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  1. Things I noticed / Liked: Teco - looks to have better vision and a better feel for where the hole is going to be. Loved the way he put his foot in the ground and got to the second level. Fusco - Is a mean SOB in the run game. Ridley - Is going to be a problem for opposing secondary's. Dude is so sudden it's ridiculous... combined with the fact that he can also take the top off is going to open up a lot of options for this offense. Example...can you imagine the space underneath this creates for the backs out of the backfield or for the TE's with him/Hall/Julio putting pressure on the secondary? Gonna be some fun stuff to watch. Grady - Sign this man now before he cost too much! The quickness, leverage, violence, and effort he displays on every snap is special. No other way to put it. Poole - For those of you thinking you're going to see Oliver on the field early in the season might have to wait a lot longer than expected. This dude looks to be shot out of a cannon at times. You can tell he's grown even more in this system and looks to be playing faster. Just some things I noticed from the little bit I watched. Had to leave for a HS football game around the middle of the 2nd Qtr.
  2. Looks lost, out of position, etc...looks like he's thinking too much so this highly athletic kid we keep hearing about has not showed up yet.
  3. That's why I'm here ...seriously though I think he was just throwing the guys into the fire and seeing how they react. Nothing more nothing less.
  4. So what you are saying is...Quinn had the young guys buy in to playing like crap in the first preseason games in order to teach them a lesson about how you shouldn't play like crap?
  5. Players - Oliver, Ito, Ridley, Riley, Parker, Foye, Saubert, Wes, Senat. Non Players - Manuel, Sark, Knapp, Equipment guy, Water / Gatorade Boy.
  6. You have some skills bro! Nice write up.
  7. RIP Slappy
  8. In more ways than one LMAO
  9. Yep!
  10. I was there...and it was hot as HE// outside is my guest why they closed it. I timed it at about 7 1/2 minutes to open completely. You're right about the shadows, but I don't think it will be too much of a concern.