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  1. The buck stops at the head coach, but Smitty can't execute plays for the guys. At some point in the red zone, Ryan needs to make a play. Also, Smitty can only coach who's on the field. It was TD who let guys in critical positions walk away. So, there's plenty of blame to go around.
  2. Oh, and I renewed early, too. Hoping to win the charter flight!
  3. It could be worse. We could always have one of the bottom-tier quarterbacks in the league. With Matt Ryan, the Falcons will ALWAYS have a shot. That's something that couldn't have been said six years ago.
  4. They should not have had an opportunity, but since they did--nice.
  5. Flacco has countless playoff wins, and now a Superbowl ring. Flacco won't be his benchmark.
  6. Yes, he had graphics and everything explaining why it wasn't a penalty...lol!
  7. It's great that they lost with that no call. #Karma rears its head.
  8. I agree. It has never taken me this long to get over a loss. Still haven't tuned in to NFL Network or ESPN. Guess I'll tune in at some point before 6:30 on Sunday, but our beloved Falcons should be representing the NFC!
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