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  1. It's those air filters acting up again, isn't it??? And that's just the season opener; only Lord knows what they'll have in store if they get a game or two in January. Even though they'll deny it, I'll bet that there were some Packer fans in the building with a 'Holy ****, we're taking an 'L' tonight' look during that intro and I'll bet hard $$$ that they and other NFC fanbases right now are shuddering in terror at the thought of the Falcons hosting playoff games yet again. It's bad enough having to deal with the team itself but c'mon, where else are you replicating that? And with the building enclosed in the winter, you're looking at some insane decibel levels. Note to opposing fans in January; bring earplugs. And oh yeah, have those NBA and NHL season tickets on the ready. You'll need them afterwards...
  2. That's Dontari Poe coming through the middle. It would've been way worse considering the weight difference...
  3. Fixed it...
  4. Agreed but until Arthur took over, there was no expectation of the team winning anything significant. The Smiths never gave any indicator that losing was unacceptable as Arthur does, which explains why his coaches were run out so fast once they no longer could produce wins. Dan Reeves would still be coaching the team right now under a teal-colored Georgia Dome if the Smiths were still running the show...
  5. Young Falcon fans just don't know how good they have it right now. The difference between him and the Smiths is like comparing ice cream to horse manure (Bobby Heenan reference, RIP)...
  6. Uhm...Troff'd?
  7. I have a feeling that we'll see each other again a few months from now...
  8. The Ad Council could've used the Beasley hit on Rodgers in their old drinking and driving commercials. It could kill a friendship...
  9. After thinking about it, no wonder Tampa looked so good today. The poor Bears had no shot after having to deal with the Falcons the week before...
  10. Give them time. Just wait until Mercedes Benz pull their name off of that decrepit dome of theirs...
  11. The way they talked about all of their injuries, you would've thought that they had just finished fighting in Vietnam or something. I was thiiiiiis close to muting it...
  12. Remember the gifs we used to have years ago of Michael Vick taking the snap in front of a group of turnstiles because the line was so atrocious? Well, the Seahawks' offensive line (they were that) made the Packers' front four look like the effin Steel Curtain of the mid-'70s, the '77 Gritz Blitz, and the '85 Bears all rolled up into one unit. They were so bad that Russell Wilson could've sued the Seahawks for gross negligence and Seattle would've had no other choice but to settle out of court. Think about it; they made Mike Daniels look like Reggie White incarnate this past Sunday when he still has to dream about even being Akiem Hicks. We'll see what comes about on Sunday...