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  1. Don't remind me. I was literally yelling and screaming for Smith to take out the starters before Abraham got hurt. It drastically reduced his effectiveness in the playoffs, especially against the 49ers...
  2. I was at that game and recorded it. Oh boy, what a fun time to be in the Georgia Dome, as they closed out the careers of Marshall Faulk, Orlando Pace, and the greatest show on turf by blowing the Rams' backs out on national TV. And yes, Saturday nights there hit quite differently, especially after a big win. The funniest thing I recall from watching the recording the next day was Stockton after Brady Smith nearly killed Marc Bulger by piledriving him into the endzone for a safety... 'If this was a fight, they'd stop it...'
  3. I grew up watching William Andrews play and watched every Falcon running back since then. For me, it's not even close. He literally had every tool there was, as Steve Wilson and Ronnie Lott would both painfully attest. John Madden himself said that if he his own team to start from scratch, he would be the first player he'd choose. If he had not gotten injured (thanks, Dan Henning), he'd likely have a bust in Canton right now. So yeah, Andrews has my vote...
  4. I was thinking Frank Thomas. He's back in shape after taking Nugenix. He loves it and she will too...
  5. I basically said this a year ago when Gurley was in the process of getting cut by the Rams. Please say no to this, there are plenty of backs available in the draft. And why not find out if Ollison can actually play?
  6. Just say no to bringing in Patricia. Did anyone watch that outfit in Detroit the last three years? They were literally begging Mrs. Martha to run him out of town. He's yet another fine example of what you get from New England when Uncle Bill isn't on the other end of the phone...
  7. It has a nice flavor, especially when consumed in January...
  8. Goodbye to your Super Bowl hopes, your quarterback, a chunk of your front office, cap space, and almost forgot, that stadium logo belongs to us, too. Run it...
  9. No, I'm hoping for a Bucs win to expedite my trip to buy up in advance for my grill on Super Bowl Sunday. There's no way I'm doing that with the threat of Brees and the gang playing in that game...
  10. I'm hoping so as well, if you know what I mean...
  11. I could live with this but there's no way in the ham sandwich that Najee Harris is available in the 2nd round short of him eating himself into it. And I'm pretty sure that there are younger, less expensive cornerbacks available in FA than Sherman. Well, I would hope so...
  12. No. Just no. If you're going to trade down from a top-5 pick to somewhere in the top-20, you'd better not be drafting a tight end when the one you already have is pretty good to begin with. This team has way too many holes on both sides of the line and other positions to get Pitts; that's a 2012 type of decision when Tony G was on the brink of retiring. Doing that while already having a guy in-house would be like the Chargers or Bengals trading down, only to select Mac Jones or Kyle Trask with their first pick. That makes less than no sense. Second of all, if they do trade down and e
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