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  1. 5. Letting Kerney go. Our D-line was in pretty decent shape with him, and a draft pick was needed elsewhere. (Safety, O-line) 4. Leftwich. Injury prone qb's are never good. Even worse when he should back up Harrington. 3. 2008 Draft. Not that I dislike Anderson, Houston or Jennings, but we had some major glaring holes. A kicker is very much needed. Also Jared Gaither was teriffic for a 5th round pick. Gandy is old as Grady, and nothing was done to have a replacement. 2. Playcalling (includes Ovie). Why do you sign a FB to not use him? HOw many Dunn up the middle attempts do you need to realize
  2. I'll throw in Vena Sera, Underclass Hero, and Minutes to Midnight
  3. Well there is a reason that his numbers are off the charts. I heard somewhere that most his donations are $200 or less. I love his ideals and what he stands for, definately got my vote.
  4. I love on the Daily show, where Stewart says, "You speak the truth", "Yeah, America doesnt't really go for that. Ron Paul definately has my vote, he has no agenda's against people, he is a true conservative.
  5. Alright, we have a WR that will give up consistant td the wrong way, a HC that refuses to give the ball to someone that he promises week in and week out. How about a defense that runs bump and run with no help over the top with a rookie! I have never had faith in Zimmer, but this has to top it, absolutely no blitzes up the middle, all of them are to the outside (last i checked the qb stands in the middle, and Bush isn't in there to run sideways... Houston did pretty **** good for a rook left out on his own, if it wasn't a perfect pass by Brees then it woulda been incomplete. How about the sof
  6. Ugh, I hope we win, and expect a suprisingly good performance from Redman, but just as always, we'll find some way to screw it up and lose. Anyone have any news if the human hype machine is going to sit out of the game?
  7. Don't worry about strenght training for a little while. Something thats really helped me is walking whenever possible. A mile walk to safeway for a green tea, 10 minute walk to school, it really helps me burn off some needed energy and stay closer in shape.
  8. Christians are a bunch of pansies that cry at any moment they deem someone else rags on them. Whether it has an agenda or not, oh **** well, get over it and quit your bitchin
  9. Dang that sucks, here at Hawaii Pacific University, we have classes for 3 hours a week x 4 classes. I play a lot of football, basketball and I flip on the cheer team. and
  10. Haha well all rational people still believe in Santa. He's magical. He's had a magic son that heals people, yets condems them to death. He also hates non Santa believers. Lets not forget that big boat Santa gave Noah for Santamas. Oh wait, that fairy tale isn't Santa.
  11. 5'11, 165 lbs. 19 years. 225 bench 330 squat pre knee injury 4.54 40' 30" vertical and i can flip, look me up on you tube, "alex koffard"
  12. An eye for an eye? Thats what I say. Kill everyone involved. You think that my views are a little Naziesque? The Stalinator? Think of this. Thugs entered his house with a minimum intention of armed robbery. If you carry a gun with yourself, then you are aknowledging one of two things. 1. Motive to hurt somebody else, or 2. Self Defense. By entering anothers house you completely get rid of possibility number two. Also, with these petty jail sentences, we do not hinder corruption, murder, rape, or robbery. With a much stronger stance, better education, we can easily overcome this problem as well
  13. i don't really care who gets what, but rather about 4-5 sacks, 3 turnovers and champ bailey in for houston
  14. one word...vick. alaskans don't really have a single team. lots of raiders and seahawks, and the pitiful vikings. i happened to be watching the falcs vs. queens in 02' where vick ran for a td in ot. well my best friend follows the vikings like white on rice. quite simply i was amazed and have followed ever since.
  15. well especially when these boards are blowing up, i know you guys must be going through some serious crap sifting right now. i just wanted to say good job on this site keeping it how it is. while we do get the ocassional person that has no intention but to screw things up, you guys have kept this place clean, but at the same time fair, thanks!!!
  16. yeah gratz saints, i like you guys over the pantie/buc trolls around here. i still maintain that bush and colston are overrated. aaron stecker did great against us in relief of god almighty. and for the person that said at least sucking guarantees us a better pick next year, ask yourself this. do you think that will help our team?
  17. whether you like petrino, hall, grady, crump, joey or byron, this is getting way out of hand. we currently have 2 great veterans speaking up against the coach, almost on a weekly basis! a huge problem is that the coach can't even squash this. he refuses to deliberate on releasing grady, even to his own players, which would guarantee a loss of respect in my corner. hall has his right to be upset, i believe that he has crossed the line a little, but someone does need to speak up about this. crumpler is upset, obviosly that he isn't getting the ball and we aren't winning. first off, bp needs to c
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