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  1. Bro that was how many years ago in that bears game? I remember that game he didn't take over, but he did make some good passes. Look at how long ago you had to go to find a game. Check this out though coastie... how many points did we score in the second half of the super Bowl that year he "took over against the pack"? Or the second half of the NFCC against the 49ers? Or the second half of the playoff game against the Eagles whom we held to 15 points on their field? Or the second half THIS YEAR against Bugs, or couple a weeks ago in the loss to the Chargers. He has not and cannot finish the j
  2. Makes no sense....how can you fix a team with no room under the salary cap? How much worse can this team be without Ryan? What team has he single handedly beat, taken control of the game and willed the team to a win? My point is a talented rookie can be successful with a decent run game and receivers, (which we have in aces). Our recievers will look different with a qb that can improvise in the pocket hit recievers deep and in stride, utilizing their speed and size and even make a play or two outside of the pocket. Team is broken in more ways than one keeping the current QB without a plan is
  3. That was not in defense of Koetter....believe me....just stating the facts of the situation.
  4. Folks here want MR to have the number one o line, the best weapons, number 1 or 2 defense, Hall of Fame coach's and even then they will find a way to blame something else when MR fails to make a play when the team needs it. You'd think the guy has 7 rings to justify the sentiment...😂
  5. Indeed....so what's the motivation for the fever for #2 round these parts? One MVP season which has proven to be due to the signal caller who people here hated his first year. # 2 hasn't been close to MVP status before shannahan came nor since he left.
  6. Folks forget that Quinn brought Koetter in to run a version of Shannahans offense that Ryan liked.....to prevent him from changing offenses. So really everyone is crapping on a guy who is running someone's else's offense. Same thing with Sarkasian. The front office has turned itself in knots trying to help Ryan....he can throw another 15 picks and his job is safe....why You ask? Who would we put in instead? F.O knows that anyone with a pulse would cause a qb controversy and MR MVP probably doesn't have the guts for that fight...competition at every spot except one.
  7. Sad but true.....Matt could throw 50 picks and most here would say it's the coordinator's fault..... it was the OC's fault today too of course...lol....dang defense didn't give him another chance to be great.....after throwing 3 picks
  8. What else is new....didn't just start this year.
  9. Maybe not.....there are always those qbs that show out at the combine... I'm thinking the kid from North Dakota (I think) and a few others that will creep in there.
  10. Not only that...but hired two other guys to run an offense they had no prior experience calling plays in while passing on the guy who had learned under Shannahan for a couple of years in the same offense that crushed him tonight! Then takes the linebacker coach and tells him to call defensive plays 1 and 2nd down while allowing the "defensive coordinator " to only call 3rd downs....Quinn has been in over his head for a while.
  11. Cant put it on Morris's shoulders....he's one of very,very few defensive Coordinators that don't call all the defensive plays for their defense.
  12. Sooooo....the defense was on the field the entire second half..... Mr hall of fame first ballet engineered next to nothing again in crunch time.........AGAIN!!!! His numbers don't tell the true story....no one outside of this state sees that cat as anything but a stat packer. He's not solely at fault but come on man.....some fans would rather covet stats than trophies. That D was gassed in the 4th quarter 3 and out over and over and over again......hall of fame defenses would be gassed with that amount of offensive incompetence.....the second half we seen what life is like without a receiver t
  13. Check the offense in the second half of the 2012 NFC championship game...check the second half of the Superbowl we played in....check the second half of the game we played against the Eagles on the playoffs.....check the second half of this years 1st game and this one......tell me what you see...you will see somethings and people who appear in all those instances....lol
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