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  1. The Falcons shouldn't even bother playing him this season. It won't matter.
  2. He said it, I heard it too.
  3. Doubtful but I love the optimism.
  4. Lock this thread and delete it.
  5. 0-3 vs the AFC North after today.
  6. Wr's even looked silly even with the penalty on them.
  7. We have time to come back but will we?
  8. No need to bring Deion back now, shut him down for the season.
  9. That crowd is rowdy now
  10. Good thing we won't see the Browns for another 3-4 years after today.
  11. lmaooooooo alright maybe next week.
  12. Yep, the Falcons are getting their ***** thoroughly kicked right now.