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  1. Donald is a grown *** man...I would even avoid fighting him if I could and run if I couldn't lol
  2. Quinn needs to immediately after this game.
  3. Time to blow this **** up...**** fire the whole coaching staff and let the player's coach themselves for the rest of season. Couldn't be any worse.
  4. It's the offense / play calling
  5. Could win out...could win a few...could continue to play like crap. Just got to wait and see.
  6. Would rather have Jim Schwartz or a detailed oriented OC.
  7. Ish needs to dodge more cheeseburgers in the off season
  8. Yep that'll do it LMAO...I feel you now.
  9. If you do yard work in sweats your *** is going to burst into flames LOL
  10. xs and os

    Dang man...our corners were getting torched when they blitzed
  11. Yeah man I would rather he right the ship. Tired of all these coaching changes. Consistency is the key to a successful franchise.
  12. Which one of y'all was this
  13. Y'all enjoy the rest of your day. I'm bout to go continue to get ready for the zombie apocalypse that will happen in 2021.
  14. Great timeout by the Titans. Gave the Falcons staff enough time to overthink it and **** it up.
  15. Maybe...but who is the right coach though? Yep that 3rd and 15 conversion in the 1st qtr just determined that the Titans will win this game. I was wrong Just trying to be optimistic, brother.
  16. Quinn has frustrated me over the past few seasons, but a busted play caused by your number one corner not using proper technique and not maintaining leverage on the tackle is not his fault. We will still win this game despite that one bad play
  17. So what's the alternative?
  18. 13-3. BABY!!!! We bout to get it going.
  19. Expecting a memorable game from Tak if we contain the run and have them in 2nd/3rd and longs
  20. Word?...small world.
  21. Looks like Kaleb held his double team a tad too long also.