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  1. Member since 2009. This is the first time i've posted anything since 2011.
  2. LEO= Mass Will= Spoon mike= Worrilow / Is picking up vet Pat Willis a possibility here? Then have WOR as a backup to Willis. Or let WOR and Shem battle it out for the Sam in camp. Sam= Shembo
  3. Mike Smith the man who stoped winning the moment he could no longer ride the back of Mike Turner to victory.
  4. Mike Smith the man who will coach the fire and passion for the game out of any player in the league. Also referd to as the hat tipper.
  5. What's even funnier is that yall are saying that yall are going to go to pure football because TATF sucks but yall are the ones that generate 95% of the topics and post in TATF. Hahaha so your saying you suck!
  6. Yall try to act like web thugs and bullies to folks that don't post to suit your agendas or opinions just sayin. Yall try to act like web thugs and bullies to folks that don't post to suit your agendas or opinions just sayin.
  7. What's funny is your the exact poster I was thinking about when I put the part about thinking you know more football than others because you have a higher post count hahaha! Get a life dude. @ Malcolm flex
  8. I remember when Pure football was actually a place you wanted to go enjoy some intelligent football discussion. Back when I was in pure football and folks like poet99 were around. But honestly I highly doubt any of you losers that think you know football because you have 90,000 post and no life could ever make it like it used to be. Except maybe Georgiafan and a few of the other true OG's.
  9. No thanks to trading up. If Clowney is there @ 6 then take him. If not then I would rather trade down.
  10. I'll be pulling for the Seahawks. I think Manning is a great QB but his daddy played for the saints and his brother is a cry baby. That's enough to make me not want to see another Horse face Manning lift the Lombarty trophy.
  11. I actually agree with this. I wish M.Smith would have true open comp. For every position and not just say that it is open comp.
  12. Comparing post count is just stupid. Has nothing to do with football, does having 15,00000000 post make someone smarter. I think it just means maybe they don't have much of a life. I not even saying you are right or wrong about what you were discussing with the other poster cause I really don't care but using post count as an argument is weak. And it irks me everytime I see someone use it.
  13. I don't watch much college football and I'm not very familiar with these to prospects but if I were only judging these two by the video posted by the OP I would have to say that Turner looked better by a good margin.
  14. <p>Isn't Ryan already hurt anyway? Let the young guys play including DD @ QB until Ryan is 100% and see what we got.
  15. I don't even want to give td another game. I've always thought he was a bad pick for gm. The dude thinks he is a genius after getting exec. Of the year. And has let it go to his head and try's to draft against all conventional wisdom hoping that he will hit on a player and pump his ego some more but instead he is killing this team with his stupid decisions.
  16. We should be able to get some studs un the upcoming draft. Oh wait, td is our gm %**& were doomed!
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