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  1. Happy for the Titans. The year the Pats arent in the mix would be the year we're out lol.
  2. Ravens were disappointing tonight. Just flat all around
  3. Blank should've sat on his decision until after this game lol.
  4. Jesus I wish this team would've won Febuary 5, 2017.
  5. Franchise has been bad to mediocre for its existence. I'd be satisfied with what I got because I'm used to not getting much.
  6. I don't think he has to go but I think it's time to start looking for his successor this draft or 2021 draft.
  7. McGary will learn. Cam has been a one man wrecking crew against our line since he was drafted. Virtually unstoppable. Kaleb's performance against him two weeks ago was promising and he should be proud of that. I hope he gets over this one quickly. Cam is a tough go but Kaleb will be alright.
  8. I'll hold my position on Blank until I see what he does with Dimitroff this offseason.
  9. Where you going? Congrats on the win and the division and have a safe flight!
  10. Falcons fans be careful, there's a huge fight on the promenade right now.
  11. Matt was awful tonight, that cannot be denied. However you gotta admit the oline, running game and Koetter didnt help him out. I'm not making excuses by any means I get both sides but there's a lot of things that contribute to Matt's issues. Matt is frustrating to watch at times and he's had a frustrating year. I do think the Falcons should look at drafting next year to groom for 2022 or 23. But they gotta fix the lines or it will be rinse, wash and repeat with the next QB.
  12. We talked plenty mess about Cam being shut down last game but as we all know that was an anomaly. He usually wrecks our oline.
  13. People are exiting in droves. I don't know what Blank's marketing strategy will be to get butts in the seats next season but good luck convincing fans pay to watch a team with 1 home win so far. This team has been dreadful in the new stadium.
  14. Yeah those that get mad when people bash Matt Ryan might want to log off the internet for the night or longer. It's alright...
  15. Matt is gonna be the butt of so many jokes for that stuff arm. Yikes.
  16. I'm here at the game surrounded by the already annoying Saints fans. I have no expectations for tonight. We lose it's cool because bad teams lose. If we win sweeping the Saints would be the cherry on top of a crap season. I would feel more confident had Lattimore been out along with Julio but he's not. If he locks Ridley down it might get ugly. Hopefully we run well tonight, but I won't hold my breath. Anyway Happy Thanksgiving guys!!
  17. I think the criticism for Quinn is valid and seeing how the defense is performing now should raise even more questions. Just what in the heck was he doing with that unit the first 8 weeks of the season?
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