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  1. Offense: Jeff Van Note - Mike Kenn - Julio - Ryan Defense: Humphrey - Tuggle - Nobis - Sanders Overall: Tuggle - Nobis - Sanders - Ryan
  2. man i feel ya. i dont start looking at college qbs until at least game 7 of the season.
  3. welp. time to get the tailgate warmed up and ready.
  4. in no particular order Tommy Nobis Jeff Van Note William Andrews Deion Sanders Jessie Tuggle Mike Kenn Matt Ryan Gerald Riggs Claude Humphrey Roddy White
  5. Cause Quinn wasn't the defensive genius people thought he was. he benefitted from a system and players already established in Seattle.
  6. one of the people i am surprised went undrafted.
  7. exactly, been arguing with people telling them you cant trade an injured player.
  8. pretty much. i love this site, cause you can look at entire careers of athletes if they played during the same time.
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