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  1. Why were you banned?

  2. Yeah, he came with the team!
  3. I just bought a team, the Newcastle Surfers.
  4. This is why you have to take the best player available. If they are going to be a pro bowler, it doesn't matter what position they play. I hate it when people say we should take a QB in the 2nd round - we should take the best player there. Even if that means taking a RB at 3 . . . .
  5. This is very interesting, as I have posted the question before 'How do you know we are going to cover 2?' and no one could give me an answer; yet you see it mentioned all of the time here. I think people assume because Smith ran it in Jax, we will run it here. I think we will develop a D based on personnel, and the hiring of Van Gorder might be a sign that we will have a man package.
  6. I didn't see the mock either! Why have the pictures of hot girls stopped?
  7. He escaped, put on 100 pounds, moved to Wisconsin and grew a beard so no one would find him
  8. He really suffered from a lack of confidence in his second year. Some good games early will keep his confidence high and he will be better this year.
  9. What about this one? =http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rqf_nj8OLDY
  10. I think the Longs will go #1 and #2 and we will get Dorsey.
  11. I need one. Had Vick, Crump and Hall! I'm going to wait and see who our first pick is.
  12. There isn't a separate rookie cap, we need to have enough money under our cap to sign our rookies.
  13. I'm all for having a RB named Jamal. . . .
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