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  1. I did see that the corners of premium club were still available, but the guy im going with is a Broncos fan and when they came to town we said we wouldnt get club tickets, so when he gets back from his holiday I might have some persuading to do
  2. I'd take a D# sign but im fairly sure there will be 40 burgers put up by both
  3. My internet crashed as I was buying tickets on the 4th row on top tier.....Had to settle for some cheap ones (£45/$65) as the lower sideline and upper sideline low rows were all sold out.(the £105 and £70 seats) I doubt anyone will be close but I'll be in BK 534 row 15 If any get sent back after the February sales in the states I'll be looking to hop back in and buy some upgrades
  4. Tickets go on a general sale, its like buying tickets to a concert or a festival, bit of a game of luck hoping that the website doesn't crash on you and that you get what you want. Then there is a second sale, its just about being online when they are released...although I think the teams do special offers involving flights etc. although if they are anything like the trips to the USA for a game for the UK I would check up on prices because its usually a lot cheaper to organise it yourself. However you can buy Club Wembley tickets seperately, usually for about £120, so thats about $200...they are the best seats and on the smaller 2nd tier.
  5. I think its got to the stage that people realise how good Boise are and the media hype around them would mean that when someone beats them they get recognition for beating a good team, it might not do much for the computer rankings but it would for the human polls
  6. I know someone who got spun around and ran into his endzone before realising, but atleast he made it back for only a -20 yard play
  7. Everyone has that same problem, if Beamer can't get his guys up for the big opening then I;m sure he has enough sway to go to the AD and say he doesn't want a big time first game
  8. I want Boise to win..then maybe they can face a big dog in a bowl and we get a real answer as to what they can do
  9. I;d add Ryan Mallett..although im tempted to add someone across the O-line On D either Ahmad Black or Patrick Peterson, probably go Peterson though.
  10. She literally has to look at all levels from elementary school upwards (passed on response) At that level are people on scholorships? If not is there any extra support for them? Is there the opportunity to progress? for instance transfer to a higher level university?
  11. I'm trying to help a friend out who is doing their international study(remember i'm English) on American Athletics grass roots and how they are organised and funded, and as this includes university level i figured here would be the best place. I already explained the bits i know about like scholorships but outside of that i don't know a whole lot so can anyone help out. These are the points that need to be addressed what support and provision there is for grassroots (elementary school -> highschool / local clubs). Schools competition structure, e.g. interschool/state events Are there any sport camps that focus on track and field and how kids can go about getting onto them Funding for the camps/competitions(both of the organisers and competitors) Hope that makes sense, and any help is muchly apprechiated
  12. It was my birthday on wednesday and none of you guys got me anything, the game isnt available in the UK so feel free to all pitch in and buy it me and then send it over
  13. People who think have the Packers or Cards of last year WR esc. depth are fooling themselves Jenkins plays his role and we wont be tradin him...we only signed him to an extension last year if Smith didn't like him he would have been a FA
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