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  1. Would could target fredrick (c and g experience) or my favorite Barret Jones(c,g,t experience), Jones is being highly over looked in this draft so he may be there in the late 3rd or 4th!
  2. Love the signature by the way!!
  4. their are several available still, given the cap space we have available, who do with look at? DT- ellis(28), seymour(33), branch(28) and DE- abe(35), osi(31), freeney(33). Is their any way we could get a combo of two of these guys in under our cap? Which would you prefer? I know we are gonna use the draft heavily for our defense! Sorry if im not the most elaberate poster as stated by a few in the past !
  5. I've had mine for several yrs, just don't post much, and for a little info chill guys, I was just kidding, it's just in good fun, but some of you act like we are going from a good team to the raiders in 2 days!!!
  6. Da*n y'all some high strung folks in here, it was a joke, someone needs a Prozac until TD does his job
  7. Thanks Gimmicks, at least one person on these boards has a personality and a sense of humor
  8. I'm a die hard falcons fan, but come on fellas you do realize this is just football!!! Some I you need to get a life!!!
  9. Falcons sign DLed to be our water boy and the AJC replaced him with an equally talented 6th grader that was head of their school newspaper! Sry fellas I had to brake the tention.
  10. I think everyone should be on vet minimum contracts with performance based escalators! Players get payed to much as it is!!!
  11. Why haven't we pulled some guys in to restructure to have more money in FA?
  12. if funny how this guy wanna win a super bowl, but still wanna drain the bank
  13. has he actually sign a contract yet, if so how much?
  14. their are always teams wanting to move up to the end of the first round to grab someone the like, new england has made a living doing this for years. Why not trade our 1st round pick to another team for a early 2nd this year( moving back less than 10 picks and their first or early 2nd next year. More 1st and 2nd picks to work with since someone we like at the end of 1st would probably be their in the early second.
  15. maybe grimes is asking for a big payday and we are looking to get something while he is still hot! the only thing i have against grimes is he protected himself and didnt play in the playoffs
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