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  1. Bands Linkin Park - What I've done Coldplay - Fix you Sum 41 - Over My Head Angels & Airwaves (Blink inc.) - The War Third Eye Blind - Jumper As for the Guitarists, Jimmy Page is my Fav. Matthias Jabs, Synyster Gates, and of course, Chuck Norris.
  2. So I am living here in Hawaii, and me and my roommate are pretty close friends. He is that type of person that always means the absolute best, but always f's something up, bad. I understand that people get tired of each other, and sometimes you can only be with another person for so long before it drives you nuts. The kicker was about 5 days ago when he borrowed my vehicle, and left it unlocked. Long story short, the car was definately not in the garage (which is right next to the road) the next morning. It cost about $1200, but he definately can not pay for it. I haven't talked to him since,
  3. Yes that is quite fortunate that 1.2 billion don't believe that. I am currently studying Islam, (for school not for religion) and the Koran itself tells you to hate other people. Luckily most Muslims do not feel this way, but the stronger the tie to their religion is the stronger hatred of our ways. I agree, we should rise above, and not make these claims against them, but if the true part of a group of people scream for your death, it can make you wonder why you should not feel the same. At the same time, we have poured Trillions of dollars into the Middle East, totally #####-blocked any cou
  4. He's almost as good as Redman. Hence why he played a such a high-caliber school.
  5. One reason I think we'll take a Ellis/Dorsey is because we need to take a lot of pressure off the JA's, and linebackers. We are at a point where anyone we take will really help us. Unless we pull off a large OL overhaul in the offseason, I don't think we'll take Ryan.
  6. Yeah, a sprain. My rehab only constitutes as swimming, horizontal bicycling, and other exercises that does not have impact. btw, I kinda feel like Abraham....
  7. Well actually its just below the knee at the very top of the tibia. One problem is that there is no lateral movement, so braces can't help.
  8. Long story short, I tumble for Hawaii Pacific University, and while doing a pass, I came up gimp. I've had this pain before, but never this bad. It is at the very lower end of my patellar? tibial tendon, right where it connects to the Tibia. I have been told by our team Doc. that it's something that only time can heal. She recommends taking a month off. The problem is that like I said, I have had this before, and I have had to take a month off 3 seperate times now in 2.5 years. Each time I ease it back into tumbling shape (I run with non-impact machines and stay in relative good shape even wit
  9. The only thing I have against Lego's is my lack of architecture. Other than that, **** ya!
  10. Eh, this is something that was cool to pick on a while ago, but now its nothing more than a afterthought...
  11. Amen! While I think that Paul may be a little far fetched in falling from the U.N. almost everything else needs to happen. I really don't care who, as long as someone is out there that has us non-Bill Gateserfellers as the #1 priority. One of the most striking thing I've heard about our country. One dollar of today, is equivilent to 4 cents in 1913. We need anybody out there that will save our country. Look at MSN, CNN, FOX, almost all ask if we are in a recession. The reason is simple to fix. While I do feel bad for the poor, and do agree that they need medicine, currency is the most importa
  12. At least when we were 7-9 we had hope. For me to forgive him? Let him simply do the time a judge ruled he should, and his debt is paid. Personally, I want him back as our QB.
  13. 5. Letting Kerney go. Our D-line was in pretty decent shape with him, and a draft pick was needed elsewhere. (Safety, O-line) 4. Leftwich. Injury prone qb's are never good. Even worse when he should back up Harrington. 3. 2008 Draft. Not that I dislike Anderson, Houston or Jennings, but we had some major glaring holes. A kicker is very much needed. Also Jared Gaither was teriffic for a 5th round pick. Gandy is old as Grady, and nothing was done to have a replacement. 2. Playcalling (includes Ovie). Why do you sign a FB to not use him? HOw many Dunn up the middle attempts do you need to realize
  14. I'll throw in Vena Sera, Underclass Hero, and Minutes to Midnight
  15. Well there is a reason that his numbers are off the charts. I heard somewhere that most his donations are $200 or less. I love his ideals and what he stands for, definately got my vote.
  16. I love on the Daily show, where Stewart says, "You speak the truth", "Yeah, America doesnt't really go for that. Ron Paul definately has my vote, he has no agenda's against people, he is a true conservative.
  17. Alright, we have a WR that will give up consistant td the wrong way, a HC that refuses to give the ball to someone that he promises week in and week out. How about a defense that runs bump and run with no help over the top with a rookie! I have never had faith in Zimmer, but this has to top it, absolutely no blitzes up the middle, all of them are to the outside (last i checked the qb stands in the middle, and Bush isn't in there to run sideways... Houston did pretty **** good for a rook left out on his own, if it wasn't a perfect pass by Brees then it woulda been incomplete. How about the sof
  18. Don't worry about strenght training for a little while. Something thats really helped me is walking whenever possible. A mile walk to safeway for a green tea, 10 minute walk to school, it really helps me burn off some needed energy and stay closer in shape.
  19. Christians are a bunch of pansies that cry at any moment they deem someone else rags on them. Whether it has an agenda or not, oh **** well, get over it and quit your bitchin
  20. Dang that sucks, here at Hawaii Pacific University, we have classes for 3 hours a week x 4 classes. I play a lot of football, basketball and I flip on the cheer team. and
  21. Haha well all rational people still believe in Santa. He's magical. He's had a magic son that heals people, yets condems them to death. He also hates non Santa believers. Lets not forget that big boat Santa gave Noah for Santamas. Oh wait, that fairy tale isn't Santa.
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