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  1. The buck stops at the head coach, but Smitty can't execute plays for the guys. At some point in the red zone, Ryan needs to make a play. Also, Smitty can only coach who's on the field. It was TD who let guys in critical positions walk away. So, there's plenty of blame to go around.
  2. Oh, and I renewed early, too. Hoping to win the charter flight!
  3. It could be worse. We could always have one of the bottom-tier quarterbacks in the league. With Matt Ryan, the Falcons will ALWAYS have a shot. That's something that couldn't have been said six years ago.
  4. They should not have had an opportunity, but since they did--nice.
  5. Flacco has countless playoff wins, and now a Superbowl ring. Flacco won't be his benchmark.
  6. Yes, he had graphics and everything explaining why it wasn't a penalty...lol!
  7. It's great that they lost with that no call. #Karma rears its head.
  8. I agree. It has never taken me this long to get over a loss. Still haven't tuned in to NFL Network or ESPN. Guess I'll tune in at some point before 6:30 on Sunday, but our beloved Falcons should be representing the NFC!
  9. http://wap.myfoxatlanta.com/w/news-local/story/83750377/
  10. I just saw this madness. Probably just a ploy to expedite negotiations.
  11. I've been in a sports media black-out mode since the game. Maybe I'll be able to stomach this article in a couple more days.
  12. He obviously wanted to go to Roddy before the snap. Had he gone through his reads, HD or Gonzo would have gotten the ball. Oh, well.
  13. I've refused to listen to talk radio or watch the four letter network since the game. I absolutely hate the idea of haters rejoicing.
  14. HD is the 4th or 5th option on any given play. All he can do is make plays when the ball is thrown his way.
  15. Best five-year stretch in the franchise's history. Coaching is the least of our worries.
  16. The way Akers was kicking the ball, I would have put my money on wide-left/right.
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