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  1. Keep fighting Slappy, we have a championship to celebrate in February. My prayers are with you.
  2. I said people are saying our third round pick is a steal. You replied and now I'm confused.
  3. what do you mean we just drafted him.
  4. Not talking about the stains qb, our rb
  5. Lotta people are calling him a steal
  6. Please don't let this young man be a bust
  7. We better not take a freaking running back here
  8. TD about to prove he's a man of his word and take Shane Ray lol
  9. I say trade down
  10. TD coming through with the stunner
  11. Oregon QB's LOL.... Bust
  12. Winston and Mariota will both bust. Yuck
  13. A LB that's torn his ACL.... twice.
  14. A LB that's coming off his 2nd ACL tear. I think trading for McCoy was a great move
  15. El oh El
  16. Let's not act like we're letting a dominant LB walk this isn't the case. Weatherspoon is average at best and has given us nothing the past 2 years.
  17. You beat me to this and I'm mad about it lol.
  18. I'm really starting to think that Smith doesn't understand the importance of the rivalry with the Saints. I might be reaching and ASSuming a bit here but the one sided dominance by the Saints against us suggest otherwise. The Saints are in the Falcons head. The Saints know it, fans know it, Falcons know it and you know it. And do you know what's so sad about that? The Falcons can't do anything about it. It's sad what's become of this "rivalry" smh
  19. Sup Bucman, are you ready to rock the red and black?