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  1. So, we have decided that he is going to be executed?



    I think he's just saying that in general, not just to this specific topic, and if so I agree.

    So yes I jumped to a massive conclusion assuming that he will get procecuted, and assuming he gets the death penalty (if that's even allowed where this is) I wouldn't feel bad knowing that I pushed the button, or injected him etc. Someone has to do it and if I beleive that the crime is justifiable for death I wouldn't have nightmares about it.

    Yea I was blunt and I didn't elaborate, but I wouldn't go around just killing people I believed to be guilty. I just made some assumptions (that you called me out on fairly) that I'll try to elaborate more.

  2. Good attitude, Jack Ruby. With him having done nothing to you, such an action would leave you in the exact same place as he is now.



    I guess I should add once he's had a fair trial... Too often we let these criminals that clearly have either been failures or failed by the system, go and become detriments to society.

    And please how would that make me similar to him. I'm seeing a person that can't cope with our ways of life, that's clearly messed up if he's shooting a pregnant woman. How is he deserving of life? And someone has to actually push the button, does that make him as just as bad?

  3. I think the owners and players may find out how little interest there really is in the NBA.. We were all in a PANIC when the NFL had the lockout and NBA seems to barely get a column in the paper about the lockout.

    Even though I consider myself a big fan of basketball, the season is too long, and I don't really keep up until football ends.

    The NBA should kick off on X-mas and go from there.

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