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  1. Glad it's over so now we as fans and the franchise can move on. I wish Julio well, it was a pleasure watching him play.
  2. Pats gave us a 2nd for Sanu, surely getting a 1st for a WR whose still top 5 in his position even with injuries isn't out of the question. If the Falcons even think about taking a 2nd or lower it has to be because we're getting a premiere defensive player in return and I don't see a team giving that up so it's a 1st or move along.
  3. I liked how Julio got the Cowboys though. I want to go to a winner, no Cowboys not y'all lol.
  4. I might be in the minority with my thinking but I didn't expect this team to win a lot this year with Julio and they won't win many without so there's no rabbit Smith has to pull out of his hat without Julio. I think next year and beyond we'll be fine.
  5. That's fine. If he no longer wants to be here, trade him. Idc.
  6. Good for Neal. I hate that injuries derailed him here but I'm happy he found a new team quickly. Neal and his wife are lovely people.
  7. I can't even hate Brady, dude is the goat. I just hate that we're apart of his legacy that will be discussed for years to come.
  8. Wow, me saying Mahomes got an arm on him deserved all this? Ya'll gotta relax. 😂😂
  9. I feel bad for the Chiefs and their fans. Being down 2 starting Tackles against the Bucs dline is a tall task.
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