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  1. I'm excited to see how Ulbrich does. He has a heck of a task today though.
  2. Hello beautiful people! Are yall ready to have a great time today?
  3. Father Time claims another victim. Hate it had to end this way.
  4. No players that have domestic violence allegations/charges. Absolutely not. I'd take a killer or two though, as long as their victim(s) were men.
  5. Screw this game, we're gonna get killed. But I'll always make time for Saints hate week.
  6. I thought Kazee's main issue was his undisciplined play. Turns out he completely sucks. Super disappointed in him. Hopefully a new coach can coach him up. Oliver I won't complain about. I think time and a new coach would serve him well.
  7. Hindsight is a *****. No one saw us falling off this hard so fast under Quinn. Firing Quinn would've been an emotional reaction and you don't fire a coach that has taken your organization to the SB for the 2nd time in it's existence. We ALL assumed our roster was strong enough to go back the next year. It wasn't and now we're here. Blank has a chance to make this right and go find a diamond in the rough that can become a Kyle Shanahan minus blowing it in the SB.
  8. I wasn't upset with losing Coleman and I'm not upset that he's producing now. I've always been a fan of Freeman over Coleman and I think at his best Freeman is a better back. Unfortunately I was wrong about Freeman bouncing back and it is time to move on but I don't think Coleman is the guy for us either. He's with the coach he should be with and I'm happy that both are doing well. *shrugs*
  9. I’ve changed my mind. Firing Quinn right now would be a bad idea. It might inspire these losers to win a game or two and we cannot do that. #TankForChase.
  10. What in the world is the offense doing? Stop moving the ball!!!
  11. Mariah got the hits though. I mean it ain't like Future's getting them inspired these days so why Mariah?
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