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  1. ROFLMAO I'm dead
  2. I've had a smile plastered to my face all day...keep em coming ROFLMAO
  3. Everybody getting in on it. Hulk Hogan trolling too. ROFLMAO
  4. Had the game won, but Dee Ford....
  5. Did they really have a tight end blocking Cam Jordan one on one LMAO
  6. Man, they need to hire me. I used to handle the clock like a boss when I played madden back in the day LOL.
  7. And the best form tackler on the team LOL
  8. King should find his own ride home
  9. Chargers suck
  10. Jacobs is a grown man on the field. That kid is a football player then RB.
  11. Yes! All day every day!