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  1. Falcons waving the white towel.
  2. I was just thinking this and this will more than likely happen lol.
  3. Matt Ryan is going to get ate up this week and he deserves it.
  4. Jesus Matt Ryan, you're too old for this.
  5. Thielen is as expected a tough match up for young Oliver. I won't blame him for the beating he's taking today. It won't be the last, he'll get better.
  6. New half, hopefully we'll get a quick 3 and out here
  7. Looks like a concussion for Gage.
  8. You know I'll chalk this game up to Zimmer continuing his dominance against us. No way we're this bad.
  9. Yikes. Well this has been an *** kicking so far. I hope they can regroup in the locker room. No doubt we're losing this game but I would like to see some fight. Hopefully that's not too much to ask.
  10. If Quinn is fired Dimitroff better go with him. No way should he survive this.
  11. Vikings offense is fast, goodness.
  12. Oliver is going to go through his trials and it's going to suck but it's what will make him better in the long run. Be patient with him.
  13. Vikings got a lot of speed on their team.
  14. This is hard to watch and I'm afraid the Vikings got us too shook to overcome this. Oh well, we can only get better from here. If not, it's gonna be a loooooong year.
  15. Welp that was cute while it lasted
  16. We have no answer for Zimmer's Vikings. What a shame.
  17. It pisses me off when Julio is on the sideline.
  18. I love Freeman and I'm happy he's back.