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  1. Eagles - 18 Falcons - 13 Rams - 13 Steelers - 11 Saints - 11 Patriots - 10 Panthers - 6
  2. I mean didn’t Garland get a 2nd round tender too?
  3. Julio has dominated Carolina in his career. That loss is not solely Julio’s fault. You must be making up the other one from the Seahawks in 16...I hope you’re not talking about the Sherman PI on Julio because clearly it should have been a flag. For what I remember Julio had a great game vs Sherman and I don’t remember any TD drop vs them.
  4. AJ Green is so clutch he has 1 career playoff TD and averages 58 yards per game. And I sure hope you don’t think AJ Green has never dropped any passes.
  5. Julio’s catch in the Super Bowl was by far more clutch than any AJ Green catch. And I’ve literally never heard Julio wasn’t clutch up until this year but you know how people overreact on this board. Let me guess you’re a UGA fan?
  6. Lol what? I’ve literally seen multiple Bengals fans give Green crap for not being “clutch”. And go look at AJ Green’s playoffs stats and tell me how he’s more clutch than Julio.
  7. Keith Law and both guys on MLB.com have Stewart to Atlanta as well. Love to grab him and a prep bat at 49.
  8. Beasley was the 8th pick in the draft not #6. @Dirtybird3
  9. Beasley has had 3.5 sacks and he’s gone over 3 sacks multiple times. Either way he was was a first team all Pro at 24 years old. Please show me all the DE’s that had 15+ sacks in their 2nd year that turned out to be busts.
  10. I’ve seen Matthews and Grady. Not Rico. There’s a reason he hasn’t signed his tender.
  11. If that were true we would be looking to sign him long term.
  12. Draft his replacement next year. I feel confident Quinn/TD can find a smart player, does his job like Rico except someone whos more athletic and more of a ball hawk.
  13. While I would take the Falcons roster over the Saints roster (both have top 5 rosters)...both should be above Carolina. They have major holes at OL/DB and unproven WR’s.
  14. He had 2 sacks/2.5 sacks vs Sambrillo not 4. And how is a guy that’s missed 2 games in 3 years injury prone? Lmao And you realize most pass rushers don’t start producing until 2-3 years in the league right? His rookie year he still led the team in sacks and pressures.
  15. Read this on AJC the other day. “Ridley will be great for their offense, but I think there's a lot of risk on the corner they took in the second round,” an NFL insider said, according to Sando. “Isaiah Oliver is always nicked up.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ajc.com/sports/nfl-executive-discusses-calvin-ridley-isaiah-oliver-landing-with-falcons/pecbrcYfdGFY8DLNPz4kzO/amp.html