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  1. Agreed, up here in Alaska a couple years ago a couple teenagers broke into a church (pastor was living in it) and stole a bunch of stuff. As they were outside running back to the car the pastor shot one of them in the back killing him. The pastor got off on some probation I believe.
  2. I second this, that food looks amazing!
  3. I think he's just saying that in general, not just to this specific topic, and if so I agree. So yes I jumped to a massive conclusion assuming that he will get procecuted, and assuming he gets the death penalty (if that's even allowed where this is) I wouldn't feel bad knowing that I pushed the button, or injected him etc. Someone has to do it and if I beleive that the crime is justifiable for death I wouldn't have nightmares about it. Yea I was blunt and I didn't elaborate, but I wouldn't go around just killing people I believed to be guilty. I just made some assumptions (that you called me
  4. Even though I consider myself a big fan of basketball, the season is too long, and I don't really keep up until football ends. The NBA should kick off on X-mas and go from there.
  5. How does me having a strong dislike for Boards have any relation to me liking or disliking Beiber?
  6. So because I don't like ****** band like this, I automatically like Bieber? You're a ******* idiot.
  7. I hate BoC. My roommate got a hard drive full of music from a buddy, and there was about 20 "songs" by these morons that we had to struggle to understand their purpose. Their music sounds like a rolling pile of crap with 60's music.
  8. ****... I was hoping for him to fall off and then hear a bunch of conspiracy theories as of why...
  9. Haha only if they're volunteers, I don't want my taxpayer money going towards this loon hah.
  10. Haha can they convict anyone that taunts or provokes him?
  11. That's disgusting. After he's jailed he should never be allowed to do food service again.
  12. So I recently came acrossed the photo "blue waffle". First off If you have not seen this photo... You are extremely lucky. But I was wondering is this a natural infection, is the thing dying from the inside, or what? I would google it but honestly I'm deathly afraid that any links would have a photo attached.
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