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  1. People are getting behind this Jags team, Jalen Ramsey is a favorite. I hope they pull it off next week.
  2. Keenum, Coles, Bortles and Brady. Wow lol
  3. Too bad for the NFC South. If we couldn't make it, no one could. Come sit on the couch.
  4. Djdidodxkxhcizlzmxickmzndbxkx
  5. Oh well Vikings.
  6. Brees delivers in big moments, this unbelievable.
  7. #FlyEaglesFly lol
  8. Situational football
  9. Vikings been blowing leads longer than us.
  10. Oh well
  11. Pls defend the sideline Vikings
  12. Don't **** this up.
  13. Oh ****
  14. The outcome of the game depends on Case Keenum. Say that slowly.