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  1. If we get blowed out like last week get ready for a long season
  2. Blitz'd and sack for loss.... sike
  3. he looks good... sounds like he took all the correct steps
  4. i remember when he was a rookie in Hard Knocks / Freeman as well they have come a long way ..
  5. seems funny how it just started working day of the game... Author $$$$ Bags Blank does it again mob boss style !!!!
  6. I saw him do a back flip in 5 feet of water
  8. Vic turns on his motor when he wants to... maybe he will play if it is a contract year....
  9. people just don't want any more a part of the vick era i swear ...
  10. about time we started getting away from drafting "choir boys" ... I understand due to past events AKA " Ron Mexico " , but those time are over time to get down to business .... And Draft more players that got that DOG in them... No pun intended
  11. AOL messenger was the best ... before the whole world woke up to the internet.... good times
  12. amazing when your back is up against the wall what you will do... I hope this drives us straight to the Lombardi ....
  13. has any Brave won or made it to the final ? maybe we see history tonight
  14. yeah still here..... i miss Magnus, Rev, and Garro69, Tuggle
  15. Joe = 20 point shooter Klay = 20 point shooter no super star potential