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  1. Again wrong. They were in zone that’s on Neal.
  2. So based on that Reeves in superior to Quinn? Quinn also took over an awful defense with very minimal talent. Old Steven Jackson and Roddy White starting and OL talent was bad. Also remember the Falcons have been around since 1966 and have a total of 10 career playoff wins. Quinn has 3 of those 10 wins in his 4 years.
  3. Reeves 49-59 in Atlanta, 2 winning seasons(5 losing seasons) in 7 years, 3 playoff wins Quinn 36-29 in Atlanta, 2 winning seasons(1 losing season) in 4 years, 3 playoff wins Yep looks like Reeves is superior to Quinn.
  4. Trufant plays well and ppl still ***** about him. Alford was awful last year...he wasn’t helping yesterday. 1 game sample size to show DK shouldn’t have been hired? McGary never missed a game past college with those heart issues so....
  5. From last week
  6. Sheffield and Cominsky have shown flashes in Preseason/Training camp. Both are athletics freaks that Quinn has talked up numerous times. Also didn’t Quinn say he was surprised both were there in the 4th round? I don't think either player is on the roster bubble & don’t see anyway that they don’t make the 53. Sheffield has also played in 3 of the 4 preseason games so far.
  7. Both 4th round picks don’t make the 53? They would be snatched up immediately... Zimmer/Shede will not both make it over Cominsky and same for Cooper/Myrik over Sheffield.
  8. Panthers have a rookie UDFA K who’s 6-6 in the Preseason. They also have Gano (though he’s currently injured) so could be in a situation similar to Butker where the Falcons can pick him up. Also Cole Hedlund in Indianapolis is an intriguing option who probably won’t make their 53.
  9. Oliver had a 70.0 grade by PFF in 241 snaps last year. That’s pretty **** good for a rookie even though he played limited snaps. Trufant, Ryan and Quinn all have been hyping him up this offseason. He has been good in PS in limited snaps and in TC. Here’s Tru hyping him up.