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  1. idash great pics and thanks for posting and the same to you Greg
  2. Grimes INT for a TD or a Ryan dump off pass into the flats to Turner that he takes to the house
  3. ya that would suck to lose like that
  4. just got my college preview sports illustrated today and in the section that they have Dan Patrick Q & A session and he was talking to Brian Urlacher he asked him some questions about facing rookie QBs and hoping to face Matt Stafford and then he asked the question "Do you want him to star(in reference to Stafford)" and Brian's answer was "We like it when a rookie QB starts, unless it's Matt Ryan" I just thought it was a great comment coming from a great player
  5. im not sure thats the best for your health
  6. whoops sorry bout that but ya it was great
  7. just got my sports illustrated in the mail and they have an article in it about Tony Gonzalez. I thought it was a great read has anyone else read it? what did you think?
  8. they ranked the falcons 9 in WR/Te combos http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/9787230...-WR/TE-packages P.S. sorry if already posted
  9. ya that photo really looks like his calf, and its great to see the rookies getting their treatment
  10. i really like foxworth and i hope we sign Al but he will cost alot of money, hopefully if we do sign him we get what we pay for
  11. AH and suggs are both great players and i would love to have them on this team the problem is we could only sign one of them sotake your pick but if we don't go after any of them then maybe TD has a different plan to address those holes in the defense or maybe he see something he likes or doesn't like and also just cause they want lots of money cause they are good players doesn't make them selfish
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