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  1. Good. He's done nothing to deserve a 5th year.
  2. Don't know anything about the kid but Twitter calling him Robert Alford 2.0.
  3. That's TD and his needs based drafting for you. Yall should be used to it by now lol.
  4. Congrats to him. Hopefully Tennessee can get more out of him than we could. If he goes there and explodes I don't want to hear anyone complain because we gave Vic more chances that he should've been given and he gave us nothing in the end. It was time for a change.
  5. Good for him. Always go for the money.
  6. I'm not freaked out about losing Hooper. I guess I view TE's as a plug and play position that's not worth investing a lot of money into. Hooper is good but I'm not sure if he's 10-13 million a year good. I wish we would've traded him and got some value in return.
  7. Blank needs to get some scouts and a GM that doesn't suck at evaluating and drafting DE's quickly. This nightmare has to end. It's unbelievable how we keep failing at this position year after year.
  8. This is a bittersweet feeling. I hate that we didn't have our moment 3 years ago. Sucks.
  9. Andy finally gets his ring. Happy for him and the Chiefs fans.
  10. Kyle still ain't learned a **** thing from 3 years ago. You hate to see it.
  11. I wanted the Chiefs to win this but I knew they'd have a time with 49ers defensive line. They're dominating.
  12. Until Blank gets serious about getting someone in Flowery Branch that can actually draft lineman or are capable of coaching up the ones we have this team will stay steps behind.
  13. I want the Chiefs to win but my heart says the 49ers run game and defense will be too much for Chiefs to handle.
  14. Titans fans shouldn't feel bad about the loss. The Chiefs are a great team and when Mahomes is on he's darn near impossible to stop. I hope the Chiefs win it all.
  15. Oh I totally forgot that we suck against the AFC lol.
  16. Ravens need wide receivers and linebackers.
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