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  1. actually we split off and I run my own now, not too big. the others don't tailgate anymore
  2. yeah I would have told em the same. smh....
  3. yeah I met some Fans from Green bay at tailgating and they were sweating like they ran a marathon. all I could say was welcome to GA, laugh, then throw back shots at 8 they were still out on the streets trying to get to the game. traffic layout is horrible.
  4. yeah, I couldn't remember where I got it from. I had a lot from superfan before he left the board.
  5. tried to get it all in one shot....didn't work. these are old. thought I had pics of the updated one...so lazy.
  6. we have one. email me at Gerard.grimes1972@gmail.com put tailgate in the subject.
  7. I honestly think these two try to see who can hit the hardest
  8. pay attention to the structure of the entire sentence. maybe you should have fixated on the multiple o's I had in so. if this insults your intelligence then maybe you should venture towards another message board.
  9. sooo the steelers move up after almost loosing to Cleveland but we move down after almost loosing to Chicago.
  10. there is an entire planet of chewies...han can find another!!! hmmmmmmm......more like partner in crime