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  1. Not gonna lie. I always pictured you as Walt Kowalski from Gran Torino
  2. It kills me, man...they act like the brother is running away from the end zone smh
  3. The pick I'm most excited about. So many available options in the secondary by taking this kid (Oliver).
  4. Julio is supposedly point shaving / dropping balls for his Rap buddies....I think.
  5. I think it's as simple as Big Ben just doesn't go down easy (extending the play)...Redzone or between the 20's DB's can't cover Brown all day.
  6. I was going to check up on you at the end of the month to see how your progress is going. Sounds like everything is getting locked in right before the summer. Good Job, man!!
  7. "Knocked him down, Knock you down!!!" LOL
  8. Loved Jalen...was beginning to be my favorite CB on the team, SMH. What a waste.
  9. Whew that was close, but I got your back homie....fixed it for you.
  10. Cleveland always messing up one draft pick at a time LOL
  11. Think he did gain a bit, but it's hard to keep that on as the season goes.
  12. Just looks like a 25 to me...could be wrong but looks like the 25's in my gym.
  13. You can still do it. It's just that old man preservation kicking in. LOL