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  1. I don’t think they would of re-signed Neasman if they plan to draft 2 Safeties. Quinn already said they plan to get Kazee, Allen, Neal plenty of snaps so would you use a 2nd on a guy thats only going to be your 4th S this yr?
  2. Be shocked if CB isn’t taken the top 2 rounds.
  3. From Henderson’s draft profile: He's willing and capable in run support but needs better control as an open-field tackler. Henderson is a fluid cornerback with ball skills and burst and has CB1 ability as a first-round Strengths Willing to charge downhill and attack in run support
  4. Henderson never had tackling issues his Freshman/Sophomore year apparently. Only this year after an ankle injury he suffered early...Not saying for sure it’s the reason but definitely could of hampered him.
  5. Falcons usually keep 6 WR’s. I like the signing & he’s only 24.....
  6. I think Quinn wants a bigger LB at SAM then someone like Taylor or ADG to replace Campbell. I like Malik Harrison from OSU & he could be there in the 2nd.
  7. In 2019 it was. 2018 PFF had them ranked 6th in run blocking. Not sure about 2017 but they weren’t in the top 10 is all I know.
  8. I like him a lot & NFL draft tracker comparing him to KJ Wright.
  9. Other news and notes from the start of free agency Contrary to my tweets from yesterday, a source tells me he believes the Atlanta Falcons are still in the hunt for Dante Fowler. Fowler is asking for a lot of money and if he comes down from his asking price, sources tell me it’s likely either a return to the Los Angeles Rams or the Atlanta Falcons for Fowler. There was no mention of the Jets, who wanted to sign Fowler last year and who are rumored to be interested in him this go-round.