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  1. Throw in the original chicken sandwich and some Hi-c orange and I'm in.
  2. We have come a long way haven't we LOL
  3. Shoot me your email address again bro...been awhile.
  4. Cool man let me know if you need new one to enhance your gains
  5. Greatest comeback in Superbowl history no matter how you look at it. they have a right to do that. As far as the Vicodin dude I aint even mad at that, everyone has a different character when competitive juices are flowing. He didn't lie...we did choke and almost choked that particular game away with that fumble. Do better...finish, and you won't get fuq'd with...Period.
  6. I can't even imagine someone complaining about this that is a player or coach. This has to be coming from the weak minded, Front office, never played a sport in my life, suit and tie wearing mofos. If this came from players and coaches we have a citch azz team....but i doubt it was "our guys". I don't care what you are are gonna get ragged until you prove that you shouldn't be ragged. All our Falcons have showed is that they can't finish. So when they get that chit fixed the chatter will stop. BTW how you been, Brother...Long time
  7. Done watched this 50-11 times hoping Jesus would forget to pop up just once
  8. Now that I've taken a step back from the season I can see that Sark wasn't that bad. Did he have some head scratching moments? Of course, but then again all OC's do. He was just burdened with the fact that he took over a historical offense. Anything short of the same production was going to be deemed a failure in many eyes. Also, The weak azz interior OG play and Skill position mishaps (Drops) that led to turnovers did not help him out also. He will learn, adjust, and get better...............I hope.
  9. Scheme is everything...Shurmur is stressing the defense out with his route concepts...ours not so much.
  10. BEST CHIT I'VE SEEN IN A DECADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO
  11. Me too bro...
  12. Great job this year defense
  13. Way to cut half the field off on a critical play dumb azz