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  1. The only way Tru catches anything is if the nose of the ball miraculously gets stuck in his face mask.
  2. Sure...go ahead and run it by Dimi and Quinn.
  3. Remember him running hard his rookie season but he was fumbling.
  4. I'm ROFLMAO
  5. Even if Sanu and Ridley play, I fully expect the Giants offense to play lights out against the Falcons confused pass coverage and inept pass rush
  6. Prototipcal "looks like tarzan plays like Jane".
  7. Yeah man pathetic!
  8. Been pulling for him man, but he is truly a one trick pony...push him outside(cause that's where he wants to go)...using his speed against him. Been happening for a couple of yeara now,
  9. So fed up with this dude, J. Never seen a more softer edge rusher in my days of watchiing football.
  10. Beasly is a beoytch...and yes i would say it to his face for the people who are going to say i wouldnt say it to his face.
  11. Man folks just too dog on sensitive nowadays SMH
  12. Awesome game!!!
  13. Mahomes is the truth!
  14. Let's talk about Trufant dropping another interception...SMH
  15. Get to the Dayumn Quaterback!!!!