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  1. Mannnn....Why he so mad? LOL
  2. Heck yes...I believe Cam's focused intensity would be beneficial for our young guys to be around especially Cominsky
  3. I would do it...Wake could be big for us on a pitch count.
  4. HBD!!!
  5. I just wouldn't do it. We are stacked on offense as it is and you have young talented wideouts in Ridley and Gauge. Bringing in Brown would hurt their development more than helping them I think. Invest the rest of our money on defense and a LG.
  6. Another thing folks might not be considering...and I could be reaching here, but I'm sure our oline is fired up about this signing and ready hit people in the mouth.
  7. Offensive Coordinator
  8. Instantly better than any RB on the roster. These Jokers would complain about good sex....."It wasn't great"
  9. Only back that would thrive in this scheme is Barry Sanders and I heard that he might of retired already.
  10. I hope you're right, but I just don't see it with Hill....and as far as the others, One unproven and the other always injured. But then again with Koetter none of it probably matters anyway.
  11. Especially...Especially if we get a run game going! We need a left guard and a RB with some juice.
  12. Must gonna resign AC and rely on Takk, Means, and Cominsky....while hopefully Drafting Murray and best DT available.
  13. What other FA edge rushers are out there now since Quinn and JPP are locked up?
  14. Hopefully the backfield looking real suspect right now.