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  1. Not only that...but hired two other guys to run an offense they had no prior experience calling plays in while passing on the guy who had learned under Shannahan for a couple of years in the same offense that crushed him tonight! Then takes the linebacker coach and tells him to call defensive plays 1 and 2nd down while allowing the "defensive coordinator " to only call 3rd downs....Quinn has been in over his head for a while.
  2. Cant put it on Morris's shoulders....he's one of very,very few defensive Coordinators that don't call all the defensive plays for their defense.
  3. Sooooo....the defense was on the field the entire second half..... Mr hall of fame first ballet engineered next to nothing again in crunch time.........AGAIN!!!! His numbers don't tell the true story....no one outside of this state sees that cat as anything but a stat packer. He's not solely at fault but come on man.....some fans would rather covet stats than trophies. That D was gassed in the 4th quarter 3 and out over and over and over again......hall of fame defenses would be gassed with that amount of offensive incompetence.....the second half we seen what life is like without a receiver t
  4. Check the offense in the second half of the 2012 NFC championship game...check the second half of the Superbowl we played in....check the second half of the game we played against the Eagles on the playoffs.....check the second half of this years 1st game and this one......tell me what you see...you will see somethings and people who appear in all those instances....lol
  5. Matt Ryan didn't carve anything up until the Seahawks started to play zone and call off the dogs and guarded against deep plays.... he barely had 200 yards for 3 quarters! Then in garbage time when we are down big he "carves" up a prevent defense.lol
  6. Ryan would have been sacked 10+ times because he can't move.
  7. I took this approach when I lost confidence in this QB to take control and will us to a chip a couple years ago...even at that I still feel some kinda way when we get the L.
  8. Troll because I don't share your hard on for matt.....Now that's a lol.
  9. Matt wasn't closer to an MVP before shannahan and hasn't been close since.
  10. Isn't berry a FS? Neal is a SS
  11. Whats the play called where the QB throws a pic into double coverage in the REDZONE.... or the over the recievers head for another in the REDZONE ....yeah all six of these league leading bad boys is on the OC....gotcha
  12. Point being can you imagine what the score would look like if that were to happen!
  13. Gaslighting at its finest....his qb leads the league in picks with almost 1/4 of the season gone. Funny thing is that "shiny hood ornament" the O really would be at a still.
  14. The play book has very little to do with the picks thrown this year
  15. Never heard of it until him.....and why would your "mentality" be different because of venue? That would be stupid...Your team should be as hard nosed on the road as it is at home. Empty slogan is what it is
  16. When you go to New England there is one slogan......DO YOUR JOB!! Simple but it speaks volumes when you watch them play... several times today 9 or 10 guys did their job, but those one or two numb nuts screw the whole play...thats coaching....Not lack of "road mentality", or "getting after it", or "all gas no brakes"or any other bs slogan that is used.
  17. And that's the f****** problem!! None of those guys make plays. He won't bring anyone in, he will stand pat with the status quo....everything else behind Neal, currently on this team drops of the cliff in talent .
  18. WTF is a road mentality??? Why can't we just play hard nosed disciplined ball without all the slogans! This guy is all about slogans, coach's speak and buzz words. Has any other team needed a "road mentality "besides" us?
  19. Dimitroff, Pioli, and now Quinn tricked Blank
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