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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to ⚡Slumerican⚡ in 5 observations from rookie minicamp   
    That Pitts will be out in a bubble until the team is ready to compete.. Id absolutely have a melt down if somehow we manage to blow out his acl or rip a ham string this lost season.. Handle this guy with caution at least a few years so he'll be 100% when we actually have a team that can compete 
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    falconsfan4life3 got a reaction from jstammer in On to Day 2, who do you all want?   
    Javonte Williams 
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    falconsfan4life3 got a reaction from Francis York Morgan in On to Day 2, who do you all want?   
    Javonte Williams 
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    falconsfan4life3 got a reaction from Capitalist in On to Day 2, who do you all want?   
    Javonte Williams 
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    falconsfan4life3 got a reaction from lymond in On to Day 2, who do you all want?   
    Javonte Williams 
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to BLM in Kyle Pitts discussing what it would mean if the Falcons draft him   
    Lol matt ryan sacked 40 times, defense sucks, run game sucks.  Yet drafting a shiny toy will lead us to superbowl.  Because we will out gun the chiefs or buccs.
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to Gonobeast in Matt Gono Tendered 2nd rd   
    Gono!  Proud of him!!  He once told me he was never worried about ever making an NFL team.  He knew he would if given the chance.  This year, I encouraged him to bulk back up because he can move at any size.  He looked way too thin this year.  As for guard, he has never had a chance to focus on it.  Only practiced LG the week of the Chiefs game.  He never practiced it during the LG competition.  All smoke.  He's mean on the field.  Great teammate!!  He did solid against Bucs in 1st matchup.  Struggled against Mack in 1st half, then adjusted well in the 2nd.  Dominated Bosa and the Cowboys.  Dominated the Panthers at RG in 2019 in his only start.  I believe the last 2 years Atlanta's highest rushing game yardage totals have been Gono starts.  Gonobeast!!!   
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to athell in Ranking all eight candidates to go worst to first in 2021 NFL season - Gil Brandt   
    "We're gonna suck next year and there is no way we won't" crowd divert your eyes...
    Atlanta Falcons NFC South · 4-12 Encouragingly for the Falcons, when I talked with people who worked for teams searching for head coaches, they said Arthur Smith jumped out at them in terms of his charisma and ability to excite people. There is no question Smith has offensive talent to work with in Atlanta. Even if the Falcons select a quarterback fourth overall in the draft, Matt Ryan isn't going anywhere in the short term, and neither is receiver Julio Jones. The key for that unit will be fielding a strong rushing attack, which is something Atlanta has lacked ever since Kyle Shanahan left the offensive coordinator position to take over San Francisco after the 2016 season. The defense still needs work personnel-wise and will no doubt be high on new GM Terry Fontenot's to-do list, but coordinator Dean Pees has a strong track record of success. And while the division is home to the defending Super Bowl champion Buccaneers, New Orleans could be vulnerable, presuming Drew Brees retires, while Carolina is in the midst of its own rebuild.
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to jj00100 in Falcon fans need to stop living in the past   
    I'm sorry folks,  but our chance at a superbowl and our window closed real quick once we lost the 28-3 lead.  Yet it seems everyone in here still thinks we can get there again and win it all with an aging Matt Ryan at the helm. 3 straight seasons of not making playoffs but people on here keep sticking up for him. Why is everyone in here living in this fantasy world?
    Ok..maybe we can make the playoffs a few more times with Matt, but we're not winning a superbowl with Matt... I'm not accepting playoffs and being happy with our season...I know as atlantans we've been molded to accept great seasons and it's ok not to win it all (ex. Braves going to the post season 14 straight seasons and winning only 1 world series)....but picking a qb at #4 would be ludicrous??? Y?!!!!! U guys are way too loyal and are blinded by it...I know because I used to be the same as you every year... until I stopped watching the falcons every Sunday for the first time in 23 years this past season. I'm not going to lie, I felt relieved , i finally enjoyed my Sundays and didn't waste it..it was like a divorce that had to happen for my health and sanity.  Starting the season losing the first 6 games was it? Blowing leads like 28-3... Watching Matt Ryan get sacked all the time cause he can't get away from pressure.. watching him get mad all the time...Same crap as last season only we didn't win meaningless games.  It's the same script every year yet people are brain washed to thinking this is the year...no more prolonging...Just let it go fellas... it's fine to move on and it's ok, Matt Ryan will be fine... and we will be fine moving on
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to freakyfalcon in Mathew Stafford to be Traded per Tom Pelisaro   
    I would trade Ryan for Stafford straight up and I like Ryan. Stafford just has the better arm IMO
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to celtiksage in Saints or Bucs?   
    I can never root for the Saints. 
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to FalconofShadows in Fontenot/Brady reunion "very possible"   
    I like Joe Brady so im kind of biased but, to be fair the same thing was said about Sean Mcvay and even cliff Kingsbury who was bad in college is doing well
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to Dr Long Shot in Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy reportedly struggled in Falcons interview - The Falcoholic   
    Skin color should not be a factor. Crazy world we live in. 
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy reportedly struggled in Falcons interview - The Falcoholic   
    Falcons want to hire a black coach
    Falcons want a diverse search
    Pick 1
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to Killing Floor in Justin Fields auditioning for the Falcons and more NFL teams   
    61 yards in the air!  
    He’s significantly better than Matt Ryan in every measurable way. 
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to jlrfalcon in JT Daniels - Heir Apparent to Ryan?   
    Someone has mentioned this in at least one other thread, but we may already have the perfect heir apparent to Matt Ryan in Georgia.
    JT Daniels looks like a NFL QB already with this passing skills.  He is not a finished product and will probably be at UGA for at least 1 more year but would improve by staying in college longer rather than sitting a season on a NFL bench watching.
    Ryan would finish out this season, play 2021-22 on his contract to hopefully a good season and then depending on his decline or lack of it, could play with Daniels learning behind him in 2022-23 or split time with Daniels the clear successor.
    This would be the best decision in financial terms for the Falcons.
    This would guarantee instant fan support from many UGA fans (barring a major collapse by Daniels)
    Ryan would have the chance to prove his remaining years of talent without being run out of town.
    Ryan would be able to teach his experience to someone before he leaves Atlanta or retires.
    The only question might be how early in the draft Daniels might go and if he would be available to us in a couple of years or someone we would have to trade up for.
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to hjerry in JT Daniels - Heir Apparent to Ryan?   
    New threads should be blocked on saturdays
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to Hurry_Up_And_Buy in I WOULD TRADE MATT RYAN AND A 1ST FOR JUSTIN HERBERT   
    But I'm not McKay. And this IS NOT Madden 2020. The Falcons suck badly and have being doing so for years. We need to see somebody else at this point. I'm tired of Captain Dinky-Dunkaroo QB. I want the Zip-Whiz kid like the one in KC. Or a Super Zippo lighter guy like the one in Baltimore. Trevor is definitely going to the JETS.
    HEY LOOK AT IT THIS WAY: At least the PATRIOTS the 49ers the COWBOYS the VIKINGS & the COLTS are all having QB issues in the same year as guys like TREVOR LAWRENCE & JUSTIN FIELDS are due to be draft-eligible. Amongst the other FRINGE-"elite" qbs who may make their way up the draft boards. Kinda weird to see so many "borderline-playoff" contenders all vying for the possibility 
    McKay need to go too tho at this point. 😂 He's not giving us ANY of that Tampa magic just like TOM DEE didn't give us very much of that Boston magic either. GO GET A REAL MODERN-DAY GM ALREADY ARTHUR... Sheesh. Thanks for the Ryan-years! But I'm not trying to hold on to the PAST. I'M READY FOR A FRESH CHAMPIONSHIP RUN AGAIN!!!
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to atljbo in The Young Talent   
    Again Pff is not the end all be all..... But here are some of our young talent rankings compared to their draftmates.
    AJ Terrell is the number 1 rookie CB in coverage and #2 overall ranked rookie CB so far this season

    Mykal Walker is ranked the number 1 ranked  rookie LB in coverage so far in the season

    Kaleb Mcgary is  the number 1 ranked  Tackle from last year draft class in the season

    Chris Lindstrom is  the number 1 ranked  Guard from last year draft class in the season

    And we still have young guys like Cominsky, Sheffield, Miller, and Matt Hennessy to go along with the core vets we have...... This team has the talent to compete.... Its about our mindset and the COACHING.
    for after this season... We do need a clear cut top dog pass rusher (ive heard Fowler is playing on a bad ankle but still) , Safeties, RG, and a future RB
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to Ovie_Lover in Mack Plus Takk to Seattle in 3-way trade: ESPN Trade Deadline Speculation   
    This is such a **** *** trade for us **** no 
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to Falcons Fan MVP in Arthur Blank on Matt Ryan   
    You give Matt Ryan the right offensive coordinator and we are scoring 30 points a game for the next 5 years
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to Ergo Proxy in Pausing to laugh at the Saints   
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to newyorkfalconsfan in 20 years no pass rush.   
    It falls on the GM's and the coach's. Matt Ryan is one of the better QB's to have played in the NFL. This team has failed for 20+ years to have a top defense. The people making the personnel decisions have to go. Top tier D line  makes a team and this ownership group needs to wake up to find the correct people who can evaluate D line talent. 
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to caponine in BREAKING: Dan Quinn to be Fired Monday or Tuesday   
    Can Ryan go with him ?? 
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    falconsfan4life3 reacted to JetJones11 in Where are you Ryan apologists at now?!   
    Blow the whole team up Ryan is good but will never be great threw an ugly pick Julio is hurt again Quinn and TD needed to go last year BLOW IT UP 
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