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  1. 3-13 staring us in the face....
  2. Sure isn't. Bring him along slowly and have him ready for the back end of the schedule when hopefully, the boys are playing for playoff seeding and homefield advantage...
  3. It would be funny if Cutler went into a 'they could've kept me around for that' rant if/when things start going sideways for the Bears in this game, along with taking shots at their front office...
  4. Noooooooooo
  5. The song keeps calling me like crack did Chris Rock in New Jack City...
  6. Still too soon. I just had a bad feeling when Matt threw the ball to him in that situation that Harry was going to eff it up. And as far as Gabriel running that route instead, I would've settled for Stacy Bailey, Floyd Dixon, or Harry's brother Toney being thrown the ball...
  7. LOL, not them but they both run track and can probably cover ground faster than anyone of the guys mentioned...
  8. You're sure that your son could handle that? Talk about giving some tough love. But then again, if you went further back and told him about the Rankin Smith days along with showing him clips of David Archer being jack-knifed into the turf, he might need some counseling along with some electroshock therapy...
  9. Both of my daughters would look like Ray Lewis and Mike Singletary compared to how those guys covered backs and tight ends...
  10. And let's not even mention how easy it was for tight ends when they faced our team in years' past. I'm just beginning to get the vision of one 49er or Seahawk tight end after the next running wide open in the 2012 playoffs out of my head. And let's not go there with Jimmy Graham catching so many touchdowns on them while with the Saints that they had to make a rule to stop him from dunking the football and bending the goalposts...
  11. LOL, yeah we all have some serious healing to do after watching some of those guys play during the latter days of the Mike Smith era. Simple flare-outs to running backs could get you down the field in a hurry against that bunch. Today? Not so much...