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  1. contact me.....gerard.grimes1972@gmail.com
  2. check your inbox!
  3. you know I was skeptical about this, one person posted this in one of the Falcons facebook groups. Wasn't sure if it was legit. do you have to have tickets to be considered a superfan though?
  4. Vs.the dolphins...Get at me for details.
  5. so what does that make the browns? nope
  6. all are welcome
  7. tell em to come see me....
  8. redzone has saved the buttons on my remote from going out. just sit back and watch.
  9. This guy at work just said Freeman is not a power back, that he is a finesse back. can yall post some highlights to prove that he is the powerback I speak of.
  10. actually we split off and I run my own now, not too big. the others don't tailgate anymore
  11. yeah I would have told em the same. smh....
  12. wait....what? no way
  13. yeah I met some Fans from Green bay at tailgating and they were sweating like they ran a marathon. all I could say was welcome to GA, laugh, then throw back shots at 8 they were still out on the streets trying to get to the game. traffic layout is horrible.