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  1. Would have been nice to have this guy on the team right now
  2. hope he gets better this is his time to heal up .... not just heal his groin injury but also giving more time to heal up from the concussions .... tell me do you really think he could have gotten through the season without 1 or 2 possible concussions.... his running style does not fit his body frame ... he needs to have a running style like Dunn had ....
  3. I told ALL YALL THAT
  4. yeah i hope he cont to have a great season... it will be interesting to see how he does when other team start watching film on him ....
  5. top 5 pick looking nice now maybe even top 3
  6. told all yall we should have draft Gurley.... Vic is not compared to TG
  7. i really dont know why.. but we should have draft Gurley
  8. cause we should have drafted Gurley
  9. how are you going to be in side the 10 yard line and not have Jones in ??? what kind of system are you running cause it does not make ANY Since ......
  10. preseason game 3 better look good