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  1. I'm just don't understand why so many folks on this board thought we were going to hit the ground running...Trenches are lacking, Depth is lacking, and cash is lacking. Going to take a few years to fix TD's mess. Still might have a decent season (Compared to last) though....8-9 maybe.
  2. Team will continue to struggle as long as Steven Means is a starter.
  3. 1st drive, Hayden Hurst wide open for a touchdown.
  4. Yeah, I don't care what kinda alien-foo foo diet he is on. That amount of attempts every week will sneak up and bite him hard.
  5. Over 100 Total pass attempts last night...Yikes
  6. If Darby takes advantage of of his opportunities when called upon, he will surpass Sharp and Blake by mid season.
  7. My dude is gonna make some plays. Gonna have defenses craping their pants once this offense gels.
  8. Spitting facts with a little embellishment...I like it. Still gonna punk them clowns twice this year.
  9. True that. They were trying to hard with R.U.
  10. Hate that phrase. Haven't heard the new regime say it yet...Might have missed it though.
  11. Straight Baller!!! will be the best in the Secondary...**** played like he was the best in the secondary last year and was a rookie.
  12. Some folks love/live to complain, homie.
  13. Smile, say bout dayumn time and continue getting drunk.
  14. @Falcon You I feel ya, but it looks like we actually have great football minds at the top now so I'm cautiously optimistic.
  15. Dat boy fast...video made my knees hurt.
  16. Man, if my Falcons need inspiration outside of themselves to do better, I don't want any of them punks on my team. It's cool for the Falcons players to be hyped for the Hawks right now but I guarantee you that will be the least thing on their minds when training camp starts.
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