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  1. For that close of work, don't use a gun in the first place, use a knife.

    The gun beside the head, is movies and games. They don't understand that they probably will not hit anything, maybe blind or deafen themselves, and generally look like a fool to anyone who know anything about weapons.

    And once a gun was brought to bear against me and friends/family, he would have died first couple of hits. Nose, eyes, ears, throat=hurt, blind,dizzy, and not breathing.

    Highly Improbable, have you shot many guns?

    Also anyone decently trained with a gun could be very lethal, moreso than you allow.

    But I agree, if I was in a situation where I disarmed some d-bag with a gun then the following are on limits:

    Eye gouging


    Groin/Neck shots

    Rabbit punches

    Curb Stomping.

  2. Truth. Why does everyone keep trying to justify what Mike did? He got off easy.

    The situations have NO similarities. If Vick had run a human fighting ring and drowned and electricuted people, he would have spent life in jail if he was lucky enough to not to get the chair. On the other hand, if Stallworth had run over a dog, he would have gotten nothing more than a DUI.


    Stallworth's position is unfortunate, but unplanned. But still 30 days in jail is a nice get out free card. I do wonder how the case would of been different if the pedestrian wasn't crossing illegally.

  3. yea, but it is not going to touch Verizon and Att LTE 4g, when they come out. Verizon might get the Iphone when 4G comes out, so no more stuck with att, but i actually like att and rollover. LTE is theoretically suppose to be double wimax(sprint 4g).

    I seriously think with the way technology is going, we wont have computers, and everything will be on our phone.

    I see what you mean with not really needing a computer, but sometimes its easier to sit in a chair and throw on a larger screen. But I do agree that (home) computers are becoming less relevant.

    I thought that 4g would be 4g across the board, no idea it was different. Anyway it wouldn't matter, Verizon and Sprint don't provide service in Alaska.

  4. [wom]

    it has over 50K apps, not including jailbreaking.

    controls 65% of mobile browsing.

    Wifi built in.

    visual voicemail


    real talk man it is up to the buyer thousands of peopel disagree with you. My best bud has a G1 and raves about it all the time, but the keyboard aint my thing. I am happy with my buy, and i think every1 though feel the same. I was happy when i was rocking the Tmo Dash.

    seriously man by the time your upgrade comes they will have a 4G network and Iphone, then you are gonna be laughing at people with the 3Gs.

    Yeah isn't sprint already rolling out the 4g networks?

  5. well actually IPhone data is different, so you would have to pay the extra 30, and if more than one person has an Iphone, then each gots to pay the 30. 16 months and you will probably be able to get the IPhone 4g. lol

    Well #^@*.

    I'll wait till the 4g. No chance on me spending more when I can have a better version in a year or so.

  6. Quitters suck, but no biggie. Just an online record. I'm like 60-50-1 on UFC when I should be like 90-50-1.

    Yeah still it sucks. I'd rather come away with a clean loss in a good game then have someone quit on me.

    Do you play UFC on 360 or PS? If you play on the station, I'm sure I could get your record up to 90-50-2. ;)

  7. not sure completely, but if you go online it should tell you the day on your account. i think you got to complete 18ish months of your contract. my upgrade is 19months from now. they do give you a discount, but it would mean a 16gb Iphone is 400, plus you got to remember the 30/month data. If you got the money around, then id say go for it, since you will be using the **** out of it. Maps is the best app. i have used it so much over the past 2 weeks.

    Cool, Gracias. It's not to much different, I'm already on a fam plan with unlim text and data, so all the difference I'd need is for the hardware.

    Haha just checked, I have 16 more months till I'm elgible.

  8. Yeah I'd sure love to get a new phone, but unfortunately At&t suckered me into a free LG Vu. How lenient are they on your upgrades, do you have to fill out your whole 2 years, or do they let you get away with some?

  9. I'm having a hard time grasping what a person's join date has to do with anything or why ppl have to defend themselves with

    comments like "i've been reading these boards for years and just recently joined' or "My account was wiped out during the

    MB changeover" etc. Some people (myself included) being somewhat computer illiterate have been following this team since it's

    inception and did not know of the existance of a Atlanta Falcon Message Board before. ^_^ We are all fans in our own

    way and if i were you, i woudn't lose any sleep over it.

    +1. I think people just get caught up in their ego's and don't want to be called wrong. Any reason they have to defend is fair game i guess.

    Living up in Alaska, I don't get any fellow fans, mostly raiders and vikings here, so I'm used to never seeing anything good about the falcons.

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