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  1. Hopefully nothing. Tweeted something similar in the preseason and turned out to be non injury related.
  2. Lol according to Aints fan on their board Kazee needs to be suspended for this weeks game (of course) and Falcons are by far the dirtiest team in the league. Did these guys forget about bountygate? Lmao
  3. 30+ points in 3 out of 4 games Freeman has missed. Only game the Falcons didn’t score 30+ points? 27 points vs the Cowboys.
  4. This. Take out 2015 and Cam has a losing record. Doesn’t deserve HOF without rings.
  5. Cut Freeman. Resign Coleman. Draft a RB (preferably bigger back) to be the #2 next year.
  6. Pff rated the Falcons the #2 OL in the NFL in the preseason. Eagles DL is ranked #1 by PFF. They’re not going to drop them that far yet after 1 game against an elite defense. Thats like dropping Matt Ryan to a bottom 5 QB based on 1 game vs an elite defense.
  7. Falcons franchise started in 1966. 1966-2014 (14 different coaches) 7 playoff wins and 1 SB appearance 2015-2017 (Quinn as head coach) 3 playoff wins and 1 SB appearance So uhh yeah Quinn should go down as the most hated.
  8. So looks like their 2 best OL of an already below average OL might be out.
  9. Sorry that was get-me-a-dB-td. About the same level poster so I got y’all switched up.
  10. Weren’t you the guy that wanted to trade Keanu Neal? Now losing him is a death sentence.
  11. Even without Keanu and Deion we should not have a bottom 5 defense.
  12. 8 week IR.