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  1. This is the combination of poor coaching and low football IQ. As embarrassing as it is they can't stop now. We have a top 5 draft pick to secure so keep sucking.
  2. This is a combination of poor coaching, bad drafting, players not developing, players regressing, inconsistent play and high staff turnover. Quinn is to blame and he'll lose his job over it. However, the biggest issue in our building is Thomas Dimitroff. This team is top heavy with no depth, this has been an issue long before got DQ here.
  3. Absolutely, he's the first person I'd fire. His inability to put together a offensive or defensive line in the 11 years he's been here is a problem. Bad drafting, bad FA contracts is his part of this whole mess. He doesn't deserve the opportunity to fix it because he hasn't proven that he can.
  4. Agreed. People here are still buying into TD's "Patriot way" bs and they've absolved him of blame labeling him a contract guy. TD's handprints are all over this mess of a team and he needs to be fired. He survived Smith's departure, he can't escape this one.
  5. See you beautiful people next week where we'll cheer our team to 1-7.
  6. Everybody should be available. No one should be safe on this team.
  7. I'm fine with trading him now for some type of compensation. Sanu won't be on this team next year and we need the picks.
  8. Idc if all TD does is "sign contracts" or whatever it is yall say he does. He can go do it for another team.
  9. They can honestly trade and fire any and everyone at this point. The Falcons stock is so low I don't what it's going to take to get this fanbase excited again. This team is awful and boring from top to bottom. All this team is doing is getting older. Our Superbowl window closed February 5, 2017 when James White scored. Burn it down.
  10. First time checking in on the game and you guys have told me all I needed to know and I haven't even checked the score yet.
  11. The SB window closed for this team February 5, 2017. Burn it down and start over. Another year wasted and another year older.
  12. Our already awful defense hasn't been able to rest. This is a mess.
  13. I'm not upset about Duke leaving. He wasn't much of a player anyway so if he goes and develops into a formidable player with the Eagles then good for him.
  14. They should go ahead and fire Quinn now. First half of the season is done and we're headed towards 1-3. There is nothing else here that he needs to show us. Let DK be the interim HC for the remainder of the season.
  15. Matt just got us back for cutting him in the first place lmao.
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