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  1. Is it me..or does Tru run like an angry confused road lizard?
  2. Frustrating watching this offense right now, but their is no reason they shouldn't get it together. The defense hasn't even hit their stride yet. Once they clean up the tackling and get more comfortable...Look out!!!
  3. 1st start 1st pick.................... ......6
  4. Bro...Grady Jarrett is whooping azz and always in the back field. Our edge rushers are getting home frequently because opposing QB's can't step up in the pocket. We are 9th in the league in rushing defense....all because of Poe's presence. It might not be sexy work, but it's the work he's been asked to do and he is doing it well.
  5. Nice break down brother...was wondering how he looked uncovered on 3 and long.
  6. Yep he was pretty good.
  7. ...but my boys had that can of whoop zzz open all night...fudge Aaron Rodgers
  8. Like ants on a dropped cheeto
  9. This some stupid azz chit right here
  10. These cats would complain about good sex
  11. Can get down field, runs good routes, fights for extra yards after the catch, and has improved his blocking. Also will only get better... I'm down with this cat!!!
  12. I appreciate beauty in all forms, but tend to lean to the curvy side of things.