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  1. Sure, it was funny one so I posted it... I am trying to find someone who can voice over my video.
  2. I don't understand why it will be closed. Arthur Blank said that he want all the games to be open unless weather isn't permit.
  3. Why think 5-0??? It's going be 19-0!!!
  4. Who should we contact in HQ???
  5. Maybe we should contact someone in Falcons HQ about the accessibility...
  6. Thanks for using YouTube so I can watch closed caption to see what Coach Quinn said... I am Deaf and it is frustrated for me to have accessibility with this Falcons website.
  7. I was offered to go that game but I declined. I don't want to see them rubbing on my face with 28-3!!!
  8. So, what if a debris from imploded hit the MB's glass window??? It must be real **** HUGE thick tarp to prevent that... I am sure that one wash window company is going be rich after the imploded!!!
  9. I am curious how will implode impact on new MB stadium as they are only 10-20 yards away???
  10. Ahh, I hope he does watch my ASL vlogs :-)