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  1. Are the Panthers really gonna trade Cam and stick with that QB?
  2. I wouldn't go that far now. Because of familiarity divisional games are usually like this. I need to see this team play well and beat an AFC team first.
  3. I knew all Oliver needed was proper coaching. People on this board don't give players time to develop.
  4. Vikings or Seattle will have to finish with a worse record than us as they both hold the head to head tie breakers over us. We need to win out and a miracle like you said.
  5. It is amazing an show and Clair Foy is brilliant. She's didn't come back for season 3 and her presence is missed. The actress that took her place ain't doing it for me.
  6. I'm watching The Crown today instead of the game but I'll be popping in this thread for updates. The Jeff Ulbrich experiment is still doing well and that's good to hear. Let me find out he's getting production out of Victor Beasley Jr that Quinn was unable to.
  7. If the opportunity ever arose I'd be happy to have him here. I like a lil violence every now and then.
  8. Jimmy G was sucking all night. I'm not sure why Kyle got so pass happy their last posession in OT. Run the ball. Kyle's ego bit him again but at least they weren't as ****** by his stupid decisions than we were. Wanted him gone then and I don't want him back now. I don't care how good he is. He hasn't shown he's capable of making good decisions in big moments.
  9. 49ers fans should be worried. I wouldn't trust Jimmy G come playoff time.
  10. 49ers defense did all they could.
  11. Do not Zlet Jimmy G throw the ball
  12. What the heck is he doing?! Hes dishelved!!
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