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  1. I'm still on the CJ bandwagon, so I'd put him at worst even with McCoy.

    That being said I'd die if someone asked straight up Fitz and Britt for Cassell and Nelson. Cassell is just going to get pounded especially without Charles, honestly he's borderline waiverwire bound anyways. Nelson is really good, but with Jennings, Driver and Finley there is plenty of talent to suck up the ball, and I don't see the Pack continuing to score at this pace.

  2. No problem..got any advice for pass defense?

    Depends on what zone they run.

    The important thing in a zone is to attack certain zones by flooding them with multiple routes. For example if you have an out route and a flat route against a cb, you've got a major mismatch.

    Curls are pro against a base cover three.as are fly routes on slow db's.

    Cover 2 is super easy, run your outside wr's and a te straight up the field. Bullet pass to the open man.

    If you can't pass on a cover 4, then no one can help you anyways.

  3. 0 for me as well.

    DLC in general is such BS. I don't spend a dime on it. It's not the prices, it's the principle of the whole thing.

    The only DLC I have purchased is Undead nightmare which was more than worth the $10 I spent on it.

    Yeah if they charged a reasonable amount, and offered quality game upgrades I'd be all for DLC.

    Trearch sucks at making maps anyways, why would I want to spend 15 dollars for a larger variety of maps i don't like.

  4. Oh yeah, and executing any person who violates any law right there on the spot would make the crime rate to go DOWN. Hey, the police can't get the job done so maybe the laws should be changed to make every violation a capital offense. :ph34r:


    Agreed, up here in Alaska a couple years ago a couple teenagers broke into a church (pastor was living in it) and stole a bunch of stuff. As they were outside running back to the car the pastor shot one of them in the back killing him. The pastor got off on some probation I believe.

  5. Did mine today, first actual draft I was present for. Really only do it to help a friend fill his league but I've always missed the draft lol.

    QB: Matt Ryan, Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez

    RB: Michael Turner, Mike Tolbert, Jamaal Charles, Mark Ingram (I'm very pleased with this group. Should I be?)

    WR: Dwayne Bowe, Braylon Edwards, Percy Harvin, Jacoby Ford, Jordy Nelson (Not happy at all with this group but I like the potential of Ford and Bowe, I waited to long apparently.)

    TE: Jermichael Finley, Zack Miller

    K: Rob Bironas

    Def: Saints (Ugh.)

    May check out the waiver wire for upgrades at WR, the draft was messing me up because it kept losing my pre-draft rankings and for some reason when I was going to take Julio, it wouldn't let me, it was messed up and auto drafted Ingram.

    Not bad, you did go a little heavy on rbs's but I believe they are easily the most important FF position. I'd wait it out a little, keep your top 2, and if you can't get a quality we on waivers then look for a trade with your best back up rb.

  6. Mine: People kept reaching for QB's and I held fast, I'm starting to regret drafting Deshaun Jackson as high as I did but I did get Stephen Jackson in the 3rd.

    QB: Josh Freeman

    WR: DeShaun Jackson

    WR: Dwayne Bowe

    WR: Julio Jones

    RB: Jamaal Charles

    RB: Stephen Jackson

    TE: Marcedes Lewis

    K: Josh Brown

    DEF: Detroit

    BN: Jahvid Best

    BN: Ryan Grant

    BN: Beanie Wells

    BN: Plaxico Burress

    BN: Malcolm Floyd

    BN: Matt Cassell

    **** man with Jax, Bowe, Best you went boom or bust. I like your team with the exception of D. Bowe, and Ryan Grant might be RRBC soon.

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