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  1. I couldn't watch much of this video because I was there for the Dallas game and still have bad flashbacks. I've hated the Cowboys ever since, which makes Week 2 even more painful. As for 1981, that team not only lost a ton of guys to injury but to free agency as well. I believe that there were 20 or so new players on the roster, which was only 45 deep at the time with no practice squad. With so many owners going cheap like Rankin here and Culverhouse in Tampa, of course there was a player's strike the following year. And they lost a slew of close games to boot, including missed fie
  2. I remember that draft well. I was screaming on this board about them needing to get Glenn Dorsey then get Brohm in the second round. Boy, did I look stupid after that first pass...
  3. So sad. May he rest in peace. Condolences to his family...
  4. The only reasons why McKay avoided AB's hit squad last night are because they need someone other than Arthur himself to manage the roster for the rest of the year and because he was the driving force behind the scenes to getting MBS built. Other than that, he would've gotten whacked as well. As for this list, I'm a little lukewarm on guys who aren't at least calling their own plays (see Bieniemy, Eric) or has a glut of talent to make him look good (see Salah, Robert). And speaking of defense, they tried the 'defensive minded' approach before with Mora, Smith, and Quinn and last I checked,
  5. I was going to correct this later but glad that you beat me to it. Jones was Glanville's OC at the time if I'm not mistaken...
  6. I would say Petrino but that's way too easy a call. He mentally checked out of the hotel the second after he realized that Vick wasn't going to be here and made if official after that Monday night game against NOLA. And I wasn't around for Norb Hecker (thank God). He was the K-Mart alternative when Lombardi turned Rankin Sr. down and come to find out, was the only Green Bay assistant that Lombardi didn't recommend for the job after he declined. And it showed. As bad as Quinn has been, he did get the Falcons to, well, 'that game' (I can't even call that night of infamy SB LI). A statue of
  7. This team has no confidence that they can win. Instead, they make losing plays that 3-6 win teams do. From the dropped pass on 3rd down which would've extended a drive while up 16, to Koo shanking extra points and field goals, to opposing receivers being left wide open on 4th down, to inexplicably passing the ball three straight times while leading with four minutes left, this has all the makings of not only being the end of Dan Quinn's run here but also sadly being the end of the Matt Ryan/Julio Jones era as well. They essentially wasted the primes of two potential HOFers with this inept
  8. I'm trying to see 7 wins from this outfit, especially with the backend of that schedule. That is a Bataan death march if there ever was one...
  9. Saying that Dan Quinn was a great defensive coach in Seattle is like saying that I would've been a great coach in Boston with Bird, McHale, and Parrish or the Showtime Lakers. The Seahawks had multiple talented players on all levels of the defense. They also had guys who consistently made dagger/go home/nite-nite plays to snuff out rallies to avoid senseless losses like yesterday. We don't have anywhere near the caliber of talent they did nor the guy in charge to steer them in the right direction. And to be honest, have we ever?
  10. I think watching Mitch Trubisky tap that a55 next week would be the last straw. But I thought that 1-7 would've been enough last season, so...
  11. This 'streaming' thing is some trickery that a friend of mine once told me about seven years ago. Not that I would ever partake in such a thing to watch NFL games, NBA games, MLB games, PPVs, premium channels on my flatscreens from home....🤐
  12. How could I forget? It was the only highlight of that game; and that season. I sure miss those uniforms, though. Sigh...
  13. Yup, can't say that they didn't at least try this offseason...
  14. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas wouldn't we? I've stated before that had they won that game of infamy around a year earlier that a second world title would likely be sitting on Arthur's mantle right now. That team had a hangover but was the only NFC team from 2016 to return to the playoffs the following year. And even though we all thoroughly enjoyed the Minneapolis Miracle (and still do), I'm not betting the house on the Vikings coming off such an emotional high like that to win the following week; case in point, the performance they had in the NFC Ti
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