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  1. Going 9-7 would be a nice story but it still wouldn't get us in. 49ers Packers Saints Cowboys Minnesota Seattle Seattle and Minnesota would have to collapse and we have to win out. Yesterday was promising but it's too late.
  2. The likelyhood of this happening is slim anyway.
  3. You know what I'm not even mad.
  4. This is a bittersweet feeling. We can kiss Chase Young goodbye but I want to beat those swamp rats. I want them to be embarrassed about losing to a 1-7 team lmao.
  5. Never met a hoe I didn't like.
  6. We already have issues a punter and now look. Ugh
  7. Saints will have a QB controversy if they lose.
  8. Blank needs to fire DQ after this game for making this move too late.
  9. Brian Baldinger will have a lot to say about that sack. Grady fought through 3 linemen to get to Brees. Brian will nut watching it.
  10. Yep... I'm enjoying watching our team play well but we know how this ends. Hopefully we win though. I hate the Saints.
  11. Thanks special teams for giving that team a short field. Sigh...
  12. Saints fans will be screaming for Teddy soon.
  13. Kazee's arm is flapping like mine did when I broke it. It hurt so bad.
  14. I'm excited to see how Ulbrich does. He has a heck of a task today though.