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  1. Swept by a freaking TE. Now we'll never hear the end of it from those punks. 🤦🏽‍♀️
  2. I feel like I'm being built up to be tore down here. 😂😂
  3. You can thank the offense for that. The defense can only do so much
  4. Falcons arent winning another game. No way anyone on this current staff stays after this season.
  5. So many people criticized Payton for starting Hill over Jameis. Looks like it was the right call. Embarrassing the Falcons is a badge of honor for Payton and the Saints.
  6. The whole offense is playing like crap, Matt Ryan included. So there's no sense in debating about what is or isn't his fault lol.
  7. I would say this is unreal but nothing is unreal when you're the Falcons. If we lose this game it will go down as the most embarrassing loss of the season.
  8. We'd be killing the Saints right now if we had a decent offensive coordinator
  9. Falcons have no answer to the Saints pass rush. I cannot stand Dirk Koetter.
  10. This organization is so poorly ran that it's a shame.
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