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  1. Well, if you're in the area and the barbeque at the next neighborhood cookout has the same smell as your lawnmower after filling it up, well...
  2. He roasted Rodgers after the 2016 NFC Title Game when he lost here. But most of it was him being salty that he beat his Cowgirls the week before. He made some good points, though. With that said, it's Bayless talking. Consider the source...
  3. It would have to be for at least a first rounder and I doubt that any team would do that for a 32-yo who has a tendency not to stay on the field...
  4. I'll admit that I was on the 'get a QB' train for a while until realizing the cap situation; especially after the Ryan restructure. It makes no viable sense to sit a guy you picked at #4 for half of his rookie deal when you already have an incumbent who has hung up near-HOF numbers since arriving here who is just not movable via trade or waivers. And since there were no defensive players who merited being drafted there and no one willing to make a Godfather deal, they went BPA which is what you're supposed to do instead of reaching for need (see defense/offensive line/running back) or pic
  5. That's funny. Last I checked, they were still trying to locate Darren Waller on the field without the use of OnStar. And have they learned how to tackle George Kittle without having to grab him by the facemask and hold on for dear life like a first-time jockey at the Belmont Stakes? And Kyle Rudolph wants to send his regards as well...
  6. Barring injuries, I seriously doubt that they'll sit Lawrence to start the season. With that being said, I don't think that they'd give away Minshew that easily...
  7. And Roddy slipping on the turf which caused an interception. Or John Abraham being ineffective due to a bad ankle caused in a meaningless regular season ending game that he should've been in street clothes for. Or perhaps Mike Smith finding someone, ANYONE who could stay within six yards of Vernon Davis. Where can I schedule a lobotomy to forget that this ever took place?
  8. And not too far away from me, either. Bowman literally had the cobra clutch on Roddy like he was Sgt. Slaughter fighting the Iron Sheik back in 1984.
  9. While I wasn't initially on board with drafting Pitts (and have the posts to prove it), drafting a quarterback (and the 4th best one on the board to boot) to sit for nearly half of his rookie deal while waiting on Ryan to either retire or move on just didn't make much sense. As I stated before, you'd have to create two different rosters; one to remain relatively competitive now and another one to maximize Fields' skillset. And last I checked, not too many coaching staffs in this league get to stick around long enough to do that. If folks weren't willing to pay the price the Falcons paid i
  10. I'll admit that I was firmly against drafting a tight end this high. But after looking at where other defenders were projected to fall, it made absolutely no sense to reach for one or select a quarterback who won't sniff the field for at least two years. If folks are pissed now, imagine how angry they'd be if they drafted yet another pass rusher in the top-10 who didn't pan out? When you're coming off a 9-7 season, you have a little rope to reach for a player or sit a guy until he's ready to get the keys to the kingdom. That's NOT the case when you're 4-12 and up against the cap...
  11. Hopefully, that will be the last Jarrett Guarantano lowlight I get to see...
  12. If the Bears don't take a quarterback, they might burn the city down...
  13. The Cowboys' war room was empty. I didn't take anything from that but it was funny...
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