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  1. No, I wouldn't have. I didn't make a thread to fire him after the biggest superbowl choke of all time, did I?
  2. I'm not a troll. Just a longtime fan expressing my opinion and tired of us being soft.
  3. Yes, a great team does it.
  4. You run it in from 6 inches and the game is over. You run it down their throat three times and kick the field goal and you win the Superbowl. We are soft.
  5. We got lucky. That was an easy field goal that they missed.
  6. There are times to be conservative and times to be ruthless. We did it bass ackwards again.
  7. We are soft. A team that isn't soft doesnt lose the Superbowl after being up 28-3 and doesn't wuss out on the 6 inch line.
  8. Thats a totally different situation. Yes, we should have run the ball three times and kicked the field goal and won the superbowl. This is 4th and goal at the 6 inch line.
  9. It's not just to "not play scared". It's to be a confident championship-caliber football team that imposes its will on the opponent.
  10. Not everyone loses the superbowl after 28-3. Just us.
  11. We are soft and scared.
  12. I know. We won. But, sorry that is soft. 6 $%$@## inches.
  13. Again, its hypocritical for trump supporters to question anyones patriotism since he refused to serve our country. He also criticicized John McCain's service and insulted every soldier who was ever captured. You're fine with that. . Also, if you want to live in a country where everyone is forced put on a show of patriotism, try North Korea.