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  1. Jade Empire

    Mass effect

    Kingdom Hearts

    Demons Souls



    So I'm curious to know why OoT is so highly regarded in history. While I thought it was cool at first I became bored of quite a few things in it that gave me a bad taste in my mouth. Firstly, I hate how much you have to run back and forth to places you've already done. I know it's pretty commonplace in rpg's, but Zelda seems too much. Also the boss battles. They seem to go more for goofily created creatures instead of something I would consider epic.

  2. So I recently came acrossed the photo "blue waffle".

    First off If you have not seen this photo... You are extremely lucky. But I was wondering is this a natural infection, is the thing dying from the inside, or what? I would google it but honestly I'm deathly afraid that any links would have a photo attached.

  3. MW2 is honestly one of the worst games ever made, the PC version was an absolute fail, you have dedicated servers sitting their but instead they decide to run it on P2P, yea... that worked out so well... not. That game was flooded with AImbots and Wallhacks on teh first week and still is.

    They should've just quit after the original MW.

    MW3 will probably be even shittier, they have 3 seperate studios deving it to meet the release date, when that puppy comes out it will be bugs galore..

    I aint throwin 115$ at a rehashed PoS game. (Im saying 115$ because they'res ussually 3 map packs priced at 15$ each.)

    Ehhh I have it for PS3 so I never had to deal with the Aimbots or wall hacks... but I never paid for (or will pay for) a map pack. The way I see it, If a game comes complete with single player, mp, lobbies and all that crap for 60 bones, each mp map should be worth around a dollar. So thats about what I would pay as equivalent.

  4. So obviously it's true but somehow I still get negged. It may not make it okay but everyone gives praise to Call of Duty and all those other follow up games in threads and they are the exact same as the last. But when it comes to Madden it's supposedly a bad thing. I don't understand why you guys don't treat every follow up game the same.

    This goes back to my previous post, but I am a COD hater (ish) now. I loved COD 1, 2, and MW. I enjoyed the sp of mw2 but mp did get stale. I guess you are correct that I am more outspoken against Madden then COD though.

  5. But the thing about that is there are millions of Madden gamers in the world and everyone has a different complaint. Just because certain changes don't appeal to you and me, it doesn't mean that other's in the world aren't satisfied. They try to make changes that they see people ask for and when they do another complaint comes out. I'm sure if you were a video game maker you would go through the same struggles as EA and any other company. We all may have certain ideas of what the perfect football or war game is but 7 out of 10 gamers would probably have something to cry about. You feel me

    I know what you mean, but my main gripe is that since there is only one NFL game, we are forced to live with whatever they throw at it. For example if I wanted a FPS war game, I could choose between the ultra fast gimmicky black ops, to the slightly less gimicky MWF2, a very spread out team based BFBC2 and even Medal of Honor. Then you can throw in Bulletstorm, Killzone, Halo, GOW etc.

    My point is that since Madden is the sole NFL game, (since they ruined NFL Street, but thats a different story) it has to deal with everybody. No game should have to take on such a popular genre by themselves. There needs to be at least 2k, Midway, and possibly another developer putting stuff out there so we can choose. Until then I feel that deserves all the crap I throw at it.

  6. I was just wondering because i find it pretty baffling to see gamers say f madden ans EA but show interest when new game info comes out.

    I know what you mean, but its more out of frustration of the game rather then hatred. I have bought Madden at the midnight release for 04-10, and consider myself a very good madden gamer. That being said the series has gotten too comfortable adding in few changes every year and taking one or two features out.

    I never played the 2k series, but I'm sure that if 2k (or any other developer for that matter) was still allowed to make a NFL competitor, then madden itself would be better.

  7. 1 - Online

    This may hint at lobbies for online franchises. The current online game hasn't started in the trailer, but there's a conversation happening while real-time scores of other online games are displayed on screen.

    Yay!!! Something thats been in FPS's for years....

    2 - Player Tendencies

    Does LT choose to make contact or go out of bounds? What's his reaction when the ball's in the air? How does he respond to different types of defenders? Looks like this and much more will be factored in to help make players feel even more authentic this season.

    This goes back to what was promised back in Madden 08 with spectacular catches and possesion catches

    3 - Madden Ultimate Team

    The new Madden Ultimate Team cards include Walter Payton. Interesting fact: Payton is the only Hall of Famer released for Madden Ultimate Team so far. Does this suggest more Hall of Famers will make appearances in Madden Ultimate Team 12?

    Wait.. A card game? I buy a sports sim and get a free card game to go with!? Freakin sweet now I'll never have to play real cards again!

    4 - Opening Ceremonies

    TV presentation is important for any sports game and Madden NFL 12 may be upping its games with brand new game intros, which includes mascots.


    5 - Pressure Field Goals

    The easy guess is that there's a change to the kicking meter. Here's another possibility: pressure situations added for kickers. After all, a kicker's true mettle is decided by how they perform in clutch moments. Madden could be adding some sort of "choke" element. After all, the video shows solid Packers kicker Mason Crosby followed by Dan "missed another field goal" Carpenter of the Dolphins.

    Sounds pretty similar to when you were going for a fg near the end of game and you could hear your heart beat and the screen started shaking.

    6 - Stadium Upgrades

    This looks like a new blimp view of the stadium. TV broadcast camera angles and improved stadium lighting and visuals seem to be in the works.

    Typical Madden, add a few minor cosmetic changes and a roster update

    7 - Custom Playbooks

    Custom playbooks are in!

    This is literally a downgrade from create a play and create a playbook

    8 - Onside Kicks

    One thing missing from Madden has been the ability to surprise the other team with an onside kick. In the past, if you set up for an onside kick, you have to kick the ball onside. You set your formation for a regular kick, you can't onside it as a surprise. Seems pretty clear from the video that this is changing with Madden NFL 12.

    Nice little addition

    9 - Hot/Cold Streaks

    Aside from a slick interface, you can see that there is now a clear indicator of players who are "hot" and "cold." This must be tied to franchise -- but is it game to game or could it even carry over from one season to the next?

    This is something I have a the biggest problem with for 2 main reasons. Remember when NBA Live did the daily player updates? Well when Kobe or any other superstar would have a good shooting game(which they did frequently), in the game they would become unstoppable.

    The other issue I have is rubberbanding. Tiburon has gotten away with this for too long, and this is a new "feature" that I believe will further exasperate the problem. Playing the Texans and winning? How are we going to stop Arian Foster now that user controlled defenses suddenly forget to tackle? Stack the box? Wow it just so happens that Andre Johnson is getting hot...

    10 - 3D Grass

    EA promised it and here it is. 3D grass in full effect. You can even see the cleat sink in. Can't wait to see the wear and tear on fields over the course of a game.


  8. So a little off topic, but have any of you guys been in a fight? I've been in two, I got sucker punched once, that fight went for a while but I pretty much "lost" (read: more beat up) then I wouldn't call it a fight but I punched a kid that was just being an *** at a party and "spilled" his drink on me. Reason I ask is I notice that very few people want to do more than just talk shiz.

  9. i am looking forward to the new star war's lego game and the new ncaa game also.

    Well traditionally I go for the "mega" games (Madden, COD, etc..) but I'm growing very old of the same b.s. of madden and I have little faith in the new IW. So I'm thinking of doing NCAA and BF3 at releases.

    Also I still need to pick up GT5 and Homefront

    Must have:

    Mortal Kombat

    Battlefield 3

    Infamous 2

    Definitely Maybe:


    Modern Warfare 3

    Super Awesome Mountain RPG

    Combat Wings

    Ace Combat

    Dark Souls (not sure when this comes out

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