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  1. Is he okay? Haven't see him playing since hurt his shoulder!!!
  2. I suspected that both QBs put too much baby oil on themselves!!!
  3. Grew up in Kennesaw, GA but living in Temecula, CA... Every time Falcons play in west coast, I am always there!!! Probably the loudest 12th man for the Falcons away games!!! :-)
  4. Did I hear the announcer say that we are the next Super Bowl Champion?
  5. When they came to handshake, Coach Fox told him that he will support him for playoffs...
  6. I saw that, too... Good thing we have BYE next week to give him more rest!!!
  7. It was a pretty clear that NO player was down on 29 yard but ref put the ball on 30...
  8. I will be there... Be ready for my LOUDEST cheers for Hotlanta!!!
  9. Ahh, I need to keep myself warm at the game...
  10. Of course, I would... I did went to Atlanta vs Chicago few years ago and it was -8 degree!!! I stayed the whole game but my *** was froze for 24 hours!!! :blink:
  11. Atlanta MUST win because I am flying to Seattle to watch the game!!!
  12. JC: Please be gentle with me as it is my first time...
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