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  1. Me and my people are wanting to bring our tailgate down to Tampa for the last game of the season. But we don't know how the tailgate works there. We have a massive set up here in Atlanta at the stadium. but we will probably only bring 1/3 of it. I have looked online and cant really find anything. we plan on possibly getting three spots, one for our Dj and two for everyone else. Can anyone point me to a lot( stadium related or private owned) that we could look at. Thanks in advance.
  2. nah its not that bad. we can still beat the swac and meac. lmmfao
  3. we have the 10th ranked offense in the NFL but we also have the 120 ranked defense in the NCAA. Bucs win by 17.
  4. im positive we still gonna tailgate no matter what the record is. just means less traffic to fight on the way home. ijs.
  5. **** the braves. since they moved to cobb without the though of the vets out here with PTSD that had to or are in the process of moving because of the fireworks all times of night. along with the extra traffic, which was already bad here. I could care less if they won anything.
  6. favorite comment so far If Ron has any sort of sack on him, he will send Reid out in the victory formation at the end of games
  7. what in the frosted flakes. i have no clue what this FO is doing.
  8. you win the day
  9. http://www.nfl.com/player/ryanfitzpatrick/2506581/careerstats http://www.nfl.com/player/mattryan/310/careerstats
  10. you cant make the game safer. Athletes are getting bigger and stronger every year. its a contact sport, you should expect to get hit in a contact sport.
  11. ijs. if everything stays the same except for the first two things. we dont need a td in the last minute inside the redzone.
  12. this is true. I wasn't going to include the bad calls. cause ya know. it was a lot.
  13. its boils down to this #1. kick the field goal instead of going for it on 4th down +3 #2. don't miss the extra point +1 #3 down by two in the 4th qtr as time expires. only need a FG to win.
  14. i don't know why yall don't think kazee wont be fine. hes gonna do what is asked of him. does he hit like neal, no. but that's a good thing. I think he created more turnovers. its the first game. calm down.
  15. Giants on Monday night.