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  1. Absolutely because even with every thing you listed having Julio Jones on our team makes us a lot better than not having him.
  2. Julio Jones being Julio Jones is all the leverage he needs. Falcons need to cut the check.
  3. I support all players that want more money. Get yours Julio.
  4. Get your money Julio
  5. Cautiously optimistic
  6. You’re not the same Jedi?! Well why did you come back on the board then? Just kidding old man, welcome back.
  7. They like tigers and elephants more, sorry dogs.
  8. On paper we look good offensively but I'm not sold on our lines on both sides.
  9. I like DJ Moore more than Ridley but he wasn’t an option so I’m cool with what we got.
  10. I’m so happy we play opening night! I’m leaving on cruise that weekend and was sad that I was gonna miss the opener Sunday. Yay!!!
  11. He pushed an elderly person to the ground and no one got it on camera? I’ll be watching this one closely.
  12. I think you know what he means by our players.
  13. Good. Austin Hooper needs to be given a chance to fully develop.
  14. A lot of these teams are better on paper but being better on paper doesn’t always translate to the field.