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  1. I keep bringing up this game as being one of the greatest moments I ever experienced being a Falcons fan. If it wasn't the Rams, whom I couldn't stand from them always trying to run up the score back in their heyday, I would've felt sorry for the opposing team. If Matt Ryan ever wanted to complain about lack of protection in front of him, send him a tape of this game where poor Marc Bulger was literally running for his life after the snap. I thought that Brady Smith had killed him on that safety where he got that huge jump on the snap. In the second half, it was like effin TecmoBowl where the other guy predicts your play and the whole world comes blitzing. Fun times that night. Thanks for sharing...
  2. Oh, what the ****... 11-5, they hit the nos button right before playoff time, win Super Bowl beating the LA Chargers 27-20
  3. Still. Too. Soon...
  4. It was stated earlier and merits repeating. If Nobis had played for ANY team up north or a perennial SB contender like Dallas or Oakland back then, he'd had been in decades ago. And no disrespect to them (well, a little since Jackson played for the Aints), but if the likes of Rickey Jackson and Kevin Greene has had busts made in their images in Canton, Nobis should've had his own wing in the building back when VCRs were selling like fire sticks do today. And to be really honest, I don't really think that it's a 'because he played for a loser' thing as much as it is a 'we hate Atlanta' thing. I used to buy that wholeheartedly awhile ago but there is just too much film of the man in action to deny that he's one of the best to have ever played the game at his position. Besides, there are a number of guys who played on even worse expansion teams like Tampa, Seattle, and NOLA who had no problems talking national media folks into voting their guys into the Hall. Yet Mr. Falcon himself is on the outside looking in? Something just doesn't jive....
  5. Better use some protection when sticking it to Cowgirls, though. They're quite fertile, from what I've heard...
  6. No kidding. As much as I hate the Saints, I hated the Cowboys first...
  7. Sweeter than a weekend bender at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory...
  8. If this pans out right and they get a DT in the 2nd as expected, this isn't a home run. It's a tape measure shot into the 3rd deck. The offense got a much needed shot in the arm tonight...
  9. With all of those road games late, it's imperative that they start hot and bank some wins early. I know that it's any given Sunday but games against teams like the Browns, Bengals, and Redskins have to be wins...
  10. Nope. I'd rather watch my garage door get trapped midway up...
  11. Makes me almost long for the good ole days when there wasn't a salary cap. It's going to be a monster trying to re-up him and Deion Jones and Neal...
  12. Still. Too. Soon...