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  1. one year deal sounds good .... if he does not work out Gurley, and the head coach are gone ... If we do well resign him
  2. i dont see him being able to handle the hits, I think he would another Freeman 2.0
  3. watch him play for another team and ball out ... just our luck
  4. out of all the players I'd keep hooper let the other go and try their luck else where
  5. it amazing how times change, in this case I don't like how the boards are drying up... I use to be on other boards such as Call of Duty and no one talks out there any more.... oh well
  6. where's Magnus and Garrow69 when you need them .....
  7. sigh GA sports
  8. Mike Bell better be ready thats all i can say
  9. We should have draft Jackson... would have turn this town upside down like back in the day
  10. typical ATL Sports story .... It never stops.... Braves lost in first round this year. And I'm holding my breath the Bulldogs don't choke, but somthing in the back of my mind says get ready for the MOLLY WHOP !!!!
  11. I dont think money bags mr. blank even knows this forum exists
  12. I miss playing MK1 in the Circle K