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  1. man i know you go through it. my friend brian is a gym rat. but the way my joins work. more power to ya.
  2. what do you eat? truck tires and small mammals. jesus.
  3. yup, that made me chuckle. but im sure he still has some family that post here. just from reading some of the things that get posted makes me wonder.
  4. im still here. just dont say much. just like sitting back and watching all the shenanigans.
  5. do not try to reason with the "i have black friends" guy. oh, did you know there is a feature on your profile where you can ignore users, guess who i just used it on. lol
  6. im almost 50. and i have alot of stories that people dont want to hear. this has always been a sensitive subject. especially in the south. what people need to do is not only listen, but understand what is going on. think about if you were in that spot, how would you feel. this is new to certain people and not to others.
  7. i cant remember what he said word for word. but put it like this, he deleted it almost 2 mins later
  8. to be considered on the MT Rushmore of the Falcons(for me), you first need to be in the ring of honor. ask me again when Ryan joins them. as of right now, my list is solid.
  9. Tommy Nobis Jessie Tuggle Claude Humphrey Roddy White
  10. if we are allowed, my tailgate will be up and running. if not, ill be sitting in my garage wishing i was there.
  11. i have one. but i cant ever attach files. ill try to DM it to you
  12. man we love having yall!!!! reach out to me anytime, if we are allowed, we are gonna get down this year again...
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