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  1. I'd rather kick the fg and be up by two fg's. Trust your defense. Wouldn't be shocked if this backfired.
  2. Good job scoring but I don't agree with going for 2 there.
  3. Bears gotta get a run game going or they're going to lose.
  4. I never thought we would get a crack at Kubiak. It's gonna be Bevell or Koetter and I'm cool with that.
  5. It's gonna be Bevell
  6. Lol good luck to him with his new team next year.
  7. I thought the Rams were one of the teams that could stop the Saints in the playoffs but that looks unlikely now. The Bears could do it but with the Saints having home field advantage throughout I don't see the Bears going in there beating them. The Saints have an easy path to the SB, it will be an epic fail if they blow it.
  8. Looking forward to losing to GB next week too. At this point losses should be celebrated.
  9. Good, keep losing and let’s hope some teams below us can close out the season strong.
  10. Cowboys defense closed it out. Cowboys might mess around and win a playoff game in January.
  11. Cowboys will lose.
  12. Cowboys got some speed on defense. Very impressive.
  13. Cowboys dline giving the Saints oline everything they got.
  14. Welp I'm sure Coleman's new team next year will be pleased because they won't have to give him a big contract.
  15. Someone on Twitter said United own MBS, the Falcons just rent it. The Falcons have to put a better product that’s worth what they’re charging on the field fast. Half priced food will only take you so far
  16. How many of those top 5 picks are still on the team?
  17. If the Browns continue to draft like they did this year and Mayfield continues to develop they'll become contenders within the next few years.
  18. Oh no that's not lost on me at all. I posted in another thread last night that we're 1-3 vs the Saints in the last 4 games and I saw a stat on Twitter that they've swept us 7 times since 2006. Sure it's not fair to put that all on DQ but the overall h2h record that Falcons fans love to brag about will be gone soon if we don't get better against the Saints fast.
  19. Hmmm I disagree. I saw a Saints team that didn't have to try to hard because the Falcons kept shooting themselves in the foot over and over. That garbage time score makes it look a lot better than it was for us. But the score wasn't close and it was bad. Payton and the boys didn't have to embarrass us and I'm sure they could've. We did it on our own.
  20. Coleman is way too impatient and he lacks vision. That's what makes Freeman so good, I miss him.
  21. Obviously, in the last 4 games against them we’re 1-3. That’s unacceptable.
  22. I hope he will but my gut feeling tells me he won’t.