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  1. The Vikings always play us tough so we knew going in this would be a battle.
  2. They just need to settle down.
  3. This whole saga has been hilarious.
  4. I think the Falcons made a mistake picking up his 5th year option but I’m not gonna go crazy over him missing voluntary OTA’s. If Quinn is fine with it, then it’s fine.
  5. It’s not a given that he’ll win one even if the draft would’ve went the way you like so bye.
  6. Textbook Dimitroff guy.
  7. I'm not grieving, I'm happy. I'm tired of getting beat up front.
  8. Worth every penny
  9. Good luck Coleman! Not upset the Falcons didn't retain him. I think the Freeman/Ito combo will be great. I was never a fan of Tevin's running style (runs too tall imo) and his balance and vision are subpar. His weaknesses are Free's greatest strengths. Free is everything you would want in a rb. I'm happy the FO is giving him the opportunity to heal and rebound. I can't to see him back on the field.
  10. If Alford can rebound from his poor play and be the corner he was 2 years ago the Cards will get a gem. Sometimes a change of scenery is all we need. Best of luck to him.
  11. Alford gave me one of the best memories as a Falcons fan with the int SB51. I wish him the best of luck with his new team.
  12. McVay and the oline let Goff down. Goff was awful tonight no doubt but why not try to establish the run more to take a little pressure off Goff. That oline performance was laughable. Their defense did all they do but was a total failure on the offensive side.
  13. Definitely salt in their wounds because the Saints could've beaten the Pats and they blew their chance.
  14. So only NFC East teams have an answer for the Pats in the SB smh
  15. Truly incredible what the Pats have been able to do. 6 rings wow.
  16. That's game.
  17. James White put the dagger through our hearts that night smh.
  18. I thought Goff was better than this. He's not giving his team a chance.
  19. Rams aren't gonna win this game sadly.
  20. What's wrong with Gurley?
  21. I was gonna participate in the festivities either way. I went to Centennial Park last night and I had so much fun. I encourage all those in Atlanta go down there one day this week. There’s a ton of free stuff planned.
  22. Playoff Pats are a completely different animal. Despite what they do in the regular season you never count them out in the postseason. Brady wins #6 in two weeks.
  23. Saints vs Pats coming
  24. Can't stand Mike Thomas