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  1. preseason game 3 better look good
  2. yeah ... was playing fortnite due to not having a pc strong enough to play PUBG... But I'm now playing it on xbox and the mobile app is kool as well...
  3. thats footage we could watch .... the guys having fun
  4. how is it a distraction when it is a locker room ...
  5. More footage I found
  6. Sup everyone, I was on the falcons website looking at the videos... For those who have been here for a while we use to have a behind the scenes show where you would get footage of the day to day training camp scene.... If anyone remembers Sean Weatherspoon had and show and also there was the Freddy Mac show.... It would be nice if they could bring that back....
  7. if we drafted Gurley none of this would have happen... we would have had a run game and won
  8. Jones showing his true colors now... T.O now Vick ... mama siad always watch the quite ones
  9. only issue i have with Freeman is he runs like he weighs 245lbs ... Because of this he is getting concussions ... He needs to change his style of contact, more like Dunn ran... or else Freeman going to be like Marion Barber's career
  10. i saw the hawks 3rd pick get a block and several rebounds....
  11. interesting ... thx