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  1. Jon sending Ghost back north and wont even pet him or say goodbye? Did they spend so much on battle of winterfell they couldn't have him and ghost in the same frame?
  2. We have been told the ending is "bitter sweet" I dont think anyone would.call this episode bitter. Not a good out luck for the last 3 episodes.
  3. Nights of the Vale were in winterfell.this episode. Saw several banners.
  4. About that, Sansa did say she learned alot from Cersei.
  5. I do have 1 question. The end of season 7 Cersei is pregent and wont drink wine while meeting with Tyrion. S8 E1 after she bangs Euron she's drinking wine? Euron even makes a statement about putting a prince in her belly, so has she already had a miscarriage? Or wasnt really pregnant before? Regardless Eurons statement upsets her.
  6. Im no expert on GOT legends, but after it dies (the dragon) its raised again under the knight kings control. Alive freewill dragons are connected to Targaryens where as the wight dragon was raised by the Knight King and only controlled by him.
  7. I really hope season 8 dont make me wind up hating Bronn. "This #@$%ing family."
  8. Trailer for Once upon a time in Hollywood. Tarantino's Charles Manson movie.
  9. Yea I thought it was interesting. Seems as though his case got different states and federal agencies talking alot better, after they realized what had happened. It was crazy that after the reporter asked him to approach the questions in the 3rd person he took off with answers, kind of a look into his evil mind and his lack of ability to be responsible for his actions.
  10. Netflix has this series up now. Just curious if anyone else had watched it and what they thought of it.
  11. If CMR was still here Fromm would be on the bench and we would have had Eason as the starting at QB and we would have lost 3 regular season games and not been in the Championship game.
  12. I dont like when people think we will walk all over Kentucky, that usually means the team kind of thinks the same way or how I see it anyway. This will be a close game, i wish it wasnt going to be but i think it will. Kentucky's D is very good (maybe even the best weve played yet) I dont think we will score more than 30 unless they have several turnovers. No one has put up 30 on them this whole year, I dont know that we will. I'm saying 27-24 or 21-17 ish type of game
  13. True. Again. I'm answering a question that was asked.