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  1. And they did it with a back up!!!!!!
  2. So would Ryan both have about the same measure of mobility....
  3. Julio is the offense.....Peeps wont realize it until he leaves or is shipped off.....then they'll cry like they did when shannahan left.
  4. Thats a deppressing thought.....
  5. Yes sir you get some one in here as soon as possible....about the only thing that appreciates with time is real estate..**** the Pats drafted Brady's replacement but the owner and the billichek were at odds about shipping Brady off.
  6. You can say that again Vandy!!
  7. Maybe Quinn should coach up and call his own Defensive plays or grab another EXPERIENCED coordinator.
  8. Naw he didnt....but he had a major hand in the offense that went 3 and out for what sealed like the entire 2nd half gassing the defense...they played something like 90 some odd plays....also had the ball with 50 secs left when we only needed a field goal...but I digress...again
  9. Goal post don't move sir.... neither did mine...what exactly was proven by your stats sir.....we'll wait
  10. Not a big stats guy....stats I like are W's and W's when the lights are brightest.....on the other hand Wilson threw for 72 yards lead his team to 14 points and won!!!! ......stat junkies frown....but superbowl champs realize stats don't get lombardies but manufacturing wins when one part of your game is off does.
  11. Man I hope that ain't so...
  12. The question is how would Ryan look with Wilson's targets? I'd take Wilson and his play extending ability, his arm would add another dimension to this O....not to mention his legs......yeah I'll take Russ for 500 Alex.
  13. He did have a game like this and he wasn't even as good as these qbs.....guess you didn't see what this very team did to us last year I. Our house.....but I degress.
  14. Lol......and as we speak 40 yard scramble by the qb when his team NEEDED IT.... and not to mention he doesn't or hasnt had the luxury of Julio, roddy, and hall of fame TEs......and he should have 2 rings to sport.
  15. They would say the line can't block, the OC can't call plays, the lights are too bright , the temp inside the Benz was too room temp for Ryan...etc...etc...