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  1. HBD, and keep it pimping, pimping!
  2. I really think they are going to stack the defense as much as they can. TF knows our defense is horrible, as bad as Koetter was we still put up some points in games but those posers on the other side of the ball don't like leads.
  3. What you think about.... Trade down Micah parsons Then Trade back up Zaven Collins
  4. Shiiiiddd the happy smoke must have helped with those aches and pains that year. Dude was a beast.
  5. That's King Smoke lol. https://youtu.be/URpF23WRL0E
  6. His daughter is actually a news anchor down here in Augusta. She does really well.
  7. Peter Konz...thought we were going to be set in the middle with him holding it down.
  8. Some really good info here. I wonder how it would look since Abe left. My guess is really bad even with Beasley's 2016 freak season.
  9. The plan for the secondary is solid. Would really like it if we go that route. Tampa has invested heavily in the secondary over the past few years and the are reaping the rewards. A trade down for Parsons would be nice too...Not worried about QB/WR too much this year I'm more concerned with defense and a run game.
  10. If we can't trade back who do you think would be BPA? I think it would be Sewell if he's still there. I really would like an impact defensive player at 4, but I'm not sure who that could be.
  11. Man I didn't get to watch anything in 98 until the playoffs. Was stationed in Germany....AFN (Armed Forces Network) played the cowgirls every chance they got though.
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