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  1. Wasn’t the “preseason” Jalen Collins really only 1 bad game? Looked fine other than that.
  2. We need a ballhawk in the secondary. Hopefully Quinn can find one in the draft at FS.
  3. One against the Dolphins. Deion had his 2nd pick of the day and was called back because Grady hit Cutler late. Dolphins scored a few plays later.
  4. You’re forgetting Julio Jones >>> any reciever Carolina’s D has gone against. Bradberry cannot cover Julio one one one. Julio was coming off injury last year in th 2nd matchup. He was not targeted often.
  5. @SamMills51 literally said Kelvin was a miss match for every corner in the league and now Curtis Samuel, who has 47 career recieving yards has shown more.
  6. Matt Ryan >>> Cam Newton. Easy.
  7. PFF has him as one of the most productive pass rushing rookies. Pass rushers rarely make an impact as rookies and remember Takk is only 21. He has a chance to be special imo.
  8. Not sure what this has to do with my OP.
  9. Deion was in the DROY conversation at this point last season. Campbell had a couple rough games but he also had a couple games where he flashed pro bowl potential. Have to remember too that Campbell was playing through an ankle injury. Both looked better than Riley. Not even close.
  10. What? Takk had a TFL and was inches away from a sack fumble against Miami. I have seen flashes from Takk every single game. Have not seen that from Duke.
  11. Jones had 25 tackles (Riley 11) and a pick 6 on Brees in his first 3 games last year. Not saying Riley won't be good but Jones looked better. Really hope he is the future at WLB next to Jones.
  12. Beasley > Ziggy
  13. Max did say TB was going to win the division last year after our loss to KC. We were both 7-5 and he said TB was playing better which made no sense since we had just blown TB out a few weeks before.
  14. He was the pick right before Beasley. Thank god they didn't take Vic.
  15. Doesn't matter. Aints will still go 7-9.