, but everyone knows that he wants a ring far more than money.
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