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  1. That's too funny LMAO, but that will not be the same TH we face on Sunday.
  2. Koetter blows...our running backs could be eating folks alive in the passing game if schemed right especially Ito.
  3. That was dope. I jumped off the couch.
  4. Bowles would have had this D humming, But probably wouldn't have picked Debo, Grady, or Neal in the draft.
  5. Eye test still tells me he's going to be a baller and the whole Defense was playing like dookie under Quinn's leadership.
  6. He let his fondness and belief in a player overide his football acumen
  7. Takk seems like that one dude in the crew that you punch in the face once every three months cause he can't keep his mouth shut.
  8. Ryan did miss a wide open Ridly in the red zone, throwing to Julio who was doubled. (I still hate Koetter's offense) I like Oliver playing in the middle a lot more than him on the outside. Would love to see someone step up as an edge rusher. (Really missing this aspect on D) Allen aint it at FS
  9. Man I ain't been on IG in a minute. Probably need to open a whole new account. lol
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