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  1. he getting paid $$$ so he dont care thats what he wanted
  2. I dont blame him at all ... get out of the dumpster fire while you can and go to a championship team and get a ring ...
  3. Yeah, our team can take it all the way if they want it bad enough....
  4. looks like the team was never together this year, even in preseason they look out of sorts. not sure what happen over the off season but this team has no heart starting with DQ and Spike
  5. most def think we need a seasoned offensive minded coach...
  6. Quinn got 2 or 3 mores bad games and he may get the boot ... And the GM at the end of the season can get out to...
  7. mostly Matt Ryan ..... haters gone hate
  8. Freeman is not a bell cow RB. His style of running does not fit him. W. Dunn has told him in the past he has to change his running style to last in the NFL, but of course Freeman did not change and now it is sad to say, I believe he is suffering from it...
  9. we need hot rod on the Falcons
  10. he needs to know when to slide
  11. time to blow it out
  12. this game gets stranger and stranger
  13. Back to the power
  14. all this treakery
  15. man refs in the game
  16. if that dude did not drop the kick early in the game they would not have scored on us
  17. time for power run
  18. our O-Line has been exposed even with the injuries
  19. time to score
  20. lil rust dont worry bout it