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  1. That was comedy gold right there. I cracked two ribs I was laughing so hard
  2. I get it...he does go in, but I like the fact that he feeds into the rivalry. Sorta like #84 used to do for us.
  3. That's that 'married with kids weight' kicking in.
  4. Welp, I sure hope the pass rush turns on in Atlanta cause the safety situation here is lacking.
  5. I don't watch a lot of college ball, but didn't Clemson have a nasty pass rush? He could have benefited from that quite a bit.
  6. I wish he could sign with both teams LOL
  7. Talking about the one where he sniffed out Snead sneaking into the opposite flat? Two plays back to back that showcased his athletic superiority at his position.
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