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  1. exactly, been arguing with people telling them you cant trade an injured player.
  2. pretty much. i love this site, cause you can look at entire careers of athletes if they played during the same time.
  3. use this as you see fit https://nflcomparisons.com/andrew-luck-vs-matt-ryan-comparisons/
  4. now i could go for that. give he complete control
  5. love how people are pointing out Julio being on the hands team and didn't go for the ball. even though Sharrod Neasman, Jaeden Graham, Hayden Hurst and Olamide Zaccheaus literally formed a circle jerk around it. one of them SHOULD have gotten it first. this boils down to bad coaching. even in pee wee football, you are taught to jump on the ball during an onside kick if you are receiving.
  6. he should not make to to georgia as coach. he just needs to stay in dallas and look for a job
  7. i figured a picture would speak more. i had to dig one out, made me realize i need an updated pic
  8. Two personalized (one red one throwback black) two Ryan (one red one black) m Turner red A Crumpler white D Sanders white throwback J Anderson white
  9. man i know you go through it. my friend brian is a gym rat. but the way my joins work. more power to ya.
  10. what do you eat? truck tires and small mammals. jesus.
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