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    gkgrimes reacted to BCEagleATLFalcon in This one was on injuries today....but DQ is out of passes   
    Nope. Not buying it. You should be able to hold a 4th quarter 3 possession lead with ANY professional football players. 
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    gkgrimes reacted to Club212 in POLL - Should Dan Quinn Be Fired Immediately After Game 3 vs. the Bears?   
    NO, he should have been fired after 28-3....now this team should be called..."can you top this" in blowing leads!
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    gkgrimes reacted to ROMERO in Trade Matt Ryan   
    Might as well. He will never get the love and respect from this fanbase. He had his faults today but defense failed us yet again. 
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    gkgrimes reacted to KRUNKuno in Where are you Ryan apologists at now?!   
    Oh what about the pass that hit Brian Hill clean in the hands that would’ve been a third down conversion on a drive that was looking positive?
    Matt should’ve caught that
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    gkgrimes reacted to Ergo Proxy in Where are you Ryan apologists at now?!   
    No. Z pulled up and under ran his route. And, on the Ridley play he was hit and Calvin held. Everyone actually so quick to blame Matt for every or any incompletion just proves their bias.
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    gkgrimes reacted to 408Falcon in Where are you Ryan apologists at now?!   
    Yeah those 4 points from Koo would have helped a little. 
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    gkgrimes reacted to KRUNKuno in Where are you Ryan apologists at now?!   
    We literally have to score 50 pts a game since Matt Ryan has been on this team.  There’s something fundamentally wrong with that.
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    gkgrimes reacted to falcon1fan in Where are you Ryan apologists at now?!   
    you just have to realize at some point it's always mats fault with some fans. I guess if he put up 50 points a week we could win some games and no one would criticize. Just ridiculous he's the least odd the falcons issues
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    gkgrimes reacted to KRUNKuno in Where are you Ryan apologists at now?!   
    Gonna call bs on this.
    How do you, as a coach, not know how to run the clock down?
    How do you, as a defensive coach, not have a good defense?
    Why do you, as a talent evaluator, not know that your field goal kicker is garbage?
    How do you, as a coach, abandon the run game when you had 140+ yards on the ground?
    But it’s going to fall on Matt Ryan. 
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    gkgrimes reacted to socalriseup in Where are you Ryan apologists at now?!   
    2 of his best receivers gone, not running the ball at all with a lead. Playing horrible defense. All Matt's fault
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    gkgrimes reacted to nomak in Where are you Ryan apologists at now?!   
    Yeah! Ryan allowed 2 come back wins in 2 weeks. 
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    gkgrimes reacted to FalconofShadows in Dante Fowler played hurt against Cowboys, status in doubt vs. Bears   
    So the defense will probably be all backups..welp its not like the defense can get any worse sooooo
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    gkgrimes reacted to octoslash in Average Score In Losses Since 2017   
    Come on.  The problem is Matt Ryan and you know it! 
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    gkgrimes reacted to FinalScore2.0 in Is it time to trade Julio   
    Has anyone ever tried baked salmon with walnut sauce?
    I heard about it but it sounds like a crazy combination.
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    gkgrimes reacted to AxManBigFan in Is it time to trade Julio   
    2 games into the season, he put up 157 yards in the first game. We are not trading Julio, that’s just stupid.
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    gkgrimes reacted to The Great American in Will Dan Quinn get fired if we go 0-3   
    He shouldn't get fired for going 0-3. He should get fired for having a historically bad defense since defense is his forte. 
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    gkgrimes reacted to Sun Tzu 7 in Did Quinn say anything worth hearing at his press conference?   
    Unless he said “I resign” then no
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    gkgrimes reacted to Run 'n' Shoot in Caption This Picture   
    None of them are in the picture to be captioned.
    You are correct though, all those bums deserve the roasting the media is going to give them this week.
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    gkgrimes reacted to falcon4life404 in Dennard is trash   
    I Hope you talking about Aj Terrell Cause Oliver got beat like drum and Allen,and Neal where trash in coverage
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    gkgrimes reacted to Sipifalcon in Dennard is trash   
    What in the world were u watching he was the most solid DB out there!
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    gkgrimes reacted to dmo_dlo in Dennard is trash   
    What game were you watching?
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    gkgrimes reacted to mtldirtybird in Dennard is trash   
    I thought he was solid yesterday, made a ton of plays on 3rd down
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    gkgrimes reacted to MilleniumFalcon in McGary injury not as serious as feared - Out 1 week   
    The offensive line didn't miss a beat when Gono came in. 
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    gkgrimes reacted to Ghosts of Glanville in How big does a Falcons lead have to be....   
    Let’s see. . . It takes about 6 seconds to recover an onside kick and roughly ten seconds for a 65 yard pass.  
    since two point conversions aren’t timed downs, I’m comfortable if we come out of halftime up by 901
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    gkgrimes reacted to PriMeTiiMe in How big does a Falcons lead have to be....   
    I'd rather it be a close game so we can't play conservative. Give us a lead over 10 and it's got blown written all over it.
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