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  1. Sadly, I know a lot of Falcons (Vick) fans like that here in Augusta. No matter how the team does over the past decade we always need a new QB ...SMH. Even heard we would have won Superbowl LI had we had another QB.
  2. He does look good. Almost didn't recognize him.
  3. Haven't done that in a while huh? Opener at Chicago i'm thinking.
  4. Keep stacking the defense and draft a stud at RB
  5. After 20 years. Also, Titan players speek highly of AS, calls him a savage play caller. I'm optomistic, plus if grown men making millions can't take a little criticisim and a hard nose approach then they don't need to be here. There is a reason the same teams have deep playoff runs year in and year out.
  6. So refreshing not hearing about a bro fest going on at OTA's. All businesses
  7. Probably had a discussion about his past practice schedule vs what their new expectations will be going forward....Julio probably aint feeling the new regime.
  8. This is the same crappy team until they prove otherwise. Falcons do not get anymore 'on paper' accolades from me.
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