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  1. I picked Myles Gaskin in my fantasy draft over him and I have felt guilty ever since.
  2. Vaughters maybe has outperformed him. Players rise and fall with effort, preparation and time.
  3. I would not be surprised to see Pitts have a more involved, impressive and productive season at TE than Julio has at WR.
  4. So what you’re saying is that our TE may be able to flap his arms and fly at some point?
  5. Andrews has not won the LG job. He has rightfully caused concern. “Make it so.” -Picard
  6. I thought we couldn’t quantify the coaching factor?
  7. Gage I merely put as an afterthought maybe to be overtaken by Brown.
  8. Would be much better than Sharpe or Oz. Maybe even Gage.
  9. Screw it. I am getting a Koo jersey. It’s badass for being a Falcons 7 one and then being younghue. Haha
  10. All in all, some players emerge later. No reason to think Rosen is fully incapable of resurrecting his career.
  11. Do you recall how Roddy Whites first few years started?
  12. Matt Ryan can help him. I am rooting for him!
  13. Just my somewhat uneducated opinion, but i feel he’d look a lot better out there with: OL Matthews, OL Mayfield, OL Hennessy, OL Lindstrom, OL McGary, WR Ridley, WR Gage, TE Pitts, TE Hurst, RB Davis, RB Patterson and the Starters...
  14. Makes no sense. He looked great last preseason too.
  15. Ryan is the perfect mentor for him. He clearly has passing talent.
  16. Hof is already destined to be a HOF.
  17. I meant largest QB* salary against our salary cap.
  18. I want a rookie QB when the rookie QB’s salary will be the largest salary against our salary cap.
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