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  1. Ugh, don't remind me. He was still trying to placate Jalen Hurd. That turned out well...
  2. As a UT alum, I wanted nothing to do with Kamara going there. Anywhere but there (or Tampa, Carolina, Seattle, et al). He's going to be a factor for years to come, health notwithstanding...
  3. Happy Birthday and to many more. Thanks for bringing this franchise out of the abyss of the Smith regime. It's a deed that will never be forgotten by us longtime Falcon fans...
  4. As Bill Parcells once stated, you are who are you with your record. The Falcons are 3-0 because they are one of the best at what they do. Call it luck, horseshoes, conspiracy calls from officials, whatever. There will not be any asterisks around those final scores...
  5. How much is he selling his tickets for? I'll take them...
  6. And if a certain offensive coordinator had run the ball three more times, you'd be calling us a defending world championship team and not just a very talented one. See what I did there? You love your quarterback and that's your right. We love ours as well. We believe that ours is better and he has an MVP trophy in his living room as evidence of that. And regardless of your opinion, if the Falcons offered Ryan for Stafford today, the Lions would have Stafford on the very next plane down to Hartsfield as we speak. As for the game itself, you're completely right in this one regard; the Falcons owned the Lions. And you may want to seriously think things through before wanting a rematch that will likely take place in our building come January (ask Packer and Seahawk fans, they'll tell ya). Had it not been for Prater's leg and a bevy of dropped passes that ended up in the breadbasket of Lion defenders, this game would've been preempted by FOX at least an hour earlier for one that was far more competitive. Think about this for a second or two; you had three turnovers, a PI call that wasn't made in the end zone when your secondary put Julio Jones in the cobra clutch, and the Falcons still hung up 30 in your house with a rookie RG playing his 3rd pro game ever and a guy they traded for a month ago who is still learning the playbook replacing one of the best RTs in the game. Are the Lions a good team? You bet. Are they serious contenders for the title? Time will tell but as of now, we tested you and found your game lacking of sterner stuff. Your team stuck around a lot longer than it should've and to that, I give your team credit. After all, Ric Flair made a career out of carrying guys for 60 minutes who didn't deserve to lace his boots. But as for the rest, c'mon son...
  7. True, but I've seen teams still run it and win the game nonetheless...
  8. As I stated in another thread, folks want to translate Saturday afternoon games with Rice or Georgia State going to Clemson for homecoming to Sundays with paid professional athletes, whose very athletic career rests on them playing well that day. It's the same sport but it's not the same in every true sense of the word but folks sitting at home still have yet to grasp this concept...
  9. The defense has had two instances where they could've folded up and cost the team the ballgame; didn't happen. The fact that the Lions had the ball on the 1-yard line for 1st and goal and chose to throw the ball three times instead of run it says a whole lot. Sure, time was running down but that says a lot about what the Lions thought of their odds of gaining a single yard on the ground against the Falcons. Could we have said that a year ago? Ten years ago?
  10. Agreed and cosign. Folks want to think that the NFL is like Saturday afternoons when Clemson is playing Rice on homecoming week or Senior day. The Steelers lost to the Bears. Yeah, the same Bears team that everyone gave the Falcons grief over for not blowing them out a couple of weeks ago. The Aints blew doors on the Panties (remember them?) and their vaunted defense. Tampon Bay got their backs blown out by Case Keenum. Swim that in your heads for a minute. The Patriots needed a last second TD with someone blowing a coverage to beat a rookie quarterback at home. And the Jaguars. How many guys are still explaining to their wives why some towing company is hauling away the family car as we speak? Any given Sunday isn't just another catchphrase when it comes to the pros. The other guys get paychecks, too.
  11. Do I have to keep doing this all day long? First of all, as someone stated earlier, the play started at 0:12. That part alone should be enough to defeat the argument since no NFL play I've ever known took just one second to fully execute to completion. Secondly, by rule, an actual football play from scrimmage doesn't end when the receiver is tackled down. The play is officially ruled dead when the nearest official to the ball blows the whistle and confirms that it is, which is normally a second or two afterwards. In the meantime, the game clock still moves and doesn't stop until an official indicates to do so, which would only occur after a score, an injury, a penalty occurs, a timeout is called, or the receiver goes out of bounds; neither of those exceptions apply in this case. That rule can be found in any Rogers Redding officials rulebook, from rec league to the pros. That is exactly what happened here. Tate caught the ball at 0:10, Poole touched him at 0:10, the official ruled it dead at 0.08. Factoring in a 10-second run-off, GAME OVER.
  12. As a guy who's actually officiated high school and college games, let me stop this thread from going any further. The game clock doesn't immediately stop on a completed pass until the play is ruled dead by the nearest game official to the ball, which is normally a second or two after the receiver 1) is tackled in bounds, 2) goes out of bounds, or 3) scores a touchdown. By rule, the play isn't ruled dead until the official there says it is, NOT when the guy hits the ground. And as an aside, there is an NFL guy up in the booth to ensure that the clock isn't 'accidentally' freezing in such an event or going in turbo-boost if roles had been reversed. As Vince McMahon would say, the NFL didn't screw the Lions; the Lions screwed the Lions. Secondly, it didn't take the receiver a full three seconds to be touched by Poole before crossing the goal line in one motion. So in actuality, the game clock was closer to 0:08 being left when the play should've ended than it being 0:11. In other words, GAME OVER. Onto Week 4 and Buffalo...
  13. The dude who got trucked by Freeman needs to spend a little more time in the weight room and at the training table. That's not one of the the kids you're hitting in the NFC North, Freeman's a grown man...
  14. I don't think so, either. Between the wing official getting the ball back from the receiver (who would've been acting some kind of way for the play not being called a touchdown), spotting it, then the Lions getting their players aligned (especially the offensive linemen) and calling a play (likely a sneak), well, sucks to be a Lions' fan today...