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  1. Someone pin this video to the top. Now THAT'S a wall I could support...
  2. And why we hate them so much...
  3. You're not lying. This board would've gone nuclear had Ryan tossed a ball like that in such a situation...
  4. I can't post it but they have a digital highway sign up in Minnesota saying 'Cry me a river, New Orleans'. I told you guys that other fanbases have grown tired of them...
  5. I wish they would. The fallout from the officials' association and the league upon them would be nuclear...
  6. Amen. This is exactly why so many folks outside of the national media abjectly despise this team and their fanbase. At one point, they were thought of as 'lovable losers' like the Chicago Cubs; of course, we knew better than that. But after they were gifted that Lombardi, they've carried themselves with such an arrogance and attitude of entitlement that other fanbases turned sour on them as well. And as for the officials, well, as any football official will tell you (and I'm one of them), it takes many years of working the rec league, middle school, JV, and high school circuit just to gain enough trust from more experienced officials to work the multiple layers of college much less the pros. This process takes at least a decade or more unless you have a Dad high up in the business or happen to be in the right association where you can get a better look. So if anyone wants to wonder why there are so many older folks in stripes chasing behind younger and far more athletic men, well, you try talking some younger person into doing rec ball with obnoxious (and sometimes violent) parents and coaches yelling every obscenity in the dictionary at your back for around $50 a hit and see how far it goes. Anyway, back to the Aints. Them carrying on about getting screwed over like Bret Hart after the '97 Survivor Series is just not a good look. As we stated before, every NFL team has been put into the trick bag by bad officiating. So has every college and high school team as well. Until the human element of it is totally erased, that will continue to be the case so they need to get a grip on reality...
  7. When Cowherd of all media folks is the voice of reason, oh boy. I'm buying a generator, meds, some canned items, bottled water, and checking inventory of how much weaponry I have locked away...
  8. How can I place an order?
  9. I could care less about them getting screwed over. As someone previously stated, I don't recall any billboards being posted up in NOLA during Super Bowl week in 2013 talking about how we got cheated by the refs when Bowman had Roddy in the cobra clutch while in plain view of the umpire or center judge with no flag being thrown. And after all of the grief given after that game a couple of years ago, when they made a float about it during Mardi Gras, having bands replicate it on the field during halftime, the endless posts on social media, and making video montages about it during home games, I call it poetic justice that they got rick-rolled in the most humiliating ways imaginable the last two seasons. I'm at the point with those hacks that I'm thinking about how they can possibly top the last two playoff losses next season. How about they win the division, earn the top seed, play the Falcons in the NFC Title Game, get every call by the refs, only to lose on a fake punt that the Falcons run all the way for a touchdown? Or the same scenario, with McKinley being clearly offsides (no call) on a 3rd and goal, sacks Brees, he fumbles, and Deion Jones scoops it up and runs the other way for the game-winning TD in overtime?
  10. VERY delusional Aint fans. That map was who they had hoped would root for them or who folks thought would win the game. No one from Philly, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Miami, Tampa, or Seattle gives a flying **** about the Aints and were laughing their tails off Sunday evening. I personally know of Cowboy fans who were still salty after losing to the Rams and still wanted nothing to do with the Saints going to the Super Bowl after hearing them preen on and on after winning a Lombardi a decade ago...
  11. We all know that the map he showed was either one showing who they thought would win the game or one that was photo-shopped. Does anyone with an ounce of common sense believe that Eagle and Steeler fans were rooting on the Aints? Or Viking fans after last year? And I can see plenty of Buc, Jaguar, and Dolphin fans rooting them on; yeah, right...
  12. As I always say, the ultimate joy of team sports is not only watching your favorite team win but to watch its' rivals lose. And to see the Aints choke it up in that manner while receiving the Bret Hart treatment in their house makes this even grander...