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  1. Agreed, up here in Alaska a couple years ago a couple teenagers broke into a church (pastor was living in it) and stole a bunch of stuff. As they were outside running back to the car the pastor shot one of them in the back killing him. The pastor got off on some probation I believe.
  2. I second this, that food looks amazing!
  3. I think he's just saying that in general, not just to this specific topic, and if so I agree. So yes I jumped to a massive conclusion assuming that he will get procecuted, and assuming he gets the death penalty (if that's even allowed where this is) I wouldn't feel bad knowing that I pushed the button, or injected him etc. Someone has to do it and if I beleive that the crime is justifiable for death I wouldn't have nightmares about it. Yea I was blunt and I didn't elaborate, but I wouldn't go around just killing people I believed to be guilty. I just made some assumptions (that you called me
  4. Even though I consider myself a big fan of basketball, the season is too long, and I don't really keep up until football ends. The NBA should kick off on X-mas and go from there.
  5. How does me having a strong dislike for Boards have any relation to me liking or disliking Beiber?
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