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  1. All the time when making excuses for Ryan's lack, he's hurt too much, he's on the sideline on all 3rd and 4th downs....typical bs to deflect....Deflection opportunity leaves with Julio....now there will be complaints about him not being able to QB the team successfully without a Julio caliber player...lol
  2. No more excuses and blaming Julio...all the Ryan apologist got what they wanted. Now let's see him be that HOF QB they say he is and lead this team to the ship....lol 10 points a game here we come. Defenses in the NFC south are licking there chops.
  3. The point of wanting a young QB who would be the standard bearer of the team for the future. And wanting him now when he wouldn't be asked to be super man with the weapons he would have...let's start with that.
  4. They had a valid point... we'll see who the joke is on..... success will be judged by trophies and not "excitement" and useless numbers. You should pin this for later reference.
  5. People wishing real hard that there is no competition at the qb spot round here. This is why its brought up so much. Sticking their head in the sand and hope for the best. Glad there is a new FO with new eyes and no ties or allegiance to this qb or anyone for that matter and an attitude where your one series away from being replaced. Competition has never been a bad thing until it mentioned in a sentence with Matt Ryan...lol
  6. Don't you know talking like that round here bout the goat is not allowed!
  7. The chefs you rail against were cooking with another chefs recipe book while expected to get the results of the original. Those OCs had issues, but they were brought here to run an offense that was not their own. That decision was made to keep things familiar for Ryan, to keep him from having to learn a new scheme. All deserve a piece of that blame, even the source of the whole idea to do it, ingredients and all. Since one of those ingredients is Ryan its everyone else's incompetence so never mind....
  8. If the Falcons trade this dude, we would have to put a lot of folks round here on suicide watch..... they would have to lock the facility down....
  9. The mental gymnastics you undertake to equate Ryan with Brady are ridiculous. Competent headcoaches protect their qbs from throwing 40 times a game! Not just Belicheck.lol... Hail Mahomes doesnt even throw that much. Putting a run game around your qb is what all decent head coaches do.....most certainly a hall of fame head coach. By this knowledge Mike Smith the head coach put a running game around Ryan when he got here with the "Burner" Turner, to "protect" him from throwing 40 times a game..lol.....you can find stats to justify just about anything, you proved that. Brady was top flight befo
  10. You just like the other poster ise a combine report to back an assertion while I pointed to his sunday film...
  11. Are you asking me if I'm I dismissing a COLLEGE scouting report in lieu of a decade or more of NFL film???lol
  12. Not speaking on a dang scouting report...lol I'm talking about what you see on sundays, what you see when he makes receivers house hold names whom you had never heard of before him, speaking of having arguably the best deep threat the game has seen for a couple of years and set records with him. Stats aside look at his play, does his ball seem to flutter....no. Does he have receivers who are open down field have to slow up and wait for the ball like a punt.....no.
  13. Bradys arm strength has never been a question.... what is the definition of "elite" arm strength? Brady just has "it" and a **** good arm along with it.
  14. He is the one I think I was referring to when I said the rub from Pitt....I forgot his name.
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