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  1. If CMR was still here Fromm would be on the bench and we would have had Eason as the starting at QB and we would have lost 3 regular season games and not been in the Championship game.
  2. I dont like when people think we will walk all over Kentucky, that usually means the team kind of thinks the same way or how I see it anyway. This will be a close game, i wish it wasnt going to be but i think it will. Kentucky's D is very good (maybe even the best weve played yet) I dont think we will score more than 30 unless they have several turnovers. No one has put up 30 on them this whole year, I dont know that we will. I'm saying 27-24 or 21-17 ish type of game
  3. This game is 100% on this coaching staff.
  4. This show is like a soap opera/porno. Acting is horrible, story is horrible, even the special effects are now horrible.
  5. True. Again. I'm answering a question that was asked.
  6. The night king is a Stark. (The 1st men) as Ned said our blood is the last of those of the 1st men. (Something like that) The night king can command all undead, human,bear,giant and dragon. After you die your blood doesn't matter.
  7. I kept waiting for Jorah to say Sam cured me. I guess that would be to much for team snow? Also, im glad Thormund is back. "There are 2 queens?"
  8. Did you notice Jorah's and Dany's double take? My money is on him being one. Also, what I was thinking was going to happen is looking like it's going to happen!!
  9. Seeing all the Stark reunions this season. Makes me think that maybe Tyrion saves them from the waters? Who knows!