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  1. Yes. The one we drafted is from Boise State. This guy is in the CFL now.
  2. I think the Bucs are going to win. Better defense in a close game.
  3. Rings' mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries. I fart in his general direction. Welcome to the board!
  4. If we and the Texans end up 4-12, is it possible they pick 3rd?
  5. Our President took a knee three times when called to fight in Vietnam. He pretended to have bone spurs to get out of serving. I've had it with supporters of him pretending to care about the military.
  6. How many first round picks that we selected in the last 10 years are no longer on the team? I'm guessing 7. Going to look it up.
  7. Craziest thing about that team is even though we hold the record for least ppg allowed in a season, we didn't make the playoffs. And, if you go down the list of the teams behind us for least ppg allowed in a season, you have to go all the way to 45th to find the next team that didn't make the playoffs. http://mcubed.net/nfl/ptlpapg.shtml
  8. Rams because they whipped our ***** at home Embarrassing and pathetic display.
  9. I thought it hit the ground but he maintained control, then it hit his shoe and he lost control of it, then secured it.
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