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  1. http://www.google.com/m/url?client=safari&ei=SVLbTbjnD5rUqAPe5s5Y&hl=en&oe=UTF-8&q=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v%3D7rE0-ek6MZA&ved=0CBgQtwIwAA&usg=AFQjCNHF-Lq7OLvnxAQ8XQy3teKj5wEEyA I dunno if anyone has seen this but it made me lol.
  2. Probably the best photo I've ever seen.
  3. Seriously, this far and no mention of George Carlin? He's my all-time fav. Robin Williams, Dave, and katt are next in line, butt I'll make a list when im less drunk
  4. So a little off topic, but have any of you guys been in a fight? I've been in two, I got sucker punched once, that fight went for a while but I pretty much "lost" (read: more beat up) then I wouldn't call it a fight but I punched a kid that was just being an *** at a party and "spilled" his drink on me. Reason I ask is I notice that very few people want to do more than just talk shiz.
  5. Highly Improbable, have you shot many guns? Also anyone decently trained with a gun could be very lethal, moreso than you allow. But I agree, if I was in a situation where I disarmed some d-bag with a gun then the following are on limits: Eye gouging Fishhooking Groin/Neck shots Rabbit punches Curb Stomping.
  6. Billy! I just got into his Pitchmen show, one of the only tv shows i watch... RIP, Billy.
  7. +1. Stallworth's position is unfortunate, but unplanned. But still 30 days in jail is a nice get out free card. I do wonder how the case would of been different if the pedestrian wasn't crossing illegally.
  8. Totally agree. I don't know how Toad got that job. His demeanor was hard to like throughout the movie.
  9. Haha, I'd assume Asians are 3rd?
  10. I see what you mean with not really needing a computer, but sometimes its easier to sit in a chair and throw on a larger screen. But I do agree that (home) computers are becoming less relevant. I thought that 4g would be 4g across the board, no idea it was different. Anyway it wouldn't matter, Verizon and Sprint don't provide service in Alaska.
  11. Yeah isn't sprint already rolling out the 4g networks?
  12. Haha! Sorry if you do feel that way. Thanks GB, and I think your right about the remodel.
  13. Well #^@*. I'll wait till the 4g. No chance on me spending more when I can have a better version in a year or so.
  14. Cool, Gracias. It's not to much different, I'm already on a fam plan with unlim text and data, so all the difference I'd need is for the hardware. Haha just checked, I have 16 more months till I'm elgible.
  15. QFT. Poor girl, that must be a horrible death. At least she seemed like a very positive person. Haha I'm definately welled up pretty good, and if it wasn't for my roommates, I might need a tissue.
  16. Awesome vid! I love the look when its flying by and you can see its wake in the water. As for the Mustangs, that would be incredibly fun to do... If only if only.
  17. Yeah I'd sure love to get a new phone, but unfortunately At&t suckered me into a free LG Vu. How lenient are they on your upgrades, do you have to fill out your whole 2 years, or do they let you get away with some?
  18. +1. I think people just get caught up in their ego's and don't want to be called wrong. Any reason they have to defend is fair game i guess. Living up in Alaska, I don't get any fellow fans, mostly raiders and vikings here, so I'm used to never seeing anything good about the falcons.
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