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  1. Playoff Pats are a completely different animal. Despite what they do in the regular season you never count them out in the postseason. Brady wins #6 in two weeks.
  2. Saints vs Pats coming
  3. Can't stand Mike Thomas
  4. Remember when I said this was a bad matchup for the Eagles last week? Do far I'm feeling pretty stupid.
  5. That's the 2nd Eagles player that have put their nuts in Kamara's face lol.
  6. I like the way Smallwood runs
  7. What was Lattimore doing there lol
  8. Foles loves the playoffs. I'd trade Wentz if I were them.
  9. If noodle arm would've put a wee bit more air under that ball it Ginn would've scored.
  10. I hope the next game is better than this one.
  11. Not sure why anyone trusted the Chargers against the Patriots who have owed them for darn near a decade. The Pats are a completely different animal in the playoffs.
  12. Some of yall owe DLed an apology lol. Welcome back Dirk and Mularkey!
  13. Cool, get that oline fixed and let's get ready for a sb run next year. And if we fail again, you won't have to complain about DK because he'll be leaving with DQ.
  14. Bye... I hate the Saints matchup for the Eagles.