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  1. This show is like a soap opera/porno. Acting is horrible, story is horrible, even the special effects are now horrible.
  2. Anyone watch this? Did you learn anything new? It pisses me off that this attack was preventable multiple times.
  3. Well as a Marine I'm curious what they will do with this movie. But I have a feeling I already know. thoughts?
  4. Play stupid games!!!! Win stupid prizes!!!
  5. True. Again. I'm answering a question that was asked.
  6. The night king is a Stark. (The 1st men) as Ned said our blood is the last of those of the 1st men. (Something like that) The night king can command all undead, human,bear,giant and dragon. After you die your blood doesn't matter.
  7. Davos has a long stoke, you know he was rowing!!
  8. I kept waiting for Jorah to say Sam cured me. I guess that would be to much for team snow? Also, im glad Thormund is back. "There are 2 queens?"
  9. Did you notice Jorah's and Dany's double take? My money is on him being one. Also, what I was thinking was going to happen is looking like it's going to happen!!
  10. Several weeks into the series now. Wondering who is now watching and what they think so far. Some things seems to be a reach some seem to be no question connected. Those watching thoughts?