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  1. Thought he retired after he ripped up his knee in practice one year.
  2. agreed
  3. dude this board is not as popping as it use to be. but we tailgate in a private lot across the street from the MBS on the northside drive side. its on northside and bestwick. I don't know if they are perfect. but it works for us. runs about $50 per spot. don't know how much they charge for anything bigger than a truck though.
  4. missed that one..what did it say?
  5. yeah, i knew i could count on this board.
  6. just making sure. i came here and didnt see anything, and 90% of the time i see it here before it gets mentioned in the news.
  7. JJ has deleted all Falcons pics and made his account private...wth http://www.totalprosports.com/2018/04/23/possibly-traded-julio-jones-put-fans-in-a-frenzy-after-he-unfollows-everyone-deletes-all-falcons-related-pictures/
  8. Dixie hills here. was in the zone to go to Turner....mom made me go to Douglass. I feel ya on ya comments guy...
  9. nice
  10. Do you tailgate before and during the games? i run a Falcons tailgate and we were thinking about doing some soccer games this upcoming season. But seeing how we are new to soccer, we dont know if it feasible to do a full blowout tailgate.
  11. Rams, cause one of my friends is from St Louis and it would peeved him off....
  12. check your inbox
  13. i think our game will be before the saints game. with the way we have been playing, its a high possibility that we could loose this game, which would make the saints / bucs game a better choice for the night game.
  14. Anyone know if next weeks game will be flexed? since so much hangs in the balance.
  15. it was real. very real. we saw it while we were tailgating yesterday. it flew around for about an hour and a half.