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  1. Im thankful for the Bible .. It is food for the spirit ... it gives me strength to endure ..
  2. G-Row !!!!! Muh Boi !!! what it do mang long time no hear from you ...
  3. Been here since the Vick days ... Love playing Madden on ps2 back then... Fantasy football was more simple and fun for the true fan... Some of the old guys I use to harass REV & Magnus and Tuggle ... good times man before tweeter and snap where out we had this great forum
  4. This is one of the BEST SCENES IN THE GAME... You have to wait and see what happens when they get to the bar
  5. When I think about Rico I always remember him from Hard Knocks starts at 28:17 when they go into detail about his life and character..... Later Rico you held it down over all these years I hope you can go to another team and do it again .... 😉😒
  6. i dont think he has any managing experience we need someone who has exp being a GM or related
  7. one year deal sounds good .... if he does not work out Gurley, and the head coach are gone ... If we do well resign him
  8. watch him play for another team and ball out ... just our luck
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