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  1. i was there...total dominance. they were not expecting us that day.
  2. how about we loose to the Steelers and beat the Cowboys. I already have a bet on that game...
  3. Can I ask a serious question. I'm just wondering, everyone on here saying that this is disrespectful to vets. Do you find it disrespectful that 22 vets per day commit suicide? Do you find it disrespectful the there are thousands of vets living on the streets? Do you find it disrespectful that there are vets who suffer from PTSD so bad, that they cant hold down jobs. Do you care that there are vets who spend years on the wait list at the VA for healthcare. Do you care that there are vets who cant get jobs because they are seen as damaged goods? Do you care that when some vets come back from war, they are so shell shocked, that they lose everything? Their wives/husbands, kids, houses. What do you do when that homeless vet walks up to you on the street asking for change? Do you talk to him, find out his story, try to help him, or just turn up your nose? If you are not doing anything to help the vets that are needing your assistance. If you are not standing up for them when they are struggling. If you are not reaching out to them at their lowest point. Then why do you care about them during football? You are either all in to help or just giving lip service.
  4. I do believe I said that it was your right. Which, by all means, exercise it. And you can like and dislike who you want. The bottom line is, this is not disrespectful to the flag. What IS disrespectful to the flag, just some examples, and let us know if you do any of this.... 1. Wearing the flag pattern as clothing...I.E. hats, shirts, shorts, swimsuits.. 2. Carrying the flag flat...FYI, they do this before EVERY football game. 3. Any item that is disposable should not have the flag patter. You know, cups, plates, napkins...ya normal 4th of July things... 4. Advertising with the flag. seen those commercials with the flag in the background..yeah 5. Flag uniforms. No including patches. But the flag pattern actually used as a design. 6. Letting the flag touch anything below it. Look at the games closely. When they are done with the anthem. they put the flag over in the endzone...ON THE GROUND. Go look at the US Flag Code and show me where it says kneeling is disrespectful to the flag. Find my anything that says kneeling is disrespectful to the anthem. Taking a knee has always been a sign of reverence, not disrespect. Biblically and historically, genuflecting symbolizes a plea for a new relationship.
  5. you sir. brought humor to a post that was needed. Salute
  6. And speaking as a person who also served this country. I think you forgot the reason for our service. Neither of us, or anyone that has put on a military uniform, signed up to defend the anthem. We served to defend the constitution and the PEOPLE of this nation. The flag is just what its has always been, a symbol of the country. When did you forget that this country was built on protest and rebellion, among other things. Just like you have the right to feel disrespected, they have the right to take a protest.
  7. They never did. To all that say this is disrespectful to the Military. Which by the way its not...show me in our oath (USMC 93-01) where is says we defend the flag or anthem... I, (state name of enlistee), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." This has been spun out of context by the "racist" and "fake patriots". This was NEVER about the flag or the anthem...ever. And to say protest on your own time, they are not on the clock until that whistle blows. So the next time you want to get mad at the players for kneeling, think about this... 1. are you standing at attention with your hand over your heart when you are at home and the game comes on? 2. when at a game and you are getting your snacks, do you stop? No? 3. when you are at the bar, do you make everyone stop drinking and being social with each other? IJS...instead of worrying about whether its disrespectful, worry about WHY they are doing it. And its not just about minorities, cause I have seen the fair skinned people get dragged just as bad. No one worries about disrespecting the Vets that are living on the streets, so why care about them taking a knee? No one cares about the 22 vets that commit suicide daily, so why worry about them taking a knee? No one worries about the Vets that are on a waiting list for medicine at the VA, so why worry about them taking a knee? No one cares about Vets at any point, WHY NOT? You don't want to see it. Look away, just like you do at all the other wrongs in this country. So please, stop confusing your racism with patriotism. Rise Up.
  8. Get at me for Tailgating. I run a nice one. Good food...good music..TV….Drinks....if you are going in or staying out, message me. We do EVERY home game.

  9. Thought he retired after he ripped up his knee in practice one year.
  10. agreed
  11. dude this board is not as popping as it use to be. but we tailgate in a private lot across the street from the MBS on the northside drive side. its on northside and bestwick. I don't know if they are perfect. but it works for us. runs about $50 per spot. don't know how much they charge for anything bigger than a truck though.
  12. missed that one..what did it say?
  13. yeah, i knew i could count on this board.
  14. just making sure. i came here and didnt see anything, and 90% of the time i see it here before it gets mentioned in the news.
  15. JJ has deleted all Falcons pics and made his account private...wth http://www.totalprosports.com/2018/04/23/possibly-traded-julio-jones-put-fans-in-a-frenzy-after-he-unfollows-everyone-deletes-all-falcons-related-pictures/