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  1. I dont like the fact we had our chance and brew it.. The Saints took advantage of theirs and won the superbowl and now maybe a 2nd in OUR HOUSE... And now we have to hear their mouth 4 ever talk'n bout how they have 2 rings and won in our house.... SMH all in all life goes on, but man this makes it hard to be a falcons fan 4 REAL !!!
  2. i like the Halo Series 1 - 3 ... I bought Master Chief collection for my son Im going to try to play the multiplayer once i get a chance ....
  3. Have to go back in the day for this one Arcade: Pac-Man Dig Dug Burger Time Dragons Lair Joust Jungle Hunt Gyruss Q-Bert Donkey Kong Atari: Combat Nintendo: Super Mario Mega Man Mike Tyson Punch Out Double Dribble Blades of Steel Kung Fu List is to long Genisis: Altard Beast Shinobi Laker vs Celtics Playstation: Tekken 2 Dooom Saturn: Virtue Fighter 2 Dreamcast: NFL 2K NBA 2K Shinmue XBOX: Halo PS1: NBA LIVE Madden Call of Duty Big Red 1 PS3: Mafia 2 Sleeping Dogs Madden PS4: 2 be determine
  4. my point exactly ... we get a power O - Line he would have already been here and ready
  5. should have draft Gurley we be ahead of the game
  6. Yeah ... Fam is very important ... just wondering
  7. been here most of the time M - F but just lurking mostly..... Hey have you heard from Tuggle or Magnus or Garrow69 ??
  8. I think the Power O - Line will work out best for Matt and with a power run ( AKA Michael Turner ) it will work out best
  9. Get RID of TD he has always been defensive minded ...
  10. I blame ownership but thats not going to change
  11. need to bounce up out of here
  12. The Tiger story was a little different i'm sure Blank has not been sleeping with adult stars and running his vehicles into a tree
  13. We need the Falcon Fan that threw eggs at the saints bus back in the day to get to working on this one .... Atlanta Falcons Fans Egg New Orleans Saints Bus At Airport
  14. I dont understand why we won't focus on the O - Line knowing this makes Ryan a better QB and he does not function well with out one
  15. Drew Brees at least we can win a super bowl
  16. I would hate they come in OUR HOUSE and win a super bowl.... The fans will never stop talking about it and they are already annoying
  17. Like Ive said before Matt Ryan has to have a running game to help take the pressure off him .... Ryan WINS most games when we rush for over100 yards... ((( Should have Draft Gurley )))
  18. perfect example .... Dak Prescott would not be the QB he is unless he had a good running game same as Ryan ( Michael Turner )
  19. I have yet really seen Ryan take a game and put the team on his back and win ( Brady, Manning ) .... But Ryan is a good QB I believe Falcons must have a good running game in order for him to flourish....
  20. Sup Falconin I see your still posting haha