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  1. I never make homer post, but here I go. I think both. I think Minny was a wake up call. I think they were smelling themselves, and not doing any joint practices this off season didn't give them the feel of the enemy hitting you back. So what i'm saying is. Fighting your brother (Brotherhood) and winning some and loosing some is all fun and good, but is significantly different from getting your lunch money taken while being punched from the dude down the street. If you're any kinda man, it stings, turns your guts inside out just thinking how you crapped all over yourself in front of everyone around. The boys got embarrassed. Don't mean they are some punks, just caught off guard. If they are who I think they are. I'm positive that both Offense and Defense will play better. They have the potential to pull each other out of a whole when one is struggling and still win, Heck we almost saw it last Sunday if it wasn't for a fumble and a second interception. Special teams are still gonna suck, cause that's just who we are. But the Shaky Offense and the Leaky Defense is not what we are, so I don't expect to that again. Have faith and hold's gonna be a great ride.
  2. That's that home cooking
  3. they call the play dead, but the clock doesn't stop. The time out stopped the clock
  4. Man that last bit of defense by the Texans was painful to see.
  5. Romeo needs to retire
  6. Saints have one timeout and get a field goal
  7. Shiiiiddddddd two hours might be right lol
  8. Y'all mf'rs quit crying and give the guys a chance to gain their footing against a dang good team in a hostile environment.
  9. Grilling some Asian style spare ribs, frying wings, fried rice, and egg rolls.
  10. Julio...I have feeling Rhodes success with him is about to be old news. Can see a slant going to the house when they do that double a gap pressure. Trufant...looks like the old Tru. Can even see a pick of he gets his hands on it.
  11. You're saying he is going to start?
  12. LMAO...I bet you could talk yourself out of a one night stand with a deaf chick.
  13. Brooooo...A 6th round rookie who's only hope at making the squad was via special teams is not going to have in depth knowledge of the playbook.